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New Tech Support Hours

M-F 7:00am-12:00pm / 1:00pm-5:00pm & Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm
Monday call wait times could be longer than normal due to call load. Note: On the second Tuesday of every month we will be closing the call center at 4pm.

4 comments on “New Tech Support Hours

  1. On the fitech 600hp power adder kit, 30004, the 600hp is the rating with the power added? Or is it 600hp plus , say a 150hp kit of nitrous?

    1. When nitrous is being used the HP of the system is for the HP of the engine naturally aspirated. You can add any size shot of nitrous and the system will not go against the HP of the system.

  2. I posted in another thread but may have been in the incorrect place.. I know you guys don’t really support HEI distributors, but I wanted to ask for some advice..

    I’ve installed my EFI 4 600hp TBI with into my Scout with a supercharged 350 and HEI distributor. I removed the GM Module from the HEI and locked the advance. I then wired the Pickup to the GREEN and PURPLE wires of the Fitech. Making sure the polarity is correct. I connected the IGN along with the B+ tab on the HEI. I’ve confirmed power during cranking. I connected the BLACK wire to the C tab. Then Connected the Tach tab to my dash tach.

    See this PNG:

    I then start to crank the engine. while cranking, I looked at the RPM on the FITECH display module. It shows 120rpms (approx). so that tells me that the Pickup is working correctly. But no spark. I checked the B+ and its got 12V. I don’t know how to check the coil grounding tab (Black wire). What an I missing?

    Please advise..

    SSG Damon Williams

    1. The system must have continuous RPM while cranking that never falters to 0. If it does go to 0 at anytime then it won’t fire the coil. But unfortunately we don’t support HEI Timing control so i cant say its going to work properly without the ability to phase the rotor correctly.

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