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Ultimate LS Induction System Features & FAQ’s

Complete Self Tuning Induction Systems for LS engines designed for the do-it-yourself Hot Rodder to the professional EFI tuner! This system is ready to go with everything needed to complete the induction system of your LS engine and get you on the road easily and faster than any system on the market today. The complete Ultimate LS Induction System Kit includes everything needed for a first class installation. Check out the list of features inside this brochure and you will wonder why it’s never been so simple to ditch that old factory hardware or top off that fresh long block. We have taken the work out of getting your new or pull-out LS up and running in a flash. That’s why we call this kit the ULTIMATE EFI.

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406 comments on “Ultimate LS Induction System Features & FAQ’s

  1. Does this new LS system integrate performance with the AC? Does it bump idle or offer a AC rpm cutoff? Thanks

    1. The LS systems will have AC integration that will kick up idle and turn on optional electric fans.

  2. Can you make this system to bolt on our old 350 Chevy blocks for carburetor replacement.

    1. For carb replacement EFI system look at our GO EFI Systems or our soon to be release Port EFI Systems.

  3. When will this be ready to sell?

    1. First quarter 2017

  4. Will the ECU on the 750 hp kit allow for scaling of larger fuel injectors than what is provided with the kit?

    1. Yes it will allow for injector swapping. High impedance injectors will be required.

  5. Any kits available without the intake and tb set up? Basically just harness and computer to run on a factory intake, tb, and injectors?

    1. Check out part numbers 70050 and 70051. They are stand alone systems.

      1. I am also interested in the LS kit without manifold and throttle body as I want to retrofit EFI onto a non LSx motor. But I can’t find details of part numbers 70050 and 70051 on the web site? Can you email me some details?
        PS learned about you from a mate who droped one of your systems onto a Corvette & loves it…

        1. The LS systems only work on LS based engines but i do have throttle body units that you can use on non-LS engines. The stand alone LS kits are the 70050 $795 (stand alone w/o trans control) or the 70051 $995 (stand alone w/ trans control) These kits come with the wiring harness, ECU, and handheld and will connect to all your stock sensors and injectors (as well as aftermarket injectors and manifolds).

  6. Can this be preordered?

    1. Yes you can pre order! Give us a call to reserve your system!

  7. found the PDF that tells what trans the unit will control. I have a 6L90E .. any plans to add that unit to your controller?

    1. Unfortunately this system will not interface correctly with the 6L90E.

    2. CRUISE CONTROL?!?! What are we going to need to have cruise control?

      1. That is a very good questions. You will have to find a way to attache the cruise control cable to a factory LS1 throttlebody. We dont know who makes one but I am sure they are out in the market.

        1. Lokar makes one, and Dakota Digital makes a nice cruise control setup that should work with this.

  8. What kind of gains does the intake have over a stock ls6 and stock ls3 intakes?

    1. We are working on this right now. We are trying different combos and we will publish them closer to our release in 2017.

      A current setup we ran was a Trans Am with a 6.0 LQ4 with a cam. This put down 394 rwhp.

      1. Could you email me the complete specs of the LQ4 used in the Trans AM? Including which setup (500 vs 750hp) and which cam/heads/etc? I’m going to put this same setup on an LQ4.

        1. At the time of the last comment the T/A had a 6.0l LQ4 with a Howards Cams 192005-12. This was ran with the 750 HP kit but there will be no difference with horsepower between these kits and this combo. Also the T/A is a main test car and always rotates through motors. Currently it has an LS3 427 that we are expecting it to put over 500hp to the tire.

  9. What is the recommended fuel pressure to run this system. Would the corvette filter/regulator work as the regulator coming off a high pressure pump. Which is 58psi.

    1. The LS systems are designed to run the factory fuel pressure (58psi)

  10. Does the ls system have nitrous control options

    1. We do not have a final decision on this yet but it is looking like it will be incorporated into the 750 hp kits with trans control.

  11. Can you send me an email when this kit is available?

    1. Call us up and we will get you on a pre order list. 951-340-2624

  12. Is the Ultimate 500 hp system a complete kit for a swap ( fuel delivery and ignition control)?

    1. Yes it is a complete swap system with a fuel pump and ignition control.

  13. I see where there are two wideband sensors on the 750 kit. If we go with a single turbo and run both exhaust sides through a log manifold on one side of the engine, will one of the wideband sensors be able to be shut off as there will be no way to run the second wideband(one for each side) with true data as both exhaust sides will run through one of the manifolds.

    1. If you need to you can shut one of the oxygen sensors off. Generally we want oxygen sensors after the turbo.

  14. On the 70050 kit does it come with two o2 sensor or one
    And if I get the kit with a trans control and decide to change to a manual trans can The automatic trans controller be turned off ?

    1. The 70050 LS stand alone kit will not come with a dual O2 but the 70051 will. You have the option to use the tranny control or not.

      1. Will transmission information (temperature, speed, driving modes) be available through the Touch Screen controller on kits with transmission control?

        1. Yes these features will be in the handheld.

  15. I have an LY6 which kit would I need to purchase? Will the truck accessories work or clear the intake manifold or throttle body?

    1. I do not think the truck accessories will clear. If you engine is stock you can use the 500hp kit.

  16. Will the LS EFI self tune for boost? Also if more horsepower is wanted with this application will injectors be the only upgrade and can the ECM tune for more power? What is the recommended fuel pump/pressure for this unit? 58lbs?

  17. Will the kit come with fuel regulator? Also for the throttle cable bracket, does it mount to the manifold or do you have to use the bracket that sandwich between throttle body and manifold?

    1. Final kit contents is still being determined. We will have better information closer to the end of the year.

  18. Getting ready to pre order the ls1 750 hp kit with transmission control. What type of fuel pump does this system require. Going into a bmw540i swap with twin turbos, 4l80e transmission. Not sure if the stock bmw pump will work.

