Ultimate SBC TPI Standalone EFI System With Dual O2 Sensors and Trans Control For 4L60/4L80


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There were thousands of small-block Chevy engines fueled by the OEM Tuned Port Injection (TPI) systems back the mid ‘80s to early ‘90s. These were popular engine swaps years ago, but the electronics and tuning capabilities left a lot to be desired.

To help bring your SBC TPI system up to date, FiTech now offers a Retro-Fit EFI system. The kit is based on their proven, self-learning EFI technology and will improve the performance and drivability of your TPI equipped small-block and give you more custom settings for your application and even the full transmission controller for 4l60 and 4l80e transmissions.

An efficient yet compact ECU is easy to mount and connects through a new wiring harness that is terminated with factory style connectors for the TPS, IAC, CTS, Knock Sensors, injectors and distributor. New dual Wide-Band 02 sensors are supplied to constantly monitor the air/fuel mixture plus the harness plugs into the factory distributor, injectors and sensors then can easily be calibrated to your specifications through the color touchscreen handheld controller

  • Upgrade the classic SBC TPI systems to modern EFI technology
  • Improves drivability and performance with advanced self-learning technology
  • Boost ready with a 3 BAR MAP sensor to support up to 25 psi
  • New wiring harness connects to factory sensors and components
  • Compatible with single or dual wide-band oxygen sensors
  • No laptop required – easy to use touchscreen controller supplied

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