LS Tri Power with Intake and Throttle Bodies


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If you’re putting an LS engine in a muscle car, there’s no better induction system than a tri-power setup. FiTech now offers an exclusive sheet metal intake to bolt onto an LS giving you the true muscle car appearance but with the modern driveability and performance that you crave.
The new 3×2 system features three 500 cfm throttle bodies that are finished in a classic gold to enhance the muscle car vibe. The self-learning technology provides quick starts, smooth idle and great throttle response without the overly rich fueling of old-school carbs. The harness plugs into the LS cam, crank, and coolant sensors and is simple to setup with the supplied touch screen monitor.

Retro-LS 2×3 EFI System, PN 70080
Supplied with:

  • Sheet metal intake
  • fuel rails
  • injectors,
  • throttle bodies
  •  remote ECU
  • handheld controller
  • cable and windshield mount
  • LS wiring harness
  • WBO2 sensor
  • bung kit,
  • MAP sensor
  • gaskets,
  • mini USB cable
  • instructions
  • warranty info
    Note: A fuel pressure regulator is required unless using a
    regulated fuel delivery system. See pages 22-26 for fuel
    delivery options. A universal linkage kit is available, PN 39611.

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Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 17 × 11 in