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Instructions for Go EFI Systems

The Quick Start Manual is designed to get you up and running with the Go EFI System Base Kit and either the 40003 Fuel Command Center or the 40005 Inline Fuel Delivery Kit. These instructions cover the Basic Kit installation and setup as well as instructions for both of the optional Fuel Delivery Kits.

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61 comments on “Instructions for Go EFI Systems

  1. My application is a go efi 8 using a single turbo to blow through the Go efi 8 do I put the O2 sensor before or after the turbo?

    1. When using a turbo you would locate the oxygen sensor in the turbo down pipe.

  2. I would like to know the size hose I need to purchase for the fuel pressure regulator? It seems smaller than 3/16???

    1. If you are referring to the vacuum port on the regulator the port size is 5/32″

  3. I installed a 30002 on my ZZ383 crate engine. I set the cam to 2, as I figured the factory GM cam is likely pretty conservative. I have driven for approximately 150 miles with it & still have some problems. At times it runs great with lots of power but at other times it coughs & sputters when you crack the throttle – particularly when I am cruising around 40-50 mph. I tried to open up the butterflies, as it really has a tough time idling when cold ( it puffs black so it’s really rich), but the side effect is my idle speed seems too high ( 1000 in drive ). What are your suggestions to start correcting these issues? What should I be looking for in the readings on the hand held? My maximum temperature on the engine seems to be around 152-156 degrees (not sure why so cool as it has a 180 thermostat), could this be a problem? Thanks for your assistance!

    1. It sounds like you might be dropping fuel pressure. Check your fuel pressure and be sure that all your filters are clean. If you are using a frame mounted pump be sure you have it placed as close to the tank as possible and at or below the bottom level of the tank. If you have the Fuel Command Center be sure it has access to air flow past it and set the Pump PWM to 40 which can be found in Go EFI Initial Setup > Engine Setup.

    2. Hi Bryce,
      I really don’t think it’s a fuel pressure problem. The system is installed in a 1972 C10 & I installed the pump on the frame rail directly below the fuel tank (<16" from tank). Filters are brand new as is the pump, which has the appropriate output. It runs very rich when cold starting so I opened the butterflies. The down side is it increases my idle speed too much. Is there a way to resolve this? What specs should I be checking on the hand held that I can give you to help resolve this issue?

      1. Follow the steps below to set your idle correctly.

        Turn the driver’s side throttle adjustment screw IN (clockwise) half a turn to start with, with that done turn the key on and go to dashboard and find TPS and make sure it reads zero. If not, then shut the key off and wait for the numbers to go black then turn the key on again. Once that reads zero start the vehicle and find IAC Steps on dashboard. This number needs to be within 3-10 at warm idle. If the number reads zero then slowly turn the screw OUT (counter clockwise) until the IAC steps reads between 3-10. If the number is above 10 then shut the vehicle off and turn the screw IN as stated above and repeat the process until the IAC steps are between 3-10.

        1. With an automatic transmission are we shooting for 3-10 in gear or in park?
          Thank You,

          1. IAC adjustments need to be made when the transmission is in park or neutral.

  4. I installed the Fitech 4 and the vehicle ran fine for a couple of days. I shut off the engine at a gas station and the engine would start for about 15 to 30 seconds and shut off. I checked all the wiring and everything is connected and has power. The pressure readings on the Command Center are 4lb on the Low Pressure side and 45 lbs on the High Pressure. What can I check next?
    Thank you!

  5. Hello I am new to this and looking to purchase one of your EFI systems but not sure which one to get. I have a 1987 Monte Carlo SS with a 350 SBC that was installed by the previous owner and he told me it is a stock unit so I’m gessing around 200 HP but I’m not sure the actual HP and it has an Edelbrock intake on it currently with a Holley 4175 spread bore carb, but in the future I will be replacing it with a 383 with around 450 HP but I do not want to have to purchase another EFI system so I was thinking of getting the 30002 or 30004 and not the 30003. Also what else will I need to add for my car to run properly IE cruise control, AC and what about the fast idle solenoid that I have installed on my carb now? Also I am running a 200-4R trans will I need a special tv/throttle bracket I have a TCI Automotive TV Cable Corrector Kits 370816 will this work for either of your EFI systems? Also what would be the best option for fuel pumps the 40005 or the 40003? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. The 30002 and 40003 or 40005 will work for your application and future application. As far as all the 1987 cruise control connections we dont have any idea how that would adapt. We use a linkage similar to a holley carb so we are sure there is a way to make it work with it as well as your TV cable. Fast idle solenoids are for carbs. The EFI actively targets an idle and will maintain it.