    1. The fuel needs to be unleaded to keep the oxygen sensors safe. The 750 HP rating is on injector flow so if you use E85 the HP capacity drops to 525. If you need larger injectors you can swap injectors to whatever your needs are.

  19. Will the 500hp ECU kit offer knock control at all as an option? says its for 750hp only. I would like knock sensor control on my ls1.

    1. The knock input will be available on all LS systems.

  20. Hey will this kit work on a 5.3 from a 2008 Silverado? Will it clear the truck waterpump and brackets?

    1. The truck alternator bracket will not clear.

      1. DO you have the dimensions for the intake to see if the bracket can be modified or does it need to be eliminated.

        1. Sorry no drawings available at this time. I do know it will hit the throttle body however. Check out these guys for relocation brackets.

  21. I see in Gen 4 you have LS3/L92 listed. But what about a Gen 4 5.3? What kit is recommended for that?
    Also is knock control required?

    1. Gen 4 5.3 will work still. Just be sure you get the correct port design. Knock is not required but it is very useful.

  22. Throttle control method? By the photos it looks like a cable, just want to make check if it’s drive by wire or cable?


    1. The system will come with a cable driven throttle body.

  23. Will you come out with a system to control a factory intake and ignition on a Chrysler G3 Hemi, like this LS controller?

    1. At this point in time no but we are looking at expanding our late model engine product line.

  24. Will this system control a water/ meth injection kit to come on at a desired boost level / map sensor value?

    1. Not at this time. You may be able to use the nitrous controls that we are talking about including to turn it on. Again nitrous control is still up in the air if we will include it.

  25. Went on Summit racing´s website and it says that if I order today it will be shipped At the 26 of November but you say that it won´t be released before the beginning of next year, how is that possible?

    And when are you going to put the Tech Manuales and Drawings and schematics on your webb page?

    1. We are currently working on the instructions. We will have them up as soon as they are completed.

      Contact Summit and ask them about their lead time.

  26. Is there anything released yet to show some dimensions on the intake? Wondering if it is any taller than an OEM intake for clearance reasons?

    1. These intake are low profile setups. They measure 6.75″ tall from the knock plate.

  27. please add nitrous controls!!

    1. We are looking into adding them to the 750hp kits.

  28. Are all the sensors (TPS, MAP, Coolant temp, IAC, ect) GM style sensors? Or are they proprietary to Fitech? Thank you.

  29. Does the system have some sort of diagnosis program for sensor issues, misfire detection, ect? Thank you.

    1. Just like our Go EFI systems the Ultimate LS will have full OBDII fault code read outs.

  30. I have a stock ls2 will this be a good upgrade for me or not?

    1. YES!

  31. I’m interested in the 750 system, but I want to run nitrous. When do you think an answer will come out about being able to control it or not? I don’t want to buy this system then 2 months later a new system comes out with nitrous controls. Thanks

    1. We will have final features done by the release date which is the first quarter of 2017.

  32. I was told this will be available for pre sale. Do you know when these will be able to be pre ordered?

    1. You will need to call us and put your name on a list and which system you are interested in.


  33. Would you sell the system without the injectors and fuel pump?
    Those are not needed for my straight methanol plans. Are you sure to have them out by April 2017 (start of my racing season)

    1. We will have more details on the kit soon. I dont believe we will offer it without the fuel pump. Definitely not without injectors.

      We will have the systems available the first quarter of 2017.

  34. Will the kit work on a stock 5.3 that’s under 500 hp and will the kit come with in tank fuel pump

  35. will it work with the cathedral heads

    1. Yes it will work with cathedral port heads

  36. The release is slated for the first quarter of 2017. You would have to call Jegs and ask them why they are claiming a quicker ship date.

  37. Do these systems support CAN-BUS? I know these aren’t available yet but I’m planning my build and shopping for gauges. I was poking at CAN-BUS gauges but can’t find if your systems are compatible. The gauges I’m looking at are from Speedhut and include speedo, tach, oil pressure, water temp, fuel level, and volts through CAN-BUS connection.

    1. At this point the system does not have CAN-BUS.

  38. can the fuel command center be used with this kit

    1. Yes the Fuel Command Center can be used with the Ultimate LS Kits.

  39. Do you plan on offering this transmission control or any of these other new features on your more traditional carb style kits?

    1. We have not looked into adding additional inputs/outputs on out GoEFI kits.

  40. will the 70003 750hp kit include the fuel pump and fuel line as shown in your photos?

    1. Yes a fuel pump will be added just like the picture shows.

  41. Looking at just the computer and harness. Does it require a VSS?, Does it need a 3 Bar Map? Does it have PWM fan control?

    1. We don’t require the use of a VSS and you don’t need a 3 bar Map sensor if you are not boosting the engine.

  42. Will there be any provisions for a kickdown or TV cable for us guys swapping in an LS paired up to an older transmission?

    1. We dont carry the adapter but I know LS throttle body to GM kickdown adapters exist.

  43. Planning to use this on a th400 swap I am working on before I saw this I was going to use Holley and I was going to program a 12V output at WOT for the kickdown via the ECU can this still be accomplished or am I going to actually have to use a physical cable now?

    1. The only way to use trans control on our LS kits is to use a 4l60 or 4l80 GM transmission. Otherwise I don’t have a way of giving that a direct output to your trans kick down solenoid.

  44. Will the ultimate ls kits completely do away with factory wiring harness and computer?

    1. It will do away with the main harness and ecu. You will still need the coil pack harness and trans harness if you are using one.

  45. If i want one of the ultimate LS kits before spring, should I pre order to be sure to have one, or do you plan on having a bunch in stock at that time?

