FiTech Go Spark Distributor, Chevy V8 Ready-To-Run


FiTech Part Number: 99014

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FiTech Go Spark Distributor, Chevy V8 – Ready-To-Run Part Number 99014

This Ready-To-Run Chevrolet SBC/BBC distributor has a built-in module for easy installation with a simple three (3) wire hook up – no need to run an external ignition control box. This is the perfect distributor for a crate engine or when replacing an old points-triggered distributor.

It features a CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum housing, with a centerless ground shaft that rides on an upper sealed roller bearing with an extended length lower bronze Oil-Lite bushing for smooth operation at high RPMs and extended service life.

A high output magnetic pickup and large paddle wheel reluctor provides a strong trigger signal at high RPMs. The built-in high-performance inductive storage module supplies unrivaled energy to the coil ensuring maximum performance at all RPM levels. The fully adjustable mechanical advance is welded to the top of the shaft for easy access and is plated to reduce friction and prevent corrosion for long term durability. An adjustable vacuum advance canister allows you to dial in more economy while cruising at light load on the street or highway.  The melonized iron drive gear ensures long service life. Bronze alloy, steel alloy, and iron gears available separately to cover any camshaft application you might have.

The cap and rotor are molded in high-quality 30%+ glass fiber reinforced polyester (PBT) that offers both high impact and dielectric strength while resisting carbon tracking. The cap contacts are brass and the rotor spring is stainless steel for long-term maximum conductivity.

With FiTech’s 3-year limited warranty, you can be confident in the quality performance of your Hot Rod.

Supplied installed distributor drive gear type: Melonized

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Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 6.9 × 18.4 × 7.2 in