  6. I just installed your 600 hp FI kit with the fuel command center on my 450 hp 383 stoker SBC. Do you recommend priming the command center before starting it? if so what is the best way ? I have a new tank/fuel line and a brand new motor .
    I do not want to over crank it for initial start up.
    I hope it runs as well as it installed !.

    Thank you.

    1. Priming the Fuel Command Center is required before starting the system. Please refer to your Fuel Command Center instructions on page 3 for information on how to prime the system.

  7. I just got your 30004 Power Adder kit and noticed a vacuum line from the FPR to the side of the unit. I’m not planning on boost or spray right away, should it be open to atmosphere or leave it connected how it is?

    1. This is an update we are doing now. Leave it hooked up.

  8. looking at the passenger side of the fitech, the chrome vacuum port . What is that for? should it be hooked up and where to?

    1. As an update we are now running this port (fuel pressure regulator) to manifold vacuum.

  9. Fuel Question
    I am running a Holley Fuel regulator 12-803 – Fuel pressure is set at 6.5
    Is this ok? im running a Holley Blue fuel pump and no return fuel line
    Also if i have electric cut outs how do keep the tune from changing when i open them up at the track
    Thank you

    1. If you are not running Fuel Command Center your setup will not work. You need to provide 58 psi of fuel pressure to the throttle body.

      With cutouts be sure you have at least 18 inches of exhaust behind the oxygen sensor.

  10. what do i need in order to connect a TV cable from a 2004r transmission?

    1. The linkage on the EFI is the same as a holley carb so adapters are available at your preferred dealer.

  11. where does the TPS splice 109065 connect

    1. This is a TPS break out harness. It plugs in between the TPS and the FiTech TPS connector. This allows for splicing into the TPS signal without cutting the wiring on the FiTech ECU. We recommend these parts because cutting into the Fitech wiring will void the warranty.

  12. I have a 1988 dodge D150 truck with a 318. Motor is all stock and is my daily driver. The truck is already throttle body injection from the factory. Is there anything special I need to have to make your system work with my application? Thanks for your time

    1. We designed our systems to be carb replacement systems so if you can get a 4bbl carb style intake and a distributor it should work. Sorry for the lack of knowledge on your application. We are in California and by law are not permitted to modify any vehicle post 1975.

    2. I have a efi 6 boost ready unit, on a 1988 chevy 1500. 350 I removed the oem fuel injection tbi and unhooked the factory sensors. installed the recommended fuel lines and inline pump in the factory tank saddle plugged in the 02 sensor that comes with the unit. it starts and runs. I picked up and installed a coil and the recommended MSD distributor. My question is . should I have the blue tach wire connected on the coil?

      1. Yes the FiTech blue tach wire can go to the negative of the coil. If the distributor has a tach output lead it would be an even better spot to put the blue wire.

  13. just finished restoring a 1975 silverado one ton with dual rear wheels, tranny is 4 speed with granny low and 4.1 rear end ratio.
    has dual gas tanks with electric select switch.
    Engine is a new good wrench 454 ci and is all stock to include all of the smog devices.
    which efi kit do you suggest for this vehicle?
    eventually I will have headers on it so the compressor with the exhaust air will be gone.
    I will also likely change the rear end ratio slightly lower for lower rpm at freeway speed – hope this and an efi kit will help increase efficiency a bit – it really sucks the gas.
    thanks for any advice

    1. All of our kits have rated horsepowers. Select the kit the is within the horsepower of your engine. See our homepage for the FITECH AT A GLANCE for all kits and features on a chart for easy selection.

  14. Hi, I have purchased a fuel command centre and it says to hook up vacuum to the regulator. I’m not running boost do I need to run a vacuum line?

    1. I recommend the use of vacuum on the regulator as it lowers fuel pressure under a low load situation. This will help the EFI adapt to your engine better.

  15. I am getting a fan relay fault code and the fans will not come on. I have a dual fan setup one for primary cooling and the second one is for the vintage air. Any recommendations on why it’s not working?

    1. Where do you have the yellow wire hooked up? our fan wires are designed to go to the ground of the control side of the relay.

  16. Running your 600hp unit on my 73 firebird 455. Adjustments have been made to improve cold and warm start but have been running into an odd issue. At higher revs and speeds during deceleration while down shifting the engine dies out. This does not occur with normal driving where rpm is kept under 3500. Is there a programming adjustment that can be made to eliminate this problem? Thank you

    1. The system is shutting fuel off on decel. To turn the off go to GO EFI TUNING > FUEL CUT CONTROL > DECEL CUT MAP…. Make this value 5. This will shut off this feature.