    1. We should have enough ready but it is always safe to put in a preorder. We are not charging until they are ready to ship.

  46. Will the standalone ECU kits include the o2 sensor? Is there any benefit to pre ordering? Any benefit to ordering direct or through a distributor? Will you have free shipping like your big name distributors? Will your distributors have an earlier or later ship date?

    1. Standalone kits will come with the oxygen sensor. Pricing will be the same from everyone. At this point we do intend to release all at the same time but keep in mind that the big name distributors already have their orders in so they will be getting the first units out of the door followed by all other pre-orders.

  47. Can the fuel pump included in the kit be run in-tank? Thank you.

    1. We will have kits with and without a pump and these pumps are not designed to be in the tank. They are frame mounted pumps.

  48. Are all the sensors (TPS, MAP, Coolant temp, IAC, ect) GM style sensors? Or are they proprietary to Fitech? Thank you

    1. All sensors on this kit will be factory GM other than the oxygen sensors which are Bosch 4.2 sensors.

  49. Will the 70051 standalone unit control a Gen IV engine with drive by wire throttle body / pedal assembly ?

    1. These kits will not have drive by wire capability at this time.

  50. Will it include a 2 step?

    1. At this time the LS will not control a 2 step.

  51. You mention 5.3, I assume this will also work with 4.8L since they are the same physical dimensions. Are there any considerations that would have to be made when using this application for a 4.8?

    1. The 4.8L will also work with the Ultimate LS Kits.

  52. The vortec 6.0 will work with the L92 one’s correct? and if i get other injectors will the computer self learn with it?

    1. You will have to input your new injector size into the tuner but you can do this, yes.

  53. I’m looking at a ls crate engine that produces 550 hp.will the 500 hp controller package work with this or do you recommend the higher hp version

    1. You will need the larger kit.

  54. Will this ecu work with a factory AC unit?

    1. There will be a wire that when supplied 12v it will turn on an electric fan. This should work with everything.

  55. Will these kits be e85 campatable or even better flex fuel campatable? Im interested even if its not. Im just curious due to mods I have planned for my project.

    1. They will work on E85 but our HP rating will drop 30%. Sorry not flex fuel compatible. We don’t have that sensor wired in.

  56. I have a LQ4 with a after market intake manifold already. What parts do the stand alone systems come with?

    1. The stand alone system will come with ECU and harness.

  57. hey Guys I got to talk to you at SEMA this year. When I got back I ordered up the 600 HP kit and found out the new in tank fuel pump is not going to be released for awhile. What is your time frame looking like now? I see the LS system is listed now but no fuel pump system yet. We also have a LS swap coming up at the shop how soon that system be released?? Please let me know about both ? Thanks Big Don

    1. We are looking at the first quarter of 2017 on the fuel systems as well. Images and information will be up on our website shortly.

  58. Hi, I’m looking at you part number 70013. I’m using the gm lsx376 b15 with a Procharger. I’m putting it in a 72 chevelle. Will this system work for me and does it do the full Ignition control? What other stuff will I need to go with this system?

    1. The pt# 70013 is the correct system for what you are trying to do. It allows you to modify your ignition curve and will allow a 3 bar MAP.

  59. Will this intake clear the truck water pump inlet?

    1. It will clear the water pump but not the truck style alternator bracket.

  60. Hello.
    Im running an 08 4.8 that came from the factory with cathedral port heads. The crank reluctor wheel is 58x. The cam gear is 4x. The engine is equipped currently with a Fast 90/90 intake manifold, billet fuel rails and 80lb. Ev1 connector injectors. The engine is equipped with a 800bhp capable t78 turbo. I am running a th400 transmission. I have all the hardware currently installed on the car. What system do I need for my application? I do not have the need to use the FiTech intake manifold, rails, injectors or throttle body. Just need the electronic operating system. What is required for my build? Thank You

    1. We are offering stand alone ECU and harness sets.

      1. Is there all ballpark price for the harness and tuner screen.?If purchasing only the wiring harnesses. The highest level available w the 3bar map sensor. Thank you for the reply

        1. The stand alone system which will come with the ECU, Harness, Oxygen Sensor, and Handheld will be $795 without trans control and $995 with it.

  61. Will this fit a 1978 trans am with a shaker on a Pontiac 400 ?

    1. We have a 79 T/A here with the system on it currently. The shaker is glued to the hood however.

      1. Does the t/a have a ls2 in it? And is it black? I sold one a bit back that went yalls way

        1. It’s a gold car.

  62. I have a twin turbo ls 5.7 I’m building with rear mount turbos in my Holden ute here in OZ will this kit work with rear mount turbos being so far away from the engine and will this kit interface with a racepac dash system

    1. It will not interface with a dash system but it will work with your turbo setup.

  63. I am building a 6.0 liter with L92 heads. Which coils will I need for the 70014 setup? Will I need LS3 coils? This is a stand alone system correct?
    This is going in a 68 C10 pickup. So everything engine wise will run off of this system?

    1. You will need a coil pack sub harness so you can ultimately select the coils you want because the sub harness will plug right into the Ultimate LS harness. We did this so you have the flexibility to select your coil pack.

  64. Will the system w/o trans control work with a 97-04 t56 trans? Also how soon will you be releasing these units? Thanks

    1. Yes it will work because you don’t need to interface with that trans.

  65. Hi guys I’m looking putting twin turbos on my LS but in a rear mount configuration how would this system go given that you have previously stated that you recommend the O2 sensors go after the turbos . and can this system connect up to a racepak dash .

    1. In your case you only have one option and that is in the headers behind the collectors.

  66. I’m new to the LS swapping and plan to use your system. Does your system come with the exhaust sensors and if not, what make/model can I install now?

