Ultimate Rebel LS 500 HP EFI System with Trans Control


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FiTech Ultimate Rebel LS 500 HP EFI System – Elevate Your LS Engine Conversion

Introducing the FiTech Ultimate Rebel LS EFI System – a cutting-edge fuel injection solution that combines high-performance with a sleek and refined design. Building upon the success of the renowned FiTech Ultimate LS EFI System, the Rebel LS takes innovation a step further with its distinctive cleaner profile and enhanced features, making it the ultimate choice for modern engine conversions.

Designed for enthusiasts seeking both power and aesthetics, the Ultimate Rebel LS EFI System redefines the look and performance of your LS-powered vehicle. The standout feature of the Rebel LS system is its sleek and streamlined appearance, which seamlessly integrates with the engine bay, providing a cleaner and more polished aesthetic. The redesigned fuel rail bracket adds to the visual appeal, offering a fresh and modern touch that complements any engine setup.

Beneath its striking exterior, the Ultimate Rebel LS EFI System boasts the same advanced technology that FiTech is known for. Experience exceptional fuel delivery and engine control, optimizing your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. This system is tailored to LS engine conversions, ensuring a hassle-free installation process while delivering consistent and reliable results.

Key Features of the Ultimate Rebel LS EFI System:

  • Cleaner Profile: The Ultimate Rebel LS EFI System is engineered with a refined design that seamlessly integrates into your engine bay, elevating the visual appeal of your vehicle.
  • Thicker gauge manifold providing quieter injection.
  • Redesigned Fuel Rail Bracket: The innovative fuel rail bracket design not only enhances the appearance but also adds a touch of sophistication to your engine compartment.
  • Advanced Fuel Injection Technology: Benefit from FiTech’s cutting-edge fuel injection technology, ensuring precise fuel delivery and optimized engine performance.
  • Effortless Installation: Designed specifically for LS engine conversions, the Rebel LS system offers a user-friendly installation process that minimizes downtime.
  • Optimized Performance: Unlock the full potential of your LS-powered vehicle with improved throttle response, increased horsepower, and better fuel efficiency.
  • The most complete kit on the market; includes Manifold, ECU, Sensors, Throttle Body, Harness, Fuel Rails, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Throttle Cable Brackets, and more.
  • Boost/Nitrous Compatibility- Equipped with 3 Bar MAP Sensor (27 PSI).
  • E85 Compatible.

Elevate your LS engine conversion with the Ultimate Rebel LS EFI System – a perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance. Experience the power of modern fuel injection technology, all while enhancing the visual appeal of your vehicle’s engine bay. Upgrade to the future of EFI with the FiTech Rebel LS and make a bold statement on the road and at car shows alike.

Kit Contents:

  • (1) Rebel LS1, LS2, LS6 Low Profile Intake Manifold with MAP & IAT Port
  • (1) Ultimate LS 92mm Throttle Body With Sensors
  • (8) 36 LB Injectors
  • (1) LS ECU
  • (1) LS1 Fuel Rail Kit
  • (1) Primary LS Harness
  • (2) EV1 Injector Sub Harness
  • (1) Trans Control Sub Harness
  • (1) O2 Sensor Extension Sub Harness
  • (1) 3 Bar MAP Sensor
  • (1) IAT Sensor
  • (1) LS1/LS2 Knock Sensor Harness
  • (1) Go EFI Clamp On Oxygens Sensor Bung Kit
  • (1) Handheld Monitor for Ultimate LS
  • (1) FiTech Handheld Cable
  • (1) FiTech USB to USB C Cable
  • (2) FiTech Oxygen Sensors
  • (1) Premium Magnetic Handheld Mount
  • (1) Rebel Intake Throttle Cable Bracket with round hole
  • (1) Rebel Intake Throttle Cable Bracket with stock GM Cable notch
  • (1) Go Fuel Tight Fit Regulator With Pressure Gauge

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