Ultimate LS Torque Plus Cathedral Port Composite 600HP w/o Trans Control Plus Force Fuel, Fuel Delivery System

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FiTech Ultimate LS Torque Plus EFI 600 hp induction systems ready your hot rod for road or race track. These complete self-tuning setups include everything needed to complete the induction system of your LS engine and get you moving. FiTech Ultimate LS Torque Plus systems are available with or without transmission control, and will take the work out of getting your new or pull-out LS up and running in a flash. Featured listed below.

FiTech’s all-new Force Fuel system makes the upgrade to FiTech EFI even easier! It mounts under the hood and is fed with the original mechanical or electric fuel pump. The fuel pump then fills the reservoir with a half-gallon of fuel to submerge an internal electric fuel pump—to keep it cool for long life and no chance of fuel starvation. An internal regulator keeps the pressure at a consistent 58 psi. Force Fuel then supplies the EFI system with the required high pressure to run at peak performance.

Features and benefits include:

* Ultimate LS Loaded Torque Plus composite intake manifold

* Billet fuel rails with AN fittings and fuel crossover

* High-flow 92mm throttle body

* Self-learning ECU with programmable hand-held touchscreen controller for easy setup and configuration

* 24X and 58X crankshaft and camshaft compatible

* Sequential fuel and spark control with individual cylinder trim

* Compatible with car and truck coils

* Bosch wideband controlled—self-learning

* On-the-fly programmable target AFR and timing

* Custom camshaft-friendly

* Custom wiring harness—uses factory coil pack sub-harness

* 36 lb./hr. flow-matched injectors

* Fuel pump relay output

* Two programmable fan control outputs (coolant temperature sensor/TPS/IAC sensor)

* Tach and speedometer output drivers

* Stainless oxygen sensor bung (clamp or weld)

* Windshield mount for handheld controller

Force Fuel system adds:

* 5 ft. of high-pressure fuel hose

* Serviceable 10-micron fuel filter

* AN fittings

* Return line fitting bung

* Liquid filled gauge

* Dual function bracket for bottom or side mounting

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Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 18 in