    1. The Ultimate LS kits will come with an Oxygen Sensor. They are even available from any auto part store. A vehicle application is a 2003 VW GTI 1.8T.

  67. Is this a returnless fuel system or does it use a return line aswell? Also I was told you are working on a fuel pump kit with a built in pressure regulator, is that true?

    1. The Ultimate LS will require a return line if not used with one of our return-less options such as the Command Center or the G-Sump in-tank fuel module.

  68. Will kits with transmission control be capable of real-time switchable calibrations for economy / performance? Will it support full manual mode for using bump or paddle shifters? Support for controlling shift points, shift firmness, and shift speed?

    1. There wont be a eco vs sport mode selection but you will be able to adjust shift points and firmness. There will be no revisions for paddle shifters either.

  69. Will this have an OBDII port for diagnostics, etc?

    1. It will not have a OBDII port but the handheld will display faults for diagnostics.

  70. Does the intake included in kit # 70001 have any vacuum ports?

    1. Yes, there are 3 under the intake.

  71. Since the Ultimate LS system is hopefully getting closer to release, I’m very interested in pre-ordering however I would like to know the contents of the fuel pump/regulator as that isn’t listed in the product description (although it appears to be in the pictures)? Will enough fittings/fuel line be included for both feed and return? Just like to know what I’m getting before I pre-order and thanks for the awesome products you guys are offering!

    1. The LS kits will be offered in multiple ways. With an inline pump kit, Fuel Command Center, G-Surge, and G-Sump. We will also offer it by itself.

  72. A LS engine installed in a older car, will this system control the spark without having something like a MSD box installed?

    1. The Ultimate LS kits will run the coil packs directly just like the OEM computer.

  73. How much psi of boost can the intake manifold withstand

    1. We are currently testing with 20-23 psi right now so we know up to that for sure. We expect the intake will take 30+ psi.

  74. I have a ’81 C10 that I’m doing a ls swap in. I want to know if the system has provisions for cruise control?

    1. Lokar has adapters for cruise. Somewhere in the comments this question was already asked and some added the part number.

  75. I love the look of the intake manifold. Soon I will be doing a cam in my 2005 GTO and was going to choose between the MSD or FAST intake, but I like yours way better. Will it work on my car? Looking for just the intake and whatever I need to make it work, but obviously don’t need the electronics for my application. Price?

    1. We are not selling the intake by itself. Sorry.

  76. Will the ls kit manifold clear the cowl on a 2000

    1. the LS1 intakes are 6.75″ tall from the knock plate so I would assume that you would need to cut the cowl a little.

  77. Can one get the dual wideband, knock control, and 3 mar map with the the 70051 for a turboed LS3 in a 93 gmc sierra c1500 since i only need the harness amd ecu for my 5.3L

    1. That’s exactly the kit you would need!

  78. Would it be offered with a larger injector 750 is a little low for turbo set ups and we are planning to do one with the kids in my shop class looking to be around 1200 when complete also would there be any interest in sponsoring a high school program???

    1. You can replace the injectors with any injector you like as long as it is a high impedance injector.

  79. Does the ultimate ls system require a fuel pressure regulator? I noticed the TBI systems have them built in.

    1. They will need regulators. Some of our fuel systems will offer regulators with them.

  80. Any updates on ETA ?

    1. No yet… We will announce it on our website and Facebook when you have an official date.

  81. Does the ecu run the alternator? For an ls swap c10

    1. It will have alternator plug it.

  82. Will the standalone ecu and harness work with the 5.3 injectors?

    1. Yes it will

  83. Does this system have the ability to be tuned or is it all self tuning and does it work with nitrous?

    1. The answer is yes to all of your questions. Nitrous will only be available on the 750 hp kits however.

  84. I have a phantom 340 intank fuel pump and plan on running corvette style returnless regulator/filter will this system work?

    1. Yes but dead heading fuel can cause excessive heat in the line so be sure to keep your fuel lines away from as much heat sources as possible.

  85. I know all the kits come with a hand held tuner, but do all the kits also come with software to plug into a laptop as well?

    1. At this time I don’t have final answers on this. I know PC software tuning is possible with all systems. If we go with the same method as with the throttle body EFI only the 750 hp kits with trans control will come with the software.

      1. Would it be possible to purchase the software separately?

        1. At this point it will not be available for purchase.

  86. does this system have the ability to activate the kick down solenoid on a Turbo 400 transmission?

    1. Sorry but the Ultimate LS only configures with the listed transmission like the 4l60e

  87. does this system work with OEM instrument clusters? eg. Chevrolet SS, Pontiac G8

    1. It will not interface with those instrument clusters.

  88. Other than trans control, will there be any other difference in the two ECU’s in the standalone kits? If I run the one without trans control can it still run a 3 bar Map? Do these use the MAF or is it a map only system? I already placed an order with summit but I may change it if it’s more than just trans control in the higher priced kit.

    1. No difference other than if you want the 1 or 3 bar map sensor, the systems are all MAP only systems.

  89. What style injectors will this kit except? will the intake itself support more the 750hp?

    1. Yes the intake will supply more than 750, it should be able to go up to 1200hp. the systme can use EV1 or EV6 style injectors.

      1. Will i be able to purchase parts individually at all or just in a kit

        1. At this time parts are not for sale separately.

  90. I am swapping in a 5.3LS into a 1999 Firebird that is a V-6, The 5.3 should make about 485 HP. I will be using your LS Kit 70002 along with the 4l60e trans. My question is on fuel supply for the kit. The fuel pump in the car is for the V-6, can I use that to supply your fuel command center to supply the needed volume and pressure for this kit. or do I need to replace the stock fuel pump with a higher volume/pressure pump designed for the multi port fuel injection. I’m asking this because I plan on bypassing the stock ECM in the car so I need to control the fuel pump whatever it may be. Does this kit thru it’s ecm control the fuel pump? So that’s really 2 questions. Thank You.


