Go Fuel Dual Pump Force Fuel Surge Tank


  • Capable of supporting the fuel demands of a 1,600-hp engine (on gasoline)
  • Equipped with two 340 LPH fuel pumps with internal regulators for reliable fuel delivery to high output engines
  • Sturdy, versatile mounting bracket provides a side or bottom mount
  • Increased fuel capacity over other systems – no chance of cavitation Compatible with E-85, alcohol or methanol based fuels

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The new FiTech Dual Pump Force Fuel System makes the upgrade to EFI easy while supporting serious horsepower – up to 1,600 horsepower!
The system works in concert with a mechanical or electric fuel pump to supply the Force Fuel reservoir with fuel where it is then fed through two internal 340-LPH pumps to feed the EFI system. Dual internal regulators keep the pressure at a consistent 58-psi which is ideal for reliable EFI performance.
With a strong, versatile mounting bracket, the Force Fuel System easily mounts under the hood. The assembly holds half-a-gallon of fuel to submerge the efficient pumps with no chance of fuel starvation. It is the easiest way to deliver fuel to your serious, fuel hungry engine.

*hose and accessories not included*


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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 9 in