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2-1/16″ WATER TEMP, 100- 250`F, iCAN

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A high water temp can be detrimental to an engine and heat is the enemy of performance and reliability. AutoMeter’s FiTech CAN-enabled 2-1/16” 100°-250°F Water Temperature gauge is the perfect solution for performance enthusiasts who have converted their vehicles to FiTech’s electronic fuel injection. This water temp gauge is plug-n-play to fit into FiTech’s CAN output and matches AutoMeter’s popular Sport-Comp II series. Combine with any other gauges from the series to seamlessly integrate a set of high-quality AutoMeter gauges into your ride while keeping tabs on your temps with the most trusted water temperature gauge on the market.

GAUGE, WATER TEMP, 2 1/16″, 100-250ºF, SPN 110, SPORT-COMP II

Feature Points:

  • Direct connection to CAN output on FiTech’s electronic fuel injection
  • Through the dial white LED lighting with lit pointer
  • Matches all existing AutoMeter Sport-Comp II gauges for seamless integration of non-CAN instruments
  • CAN gauges offer dimming through FiTech’s control module
  • Includes wire harness and mounting hardware
  • AutoMeter’s race proven digital stepper motor electric instruments provide unmatched accuracy

Not Included: 

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Dimensions 4 × 5 × 5 in