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Instructions for Fuel Command Center

The Fuel Command Center can be used in conjunction with any EFI system. These instructions are focused on pairing it with a FiTech EFI System but the instructions can easily be adapted to suit any other EFI system.

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4 comments on “Instructions for Fuel Command Center

  1. Great, thanks for sharing this article.

  2. im trying to figure out if I need to connect a vacuum line to the pressure regulator on the fuel command center I have a 1962 buick skylark with a 215 v8 I have no vacuum line system on the car that I know of except for that distrubutor advance which is getting hooked up to the efi throttle body. Can use one of the other vacuum ports on the throttle body for the command center regulator or do I even need to hook it up.

  3. I have a 88 Chevy 1-ton with EFI I’m looking to up grade my stock EFI-to fitech#30002 model what will be needed to convert to your system ? ps- have 454 cuin

    1. Our systems are a carb replacement system. If you can bolt a carb to the engine and make it run you can also do so with a FiTech system. We cant legally touch vehicles like yours in California so im guessing its just swapping a distributor and intake. Also the FiTech EFI system needs to run at 58 psi.

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