    1. If you have an intank pump already then you can just change it out for a Walbro 255 for up to 600hp and use you existing fuel lines for feed and return so long as they are 3/8. otherwise if the stock pump is low pressure than yes you can use it to supply a command center.

  91. Does the 750hp kit come with oil pressure connection?

    1. All standard LS sensor connections are onboard, so if your engine has the sensor output already than our harness will connect to it.

  92. Is the standalone harness compatible with an obd 2 port ? Or an obd adapter

    1. No, we give you a designated handheld to control and interface with the EFI system.

  93. If I buy the 750 hp w/o transmission control now will be able buy it later

    1. YEs you can add trans control later if you wish.

  94. Will the handheld display have speedometer

    1. The Ultimate LS systems it will, but the Throttle body systems will not have it.

  95. When do you expect a release of the ultimate ls systems?

    1. They should be released and shipping by the end of the month, beginning of Febuary.

  96. Would this system be able to pull timing for nitrous? I was looking at your 1200hp power adder kit but was told I can’t control timing on an Ls with its dizzy less ignition.

    1. THe power adder Throttle body systems can do timing retard when using N2O, but that is only on distributor based engines, LS engines require the use of our new LS system to do the same thing, or and external ignition controller if using the TB systems.

  97. Is there a timing retard function for N20 use? Also are there outputs for regular style gauges or just the hand held?

    1. Yes on the power adder systems there is timing retard for N20, there is no gauge outputs on the Throttle body systems other than the handheld itself.

  98. What are the flow rate of these runners? Also can they be ported in case they are smaller than my intake ports on my heads.

    1. I dont have specs at this time on the runner flow rate but they are made from sheet aluminum so porting would have to be kept to a minimum.

  99. Will The ultimate LS 750hp system be able to control nitrous like power adder 1200 throttle body system does

    1. Yes it will be able to.

  100. How many/ what kind of vacuum ports will be on this intake? i couldn’t find any in the pictures listed.

    1. There will be 2 1/8 npt and 1 1/4 npt ports on the bottom of the intakes.

  101. Will the 70003 support more then 750hp if larger injectors are installed

    1. Yes, as long as they are high impedance injectors. We have testing being done with a LS3 on 17 lbs of boost making ~1000hp. Yes this is with larger injectors.

  102. Will this work on my stock 01 lq9 out of an escalde? And dose it have an old 2 port so I could use Dakota digital gauges? Can I get this as a drive by wire

    1. This system is setup for a cable driven throttlebody.

  103. I am looking to order the LS2 750HP kit. Would I be able to program 46# injectors in it? I would like to buy this kit for the dual O2s and knock control and have room to grow in the future but would like to confirm that I can put smaller injectors in it.

    1. You can select and change injectors with this kit. Also the 750HP kit comes with duel O2s and knock sensor integration.

  104. Hi

    Your standalone wiring with trans control, will it support a cam change? Does it have output to run stock speedometer?
    Will it support stock tack? Will it support other things, blower, turbo?
    99 vortec 6.0 in a 68 Camaro

    1. The ECU will have an output for a speedometer and should work with a stock tach. Boost will be supported on the system as well.

  105. Will any of your systems handle straight ethanol. E100

    1. Yes but our HP ratings are based on injector flow rates with gasoline so be sure to recalculate HP based on ethanol flow rates. I think straight ethanol requires 50% more flow for the same HP with gasoline.

  106. Do u guys offer just the ls wiring harness and computer for a ls1 with 4l60e,and how much thank u for your time

    1. Yes. It is part number 70051 and will retail for $995.

  107. I am intending to swap a gen 3 5.3l into my 02 blazer will this setup replace my computer needs and keep my factory gauges working

    1. It will replace your factory ECU but it may or may not interface with your dash. Some feature will be lost on the dash in most cases.

  108. When will this be available???

    1. First quarter of 2017

      1. Isn’t it first quarter now? I need something by end of March will this be ready for sale?

        1. First quarter is from January 1st to March 31st.

  109. Do kits 70050 and 70051 both have knock sensor integration?

    1. Yes they will support knock sensors.

  110. Can I run a turbocharger with this system?

    1. Yes. With the 750 hp kits.

      1. This does support a turbo set up correct?? If so Will the ECU self adapt if I run a turbo set up. will I need an additional map/boost/baro sensor??

        1. It comes with everything you need. Yes a 3 bar MAP sensor is what you need for up to 30 PSI.

  111. Can you get this without a intake and will your fuel rails and injectors work with stock truck intake ?

    1. We will only offer it as a complete kit or a standalone ECU and harness.

  112. need to know when i can order 500 hp kit with auto trans control

    1. First quarter of 2017

  113. I am doing a porsch ls swap, space is an issue.
    Is the physical size on this system the same or less than a ls6 intake?

    1. It is taller than the stock intake. It measures 6.75″ tall from the knock plate.

  114. Will your ultimate ls 500 hp kit work on lq4 cast iron truck block.

    1. The LQ4 has a cathedral port head which is the same as a LS1 so the intake will bolt directly to it and work.

      1. will it work with the lq4 front accessories and would it work with the 5.3 accessories. im doing a swap in a 92 k1500 and haven’t made my mind up on which to chose. if it wont work what would have to be done to make it work?

        1. The throttle body will not clear high mount alternator brackets from trucks. Check Dirty Dingo for relocation brackets.

