FiTech EFI – Nitrous Instructions

N2O Solenoid Control
If the ECU is to be in control of the relay that drives the solenoids, set this accordingly.

If the ECU is used with a nitrous system, set this accordingly.

N2O Signal Level
If the signal that tells the ECU to enable nitrous is a +12V signal, or a grounding signal, set this value accordingly.

N2O Stage1 Retard
Spark advance should be retarded when nitrous is on. How much depends on the engine and nitrous combination.

N2O Stage1 AFR
A richer target should be set with nitrous. This is that target when the nitrous is on.

N2O Stage1 FUEL
Fuel can be added or subtracted when nitrous is turned on to help get the AFR closer to optimal. Often times, fuel needs to be removed because it displaces air intake through the throttle.

Gear Shift time
If the N2O MAX RPM is used to turn off nitrous, this time will delay the reenable of nitrous to allow time for the gear shift to complete.

RPM hysteresis
If the RPM fluctuates with nitrous on or off, it won’t flutter on and off unless the RPM varies by this much.

Above this RPM, nitrous will be turned on.

Above this RPM, nitrous will turn off.

N2O MAX Temp
Above this Coolant temperature, nitrous will be disabled.

N2O MIN Temp
Above this Coolant temperature, nitrous can be turned on.

Above this throttle position, nitrous can be turned on.

N2O re-arm TPS
If the Nitrous is disabled from being too lean, and throttle is closed beyond this, it will be re-enabled again – this is to prevent the nitrous from turning off and on repeatedly while the throttle is held open.

AFR check delay
After the Nitrous is turned on, a few moments of time are allowed to let the AFR settle, in case there is a quick lean bit at the beginning of Nitrous operation.

Lean disable AFR
If the AFR is leaner than this for the prior “Lean disable time” while Nitrous is on, the Nitrous will be disabled.

Lean disable time
If the AFR is lean for this much time while Nitrous is on, the Nitrous will be disabled to possibly protect the engine.

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