Ultimate LS Torque Plus Composite 600HP w/ Trans Control + In-line Fuel Pump Master Kit


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FiTech Fuel Injection is introducing the all-new Ultimate LS Torque Plus Cathedral Port Composite 600HP kit with trans control has reinforced plastic composite material intake to their top of the line Ultimate LS kits combined with an Inline Fuel Pump fuel delivery kit. This new design gives your engine bay the factory O.E. look while giving you the great features of our self-learning program, maximum tunability, and ease of installation. Getting your dragster, drift missile, or weekend cruiser LS swapped has never been so simple with our Ultimate LS kits.

The Inline Fuel Pump Fuel Delivery Kit includes an EFI grade 255 LPH inline external fuel pump that is suitable for engines making up to 600HP. (Note that some of our EFI kits are limited to less than 750HP due to maximum usable injector sizes). This kit also includes 20-feet of EFI grade fuel hose suitable for both the inlet and return lines between the fuel tank and the engine. The kit includes two billet fuel filters. The filters include a 100-micron pre-filter and a 30-micron post filter.

Prop 65

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Shipping Weight 38 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 28 × 18 × 18 in


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