  115. Can i user a ls6 intake instead of yours with this kit?
    And can the kit be bought without the intake?

    1. There is a stand alone kit that will be the ECU and harness only. No hard parts like intake, TB, fuel rails, etc.

  116. Will there be cam settings for different cams like the other stand alone fuel injection units? Like mild, street, race, ect? If so, are there any limitations for the cams that can be run with this system? (ex. duration, LSA, minimum manifold vacuum, ect) I’m sorry if you answered this already, I looked back through the pages and didn’t see anything similar. Thank you for answering all of our questions.

    1. Yes there will be cam selections available. LSA and manifold vacuum are important but most over the counter cams for LS engines keep you from having to worry about them. Our throttle body systems will work on low vacuum engines to around 4-6 inches at idle. I am not aware of an aftermarket cam for an LS that will drop vacuum to this level.

  117. When do you anticipate having your technical manuals available on your website?

    1. I wish I had an exact answer for you but I am not sure at this point. It will be up by release date for sure though.

  118. will the intake clear the stock truck front accessories

    1. It will not clear the truck alternator bracket.

  119. What size injectors did you use for 1000+hp Ls intake

    1. I am not exactly sure but i am assuming that they are 80lbs.

      1. Should 80lb or 1000cc hi impedance also I plan on a single turbo borgwarner 101mm on a 5.3 with a mild street cam I’m sure this is the kit and lastly my last kit is the easiest nicest kit I have ever installed props to the company thank you for being affordable reliable and easy-to-use

  120. Does this System come in Cathedral Port and Square Port Intake styles?

    1. We will have both available.

  121. I am ready to order the 750hp kit now. Where can I order ?

    1. over the phone with us. We are doing pre-orders at this time.

  122. I see you offer all LS motors except ls7 will that kit be coming out soon

    1. We will offer one at a later date.

  123. Does the system have a odd 2 port and do you have a system for drive by wire?

    1. The system is designed to work with cable driven throttle bodies.

      1. Will the 750 system have bump box, spark and or fuel cut?

        1. The system will have fuel and spark cuts for rev limits but I am not sure if we will incorporate dual step at this time.

  124. If I buy the 750 kit w/o the trans controller can I add it on later?

    1. Yes.

  125. I have a carbed lq4 and am switching to TBSS intake and was woundering if y’all are gonna sell the 92mm cable tb separate, and will the harness for the standalone kit part no 70051 can I turn the transmission controls off for now cause I’m running a 700r4 and eventually am swapping to 4l80e, and will this kit have the ev6 uscar connectors? Thank you!

    1. The pt# 70051 standalone Ultimate LS ECU and Harness with work with the trans harness used or not. The throttle bodies are not for sale separately at this time and the injector connectors will be minitimer (EV1) as of right now.

  126. Does the system have the ability to output the ecu parameters to a tablet to use as a gauge cluster?

    1. There is no out for tablets or gauges.

  127. Can a separate screen be used for say digital gauges or does only the touch screen work on the ECM?

    1. At this time it will not work.

  128. Can i use this system on a 2008 Ly6 with vvt ? All so will it work with Dakota Digital gauges.

    1. It will not run VVT and the system will not interface with Dakota Gauges.

  129. Will you be making a version compatible with the 6l80e and newer transmissions

    1. We are not making one at this time.

  130. If my engine is making 500 wheel horse power right now, should I order the 750 kit to leave room for more? Or will the injectors be too much for what I have now?

    1. Yes you should look at the larger kit as the horsepower rating is a the crank. The system will not be too big for your engine.

  131. Will the LS system have a two stage Rev limiter

    1. At this time it will not.

  132. What gauges will the system be compatible with, if any?

    1. Most gauges will be independent from the system.

  133. What is fuel pressure and flow rate required for the 70001 kit? I would like to use the stock 00 Ls1 fuel tank/pump?

    1. The Ultimate LS will operate at the same pressure (58 psi) as the stock LS1.

  134. When will the 70002 LS1 500hp with transmission control be available?
    Also, do you have any cam recomendations for this set up? Im running a 2002 5.7 stock bottom end.

    Thank you,

    Eric Hamm

    1. The systems are too be released within a month.

      Cam selection is up to you. We designed the system to work with most cams. If your engine makes more than 4-5 inches of vacuum the system will work. However the more vacuum the engine produces the easier the system is to tune.

  135. Will the 70050 support 2 or 3 bar map or just 3 bar?

    1. It will support both types of MAP sensor.

  136. I’d like to install this in my 99 camaro but it looks like id need a bracket for my throttle cable do you have a bracket available? If not can you make one for this application. Does the bracket at this websiite fit this application.

    1. The link you provided will works and we will also have something available that is close to the same.

  137. The 750hp kit says it can handle boost but what about nitrous applications?

    1. Yes it will support nitrous applications.

  138. I have pre-ordered a 70051. I have a 2006 6.0 lq4 engine e with a 4l80e trans. I’m curious what type of injector plug cmes with kit, can i use stock knock sensors, will the ecm monitor engine temp, will alternotor crank postion sensor plug in, what throttle position sensor will i need? I have a drive by cable throttle body for the swap. What other wiring issues will i need to address before hand?

    1. Everything will plug right in. The injector connectors will be minitimer (EV1) type connectors.

  139. Will the kit #70001 include fuel pump, filter and lines as the photo shows?

    1. This kit wont but kit #71001 will have a fuel system with it.

  140. I have a 2009 Ls 6.0 I am putting a 4 barrel intake on it will your throttle body work with this and run the coils

    1. This system does not work with a 4 barrel intake. The Ultimate LS kits will even come with a LS style intake and throttle body.

  141. Will it work with an Ls4 with the 4t65e trans? Swapping into a Fiero.

    1. Yes the Ultimate LS kits with trans control will work with 4L60, 4L65, 4L70, or 4L80 transmissions.

      1. Just to clarify, 4T65?

        1. I am not sure. It appears that the 4T65 trans is just a transverse version of the 4l65. If all the connections for sensors are the same it should work.

