Ultra Ram 800 HP Chevy Big Block Rectangle Port EFI System


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Ultra Ram BBC 102 mm Throttle Body


  • 800 HP EFI Port System.
  • Chevy Big Block Rec Port
  • 102mm Throttle Body
  • Self Learning
  • Timing Control ready
  • Matte black finish.
  • (8) Flow matched injectors
  • Works with HEI Large Cap Distributor

This system needs a fuel delivery system to provide 58 PSI of fuel pressure. A Fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, and fuel pressure regulator are needed for this kit. Below is a list of fuel system components that may be needed.

Part # Item
50004 Go Fuel Force Fuel Surge Tank
50005 Go Fuel Dual Pump Force Fuel Surge Tank
50006 Go Fuel Force Fuel Mini Surge Tank
50015 Go Fuel in Tank Fuel Pump 800 HP Module
50019 Go Fuel in Tank Fuel Pump Returnless Module With 2 Inch Fill
54001 Go Fuel Tight Fit Regulator with Pressure Gauge
54002 Go Fuel Regulator with Pressure Gauge
51003 Go Fuel AN-6 Stainless Steel 40 Ft Hose Kit with Filter
51004 Go Fuel AN-6 Black Stainless Steel 40 Ft Hose Kit with Filter


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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 19 × 29 in