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Instructions for Inline Frame Mount Fuel Pump Kit

The Inline Fuel Pump Kit can be used in conjunction with any EFI system. These instructions are focused on pairing it with a FiTech EFI System but the instructions can easily be adapted to suit any other EFI system that is being utilized.

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34 comments on “Instructions for Inline Frame Mount Fuel Pump Kit

  1. cant seem to get output fuel fitting to seal has a continuous drip between fitting and pump, I did use fitting and alum washer supplied in kit but washer seems to be too big and will not seal properly, afraid to tighten too much to damage housing or threads

    1. The outlet fitting on the fuel pump is a carb inlet fitting. The thread size is 9/16-24 and a standard carb inlet washer will work as well.

  2. Should the orange fuel pump wire be mounted directly to the pump or should it be tied into a relay then to the pump. There are several people that are using a relay and I feel that is incorrect seeing it is a PWM circuit.

    1. PWM is not turned on from factory so it will make no difference if running a relay or not. Now a relay is required if your pump draws more than 15 amps.

  3. i have fitech 30003 400hp with inline fuel pump and inline fuel filter regulator and pumping fuel with 58psi pressure to throttle body … what ‘s correct pressure for this model ?! engine is running stable but my eyes burning badly when i stand near exhaust output i tried to set idle afr target at 14.7 or 13.3 but no change and all time burning my eyes.

    1. Check the fault codes in the main menu of the system. Chances are the oxygen sensor is not reading or you have some other fault that will give light on your issue.

      The Go Street system operates at 45 psi.

  4. on the 3001 should I run a inline fuse on the 12 volt source and fuel pump. plus is it available to purchase just the hose and fitting and post filter

    1. You dont have to run a fuse because there is one inline on the main power of the EFI system. Hose and fittings are not for individual sale but they are twist lok hose and fittings. Summit, Jegs, and many speed shops will carry this type of hose. We us Areoquip hose here.

  5. Do I need to run a fuel pressure regulator, or can the FiTech Go 800 power adder handle the flow of my aeromotive A1000 on its own?

    1. The GO EFI 8 (pt#30012) will support 1200hp but the Mean Street (pt#30008) will only support 800hp Naturally Aspirated. Please be sure of what kit you have as the Mean Street will not support boosted applications. An Aeromotive A1000 can be used but needs a relay and an external regulator to operate correctly with any of our systems.

  6. when stater engages and the motor turns over the screen on the controller goes blank white. only way to get it back is to reset the power on the controller. Checked the wire connections and voltage appears to be good. What am i missing?

    1. Voltage is not good. This is voltage drop. Be sure the RED battery wire is going directly to the positive post on the battery and that you have good, clean engine grounds.

  7. Can I use a 380 lph with my 600 horse power adder without an external regulator? If not what is the biggest lph pump I can use? Thanks!

    1. The internal regulator has a max flow of 340 lph. You could try adjusting the PWM in the system to slow the pump down to prevent over pressurizing the system. You will need a pressure gauge to check this.

  8. I have a terrible whine in my stereo after installing the frame mount system, it is directly related to the PWM signal as I change the low flow PWM number so does the whine, and it stops when the system stops the pump at idle, I am properly grounded and never had interference/feedback before the FItech 600go system

    1. Try hooking up the fuel pump to a direct 12 volts from the battery for testing perposes. If the problem still exists this would be an issue elsewhere. We have never had this come up before so your feedback on this test would be greatly appreciated.

  9. do i need to vent the tank if using your inline fuel pump?

    1. We recommend a free in and out flowing vent on both the Fuel Command Center and frame mount fuel kits.

  10. If I use an external regulator before the Fitech unit, is a return line still required? A competitor has a filter/regulator combo that they advertise allows their unit to not require a return line if installed.

    1. You would still need a return but if you use a Corvette Filter/Regulator just use the return on that and plug the return on the throttle body.

  11. Can I use a smaller return to tank line?

    1. People have used 5/16″ ID hose for the return successfully but we recommend 3/8″ ID.

  12. Just received power adder 8 . I am going to run a1000 pump with ext. Reg. Should I feed fitech with 2 fuel inlets or just 1 during engine break in this is a 482 BBC . planning on adding vortech supercharger after break in miles on engine. Also engine has 622 lift can would this be cam setting 4 going to install next few weeks CANT HARDLY WAIT. LOL Thanks,Jacob

    1. On high horsepower setups we usually recommend dual feeds into the throttle body. This will supply even fuel to both side of the throttle body for the most fuel flow as possible.

  13. Can you run a Holley electric pump back by the tank to feed the fitech pump up on the fire wall? It is 4×4 off road application and I like having the Holley pump as a back up if fuel injection fails I can bypasss hi pressure pump and install carb to get out of the woods!

    1. This is not a possible option. The EFI pump needs to be as close to the tanks as possible. It also needs to be at or below the bottom level of the tank.

  14. can the fitech fuel command center be used with the power adder 1200?

    1. The FCC will work with the Go EFI 8 up with an engine that makes up to 800hp. If your engine makes more than 800hp you will need a higher flowing fuel pump.

  15. I have bought a fuel pump kit #40005. The inlet to pre fuel filter in this kit is 1/2 inch. But my tank sending unit has a 5/16 inch outlet. So i have to use an fuel fitting adapter from 1/2 inch to 5/16 inch. Would this be a problem for the amount of fuel needed. The pump is mounted close to the tank sending unit.Appr. 7-8 inches in distance. The lenght of the 5/16″ tube is appr. 4 inches. I will mount 3/8 inch tubing all the way from the pump to the EFI. This is a ’70 Cadillac Deville with a overhauled 472. All stock. Thanks Lars.

    1. You MUST have 3/8 or larger fuel line out of the tank. Also be sure the the pump is at or below the bottom level of the tank. The closer you can get to these specs the easier it is for the fuel pump to get its fuel.

  16. The way my fuel tank sits in the frame makes it near impossible to mount the pump lower than the tank will this be a problem I might be able to mount it lower but it would have to be past the 3 foot you recemend thanks

    1. EFI pumps are designed to push fuel not pull. The harder you make it for the pump to get fuel the more likely it will make a lot of noise, and prematurely fail. It is key to get the pump as close as possible and low as possible with a bracket or whatever to get consistent fuel to the throttle body.

  17. i recently purchased your go efi 8 1200 hp power adder kit and i plan on adding pro charger super charger next year and i wanted to know what size an fuel line to feed from the tank? im runnig a magna fuel 625 fuel pump with 8an fuel line do i need to go bigger when i add super charger and will it be fine to run the 8an on the system now? feed line is 8an and return line is also 8an.

    1. 8an lines will be large enough. I have seen over 1000hp on 6an at the pressure we run at (58psi) and have had no issues.

      You will need to run a relay with this pump as well as an external fuel pressure regulator. The flow this pump can put out is more than the regulator in the throttle body can bypass.

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