  142. Do I need to know if I have a 24x or a 58x cam crank sensor before I order or is that just for the hanhald to program

    1. The system works with BOTH!!!

  143. Will the 500hp kit fit under a gen4 f body without modifying the cowl? I’m really interested

    1. The intake is 6.75″ tall from the knock plate. I think you would have to trim the cowl.

  144. Does your stand alone wiring harness have obd2 port and is it compatable with racepak iq3 dash display?

    1. There is not OBD2 port. The system will read obd2 codes but it will not operate with aftermarket dashes.

  145. Obviously there is not an LS7 kit even available for pre-order, but we are building a boat engine with a Dart LS7 block and LS3 heads. Would one of the LS3 kits work in this case? I don’t see why it wouldn’t but I figured I would ask. Also, still on target for release by end of March?

    1. The engine designations on our LS systems have to do with port design. In your case the LS3 heads will match up with the LS3 kit from us. Release date is still on track to be the out by the end of March.

  146. If im running a stock ls 5.3 will the 750hp be too much or can it compensate. Im in the process of building a built bottom end but for now would like to run it in a stock application no boost. So I guess my question is will the 750hp be too much for a stock bottom end?

    1. The 750hp Ultimate LS kit will work on a stock 5.3 engine.

  147. is the fan and fuel pump outputs for relays or straight to the motors? And does the intake have an extra water temperature sensor port for the gauges?

    1. The relays are build into the LS Harness so you would hook directly to the component. Also a LS intake does not have coolant running though it so there are no ports for it.

  148. I am considering building an LS3 with a LSA supercharger? Will your system work on this combo?

    1. Our system uses a throttle cable driven throttle body so as long as you use this type of throttle body it will work.

  149. If used with turbo say set at 8 psi daily use and it was raised to 16-20 psi for a single race does the Ecm make a fuel and spark table adjustments on the fly or is the a option with hand held to switch between levels of boost and if so does hand held support any boost controllers

    1. The system will learn both on a single table. You do also have the ability to make multiple calibration files so you could have a race tune and a street tune if you would like. This can also extend to different fuels being used.

  150. We supply the intake bolts with the Ultimate LS Kits.

  151. Can this system be used with e85? And would i be able to mix 93 pump gas with the e85?

    1. You can use E85 but there is no Flex Fuel sensor so it will be manual tuning and changing of calibrations. I would recommend making multiple calibration files for different fuel combos (gasoline, 50/50, E85).

      1. So it will only self tune using pump gas?

        1. Unleaded fuels are safe on the oxygen sensor while leaded fuel (usually Race Gas) will plug up the sensor.

          1. So what do we do on race fuel if your sensor plugs up ??????

          2. You need to replace the sensor if you plug it up. You can either use unleaded fuel or you will be replacing a bunch of oxygen sensors.

  152. Can I run cruise control with this system?

    1. Yes, cruise control can be used.

  153. Wanting to do a LS1 swap in a 86 coupe mustang 5.3 ,will this kit get me running,still doing my homework on this not that familiar with LS1.If not everything any information would be honored, really interested

    1. The ultimate LS kit will run the engine just fine. The intake is 6.5″ tall from the knock plate so measure your hood clearance and see if this will work for you.

  154. As far as I can see the 70050 standalone ECU comes with one WBO2 but will it support a second WBO2 if I add a second sensor? Will it support the Bosch 4.9 sensor as well or just the 4.2 ?
    Also – will it support both 1 and 3 BAR map sensors?

    1. The Ultimate LS kits will use Bosch 4.2 sensors only and will support 1,2, or 3 bar map sensors.

  155. Hi,
    I am currently re-building a LS1 5.7, for my AC Cobra kit car and I will be using your induction system.
    I am thinking to use the 500HP kit, as my motor will put out a max of 450HP, normally aspirated on pump gas.
    Is this system proven to work safely without the knock sensor feature that is used in the standard General Motors setup?
    Will this system fully control the ignition timing, ignition advance and drive the ignition coils? so I do not need an ignition setup.
    I can’t see a technical manual for this setup yet, and if you did one, it will answer a lot of questions, as I will see how everything is hooked up and operated.

    1. The Ultimate LS kit will have full control of the ignition system and does integrate with the knock sensors as well.

  156. is the intake catherdral port or square port design? Also will the intake clear truck accesories?

    1. We are offering both cathedral and rectangle port intakes. It will not clear the truck alternator bracket.

  157. What type of injector connectors come on the 70051 harness?

    1. The system will allow for both EV1 and EV6 Injectors with interchangeable injector harnesses.

  158. Does the stand alone kit have provisions to use 2 oxygen sensors?

    1. All systems will have the option to add a second oxygen sensor.

  159. The fuel table on the GO EFI kits is 5×5? Is this the same for this LS kits? Thank you.

    1. The handheld will portray it as 5×5 but most of our tables are actually 12×10.

  160. When will these kits start shipping ?? looking for the 70002

    1. By the end of the month the Ultimate LS will start shipping.

  161. Will the 70051 standalone kit allow for changing shift points and line pressures or is a electronic transmission controller needed to be able to utilize those functions?

    1. The 70051 Stand alone kit is with trans control so yes you can change shift points and line pressures.

  162. I am looking at the 70014 kit and was wondering if you offer that with dual wide band O2 sensors

    1. This kit offers dual o2 sensors.

  163. Will part number 70050 control nitrous? just a small single stage

    1. Yes the stand alone kits will have nitrous compatibility.

  164. Just want to confirm the right part number for my application. Installing a 2001 4.8 (LR4) with a 4L60 e transmission. What is the right part number for this application. I would want the tranny controlled option.