  17. I’m running a stock GM 4.3L V6. It’s around 160HP which is pretty close close to the 150HP minimum for the 400HP GoStreet EFI setup. Will I run into problems because of that? Fitment is no problem. Also, will the system forget all self learning if the battery is disconnected? If so, how can that be avoided?

    1. The system will work fine on your engine. When it comes to saving the calibration in the EFI system it saves at every key off cycle. As long as you allow the system to power down itself (15 seconds) it will retain the last learned data.

  18. I am running a power adder 600 hp system with the Fuel command center. I see you now suggest a manifold vacuum line to the regulator port. Do you need a vacuum line on both the FCC and the throttle body ? or just 1 of them?

    1. We prefer both.

  19. I presume there is a reason this has changed from the original install instructions?
    What change should I notice when both regulators have manifold vacuum hooked up. ( non Boosted Application)?

    1. This is an update that we feel helps the system tune. It drops fuel pressure when at an idle and at low load situations.

  20. I have the meanstreat 800 system. So can I just T-off for vaccum for both my trans actuator and the regulator port on the FCC?

    1. Yes you can tee into this port.

  21. I am restoring a 1969 Ford Bronco with a 302 engine. The Bronco has dual fuel tanks. How would you recommend Plumbing the fuel tanks, I would like to use an external fuel pump but can go with internal pumps if that is what you feel is a better installation.
    Thanks for your Help.

    1. Fuel pumps are designed to push fuel not pull it. In your case trying to get a pump to pull fuel from two different tanks through a switching valve can be a big restriction. For the best setup you should be looking at in tank pumps. One for each tank and use the switching valve on the return. The other option is the Fuel Command Center as you dont have to modify your existing fuel system. However if you are doing off roading the Fuel Command Center may not work properly as it has a float, needle, and seat just like a carburetor.

  22. I have the fitech 30008 can I run a turbo on that one?

    1. The MEAN Street EFI system (30008) will NOT work with boost.

  23. Hi, we have just got our power adder 1200hp unit set up and am trying to set up unit. The hand controller is coming up with “no ecu responce” we have checked all wiring and all seems conected. Any hints or ideas to set it on the basic setup? Thanks Wally

    1. If you key on the fuel pump should cycle for 4 seconds. If you get this the system is on. Go to DASHBOARD on the handheld and there should be values in the value column. If so you are connected.

  24. I am new to fitechefi and aftermarket efi in general. I have a 1990 5.0 H.O. and running an old blow through Powerdyne S/C with I’m guessing around 5-8 lbs boost and hooked up to a AOD trans. Just bought the motor and tranny. I’m going to upgrade heads , cam , and intake. I’m thinking it is or will be probably around 300 to 400 hp.
    What system would you recommend I purchase and install that would work best with my setup? Thank you

    1. Because you have a supercharger you need a system that will see boost.

  25. I am looking at buying and installing your Filetech 30003 kit along with the Fuel commander set up. In my research, I don’t see that part number anywhere in your instruction manual on line. Is this a discontinued item or is the update on the manual coming for this model? I am installing it on a 1956 Lincoln stock motor 368 C.I. around 250 HP. I have a Petronix electronic conversion on the distributor and a dual exhaust system. Is this the correct kit for this application? Can the O2 sensor be installed on one side only of the exhaust ?
    Thanks for your service.

  26. I installed a 600 system with the external fuel pump. It started on the first try and after an hour I started it again and let it idle for about 15 minutes. I tried to start it again after about an hour but it would not fire. I checked all fuses and connections (blue and white wires). The fuel pump primes and shuts off after pressure builds. I have 12v to the white wire. The blue wire goes to the neg terminal on the coil. The handheld controller seems to be communicating with the ECU. There is data stored from the previous run. I let it sit for about an hour and it fired briefly but would not continue to run. I let it sit for an hour again but it will not fire at all now. Any suggestions?

    1. Check fuel pressure, Spark, and 10+ volts during cranking at the white wire.

  27. I log data, drive several miles, log off, shut off key, wait till screen goes blank. Take controller into the house, hook it to the computer and no matter what I do I cannot see data logging. I have done it over and over. No logged data.

    1. If you have a Go Street or Mean Street these systems do not record datalogs.

  28. can you manually turn on the fan because I installed an electric fan with relay and have it set to 120 , but still won’t turn on .
    the yellow wire I hooked it to #85 on relay.

    1. To make an override for the fan circuit you need to add a ground switch to the same spot the yellow wire goes to on the relay.

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