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Quick Start Guide – Setting Up Your Handheld Controller

The Quick Start Guide is designed to get you set up your Handheld Controller. This is really easy and can be done by entering in just a few numbers in your Controller. View and save in PDF version below.

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28 comments on “Quick Start Guide – Setting Up Your Handheld Controller

  1. I installed the fitech efi and I am getting a code of our p.m. noise what do I do. I’m running a MSD ignition system I have the blue wire running to the tech blue wire is not close to any other wire

    1. PO335 is a Code for RPM Noise which can come from almost anywhere in the ignition system. The most common are electrical noise or arcing spark plug wires. Be sure your ignition system is in good working order and that you have the blue wire and 2-wire leads from the FiTech system are away from any noisey components like CDI boxes, alternators, and electric fans.

  2. I have a question on the 600 hp unit with the frame mounted fuel pump. when i let the car idle, every plug in the car turns black…. what would cause this and how would i fix it? Thanks for your feedback.

    1. If you are talking about the spark plugs like it sounds your engine is just running rich. Go on the handheld and change your target idle AFR found in GO EFI TUNING. Increase the value to around 14.0 to 14.5.

  3. My hand held controller is flickering and when you go into a file, it scrolls straight to thebottom and you can’t select or change anything. The only way to go back is too reset the power since the back button in the right corner doesn’t work. I also tried it using the usb power and it did the same thing. Is there anything else I can do or is the controller faulty. There is a video of it on the fitech user site on facebook

    1. It sounds like the screen in the handheld has shifted. I have seen this before with handhelds that have been dropped. You can fix this very quick and easily by loosening the four screws on the back of the handheld, push the screen upward and hold it there, and re tighten the screws.

      If this does not work give us a call and we will get you a replacement. 951-340-2624

  4. Do hand held controllers come with the latest software up date? Is there a web site to update controller?

    1. Give us a call when you are with the handheld and we will help you see what version you have. Our last update came out in late spring.

  5. Dose the controller have to have power running to it all the time ? I disconnect my battery after every use of my car.

    1. If you wait 30 seconds after key off to disconnect the battery the system will save correctly.

  6. HI I HAVE A street 400 unit and the handheld controller keeps blacking out or showing white screen. its only moths old and barely used ive checked all power sources and cabling and they seem fine.

    1. If the screen blanks out and goes either white or black this is from low voltage. This usually happens at cranking. Be sure the red battery wire from the EFI goes directly to the positive post on the battery.

  7. At set up my hand held controller says loading failed TF card. What is this?

    1. This is the memory card in the handheld having a loose connection. It can be found at the bottom of the handheld. All you need to do is press in to hear a click and it will come out. Once out just reinstall it. This will fix the problem.

  8. Hello guys I was just wondering if you can tell me if I have the latest version of the software installed in my handheld controller. I read somewhere on your FAQ site that you released a new version late spring and that it is supposed to give better timing control. I just bought my kit from summit racing last month but I don’t know how long they’ve had it in there inventory. Just want to make sure I have the latest release for optimum performance. The information I found in my handheld is as follows: SOFTWARE ID-19515, CAL CODE-60303, HARDWARE ID-24002. If this isn’t the latest can you please instruct me on how to update to the latest version. Thank you for your time.

    1. Easiest way to tell is if you have (2 wire sensitivity) in the Initial Setup page. If yes you have the latest version. If not let us know which system you have and we can email you the update.

  9. Where can i find a fault code directory for go street 400? specifically codes 74 and 36, thanks.

    1. Fault Code option 7 or 8 on the MAIN MENU tells you what these codes are.

      74 fan fault
      36 RPM noise

  10. Hi I also have the same two codes, 74 quick fix (disable the fan since it’s not hooked up) But I’m not sure what the 36 RPM noise is? Check on the MAIN MENU page and it did not describe what RPM noise was? Can you clear this up for me? Also I’m getting some exhaust popping after I let off the accelerator, would this cause the fault code 36 to come up? Also how can you tell if you have the latest update on your system? Thanks!

    1. The exhaust popping in deceleration is from the EFI shutting off fuel. This is a fuel economy feature in the system. The PO335 RPM Noise code can cause over fueling issues and choppy idle. This comes from false RPM from EMI in the ignition system. Check for loose wires, arcing plug wires, cap and rotor, CDI box interference, etc.

  11. I’m running an in tank fuel pump as I have an EFI gas tank. The handheld for PWM is currently set to 74.5 under Go-EFI initial Setup option #6, but that is for a frame mounted fuel pump. Is that OK, or should it be set to a lower number like your FCC is set for, and if not what number is best?

    1. The default PWM setting (74) is is full on. If you would like to play with this setting you would lower the value as much as you can while still maintaining the proper fuel pressure.

  12. Where does the hand held unit plug into the FI unit?

    1. The Handheld cables come out of the driver side rear of the throttle body when the system is installed on an engine.

  13. Can you buy just a replacement cable that runs from the hand held tuning module to the throttle body?

    1. Yes you can just give sales department a call 1-951-340-2624

  14. Hey i have spark knock under load 383 small block timing at 12 btdc plugs show running real lean how can i increase fuel , i am wondering whether my installer
    set car as 350 and not 383 would this help to change to 383 on ecu thanx

    1. You Would go under “Go EFI Tuning” then proceed to “AFR Targets” then you can adjust the air fuel mixtures. The lower the Number the richer the mixture.

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