    1. Being that this motor is a cathedral port engine you would look at the LS1 kits.

  165. Will this work with the lq9, and is it a plug and play system?… doing an Ls swap for a 1968 nova and really considering this system

    1. Yes the Ultimate LS will work with a LQ9 engine.

  166. Just for clarrity this will work with all LS motors such as the standard LM7 that is in abundance out there?

    1. Yes it will work with the LM7 engine.

  167. Can you use the hand held for gauges or can you hook up a tablet or something to use for gauges on the 70051?

    1. The handheld had a large gauge section for digital readouts.

  168. Will the ultimate ls kit work with nitrous

    1. The ultimate LS kit will work with nitrous.

  169. Hi my name is javier. I took all the drivetrain out of a 04 gto, motor(LS1) and trans(M6). Im going to swap it in to my 87 camaro will the LS INDUCTION SYSTEM work? and will it control everything?. My trans has sensors and they go connected to the original harness!!!??? THANK YOU

    1. Yes the Ultimate LS kit with trans control will run both your engine and transmission.

  170. With the stand alone ecu will it support upgrading the injectors to 90lb/hr? Also is there a connection to run a separate tach from the controller?

    1. Yes there is a tach output and you can run any size high impedance injector you need.

  171. Can you relocate the coils and run smooth valve covers with the ultimate LS EFI system? I’d be installing on a cathedral port 4.8 .

    1. The harness is designed to go to the factory locations but I am sure you have some flexibility on how far it will reach.

  172. Since these kits aren’t compatible with aftermarket and some factory gauges, is there or will there be any kind of interface similar to a racepak that you will offer that can be mounted in place of a cluster, or is the hand held controller with standard analog style gauges the only option? I’m building a car and want to use this setup, just need to know what type of gauges are best used with it.

    1. We may have integration with digital dashes in the future but right now the systems only have outputs for standard gauges. The handheld will have the ability to show a range of readouts that can be displayed in a large gauge format.

  173. Will an input signal from a vehicle speed sensor be necessary for an engine with the ultimate LS kit to run correctly? If so what are there any suggestions as to what type to run when using an older manual trans or an after market manual trans such as a Tremec TKO?

    1. VSS in not required but it does help the EFI as far as drive ability.

  174. Will the 500hp system work correctly with an open header setup by mounting the o2 sensor in the primary tube?

    1. You need 18 inches of exhaust behind the sensor which needs to be in the collector.

  175. Does the kit include a fuel regulator?

    1. The Ultimate LS does not come with a fuel pressure regulator except for certain master kits.

  176. Hi,

    I have an LSX motor with procharger that will run up to approx 1000HP. can this kit be upgraded with larger injectors to cope with that power level. I already have a fuel pump and regulator that will cope with fuel demand. I know I will need to run the pump with a relay as it has a relatively high current draw.


    1. Larger injectors will allow the Ultimate LS kit handle more horsepower. Just be sure you source high impedance injectors.

  177. Is the intake the same for both 500 and 750 versions, allowing me to start with base 500hp engine and then add more hp up to 750 with supercharger in future, or does the 750hp system detune to 450hp.allowing me to buy system once.


    1. We have tested the 750 HP kit on a 5.3 lq4 with no issues at all. The system is able to adapt to the lower HP.

  178. Does FiTech have any standalone systems or plan to support the L83 / 6L80e packages

    1. The Ultimate LS will work on an L83 but you would loose drive by wire and VVT.

  179. I have a 700r4 in my car now but in future looking to upgrade to a 4l80 can I get the kit with the trans controller now and just not use it till I upgrade?

    1. You can purchase the trans control and not use it. It wont reversely affect anything.

  180. Can I change from the 66lb injectors to 110lb injectorson the 750 hp ls kit

    1. Yes. Injector size can be interchanged to whatever size you would like as long as they are high impedance.

  181. will it come in any other color than black

    1. At this time the kits will only be available with black intake manifolds and throttle bodies.

  182. Will the LS kit work on a LS7? I have the LSX454 engine from chevy high performance and would like to put fuel injection on it.. I will need to use the 750 HP kit.

    1. We don’t have an intake at this time for the LS7 but if you can use the standalone version.


    1. The Ultimate LS does not include VVT control.

  184. Ok another e-85 question. I plan on using the 750hp unit with e-85 on a 5.3L LS that will make 525-560 hp. I understand that I will have to increase the injector size to get this HP (80 psi/hr). My question is on fuel supply. Will the fuel command center at 340 LPH be able to supply the added fuel demand or will I need to go to say the Walbro 450 LPH pump? And is there anything else that needs to be upgraded at that HP level to run E-85 on this system?

    1. A 340 lph fuel will support around 560-580 hp with E85. This is really close to your engine hp so I would recommend moving up to a larger fuel pump like your stated Walbro 450.

  185. Hi I am looking at the ls kits . I don’t see anywhere to bolt my throttle linkage to. Also wanting to know is there a camshaft max that this system stops at. Looking at the 70001 kit. Thanks Jody!

    1. Cams for LS engines tend to be easier for the fuel injection systems because they are profiled to work with speed density EFI. Even vary large LS cams will still produce enough vacuum that the EFI will work.

  186. I am building a Motown LS which has LS heads and sbc bottom end and run a distributor maybe switch to ignition coils later will this kit work for my application?

    1. No it will not work on this application, it can only work on LS based engines due to the sensors that are on the block that need to be there for proper control of the engine. It also cannot run a distributor.

  187. I’m looking to get the kit with the trans controller, is there a kit that can control a 6L80e?

    1. Our system unfortunately will not work with the 6 speed transmissions.

  188. Does the system have a basic OBD2 plug for diagnostics or is it just through the FITech monitor?

    Any specific date on standalone systems?

    1. There is not a OBD2 Plugin but the provided handheld will display OBD2 faults directly in it.

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