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FiTech Fuel Injection introduces the Retro LS! Have you been hesitant on switching to EFI because you like the traditional look of a carburetor? Do you have a GM 4L60/80E Transmission in your hotrod? There is no more need to worry! FiTech’s Retro LS EFI 650hp fuel injection systems offer a “golden” opportunity for impressive looks and performance. These classic gold engine-toppers with transmission control are complete throttle body kits, suitable for everything from your junkyard 5.3 to a Stroker 427—and they deliver old-school carburetor looks with EFI technology and reliability. Whether a do-it-yourself hot rodder or professional EFI tuner, the features of the FiTech Retro LS EFI 650hp system are sure to inspire you. Now you can have all of the benefits of EFI yet, maintain the traditional looks of a carburetor. This system is ready to go with the needed wiring harness and sensors to get you on the road easily and faster than any system on the market today. Our system is easy to install, no computer experience required, a tight fit regulator and a hand-held tuner is included.

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Classic gold finish for that Carburetor look with the drivability of EFI. Innovative Annular discharge design.
Flow matched 80 lbs injectors. Semi sequential fuel and full spark control.
Fits V8 engines from 250-650 horsepower. Bosch wide band controlled.
Trouble-free performance with today’s fuels - put an end to vapor lock and fuel varnish problems! 24x and 58x crank and cam compatible.
4150 style 4BBL mounting flange - Bolts on in place of carburetor. 1 BAR MAP sensor, TPS, and IAC sensor integrated onto the throttle body.
Fully self-tuning ECU - No laptop required. Custom cam friendly.
Includes full color, touch screen LCD for both basic and advanced tuning options. Knock sensor control.
Transmission control suitable for 4L60, 4L65, 4L80 GM transmissions. Tight-fit regulator #44120 included.
Connections for Ford, GM TH350, 700R4 and other transmission linkages. Easy plug and play harnesses with minimal connections.
Virtually maintenance free - keeps your vehicle reliable and ready to drive.

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Retro LS Instructions


Quick Start Guide – Hand-held Controller


Hand-held Controller Feature Definitions


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