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Fuel Command Center Bracket Fitment

If you received a FiTech Fuel Command Center (FCC) during the month of May and are experiencing issues with the FCC mounting brackets.

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  1. Does the Fuel Command Center need to be mounted to a perfectly vertical surface?

    1. The Fuel Command Center has a float with a needle and seat. Due to this you need to keep the system level.

  2. Can the fuel command centre work with the GO 4 PA on a 8 PSI boost install ?

    1. The FCC can handle up to 800 HP. This is more than the Go EFI 4’s 600 HP rating. You will have more than enough fuel to run your system.

  3. i have your fuel command center installed on a 67 Camaro. I have not run the vent line all the way to the tank yet( it is out of the engine compartment), and there is some fuel coming out of the vent line occasionally. Seems to happen with certain maneuvers, like going around a corner. Is this normal?

    1. This is normal due to sloshing and is one of the reasons why we require the vent line to return back to the tank. You can try rotating the FCC so the vent is in a different spot.

  4. Can the vent line from the command center be plumbed into a factory charcoal canister ECS system?

    1. We do not recommend it because liquid fuel can get in the vent and clog the charcoal canister.

  5. Hello, I have fuel command centre that I will be using with the for a Datsun 280z. I noticed that one of the previous questions was about fuel sloshing out of the top of the FCC. The Datsun has a vent line that runs from the engine bay back to a vent separator tank mounted above the fuel tank and a fuel return line that runs back to the tank from the engine bay. My question is: Because the vent line is mounted higher to the vent separator tank would any fuel overflowing/sloshing out into the line get caught in low points of the line causing a blockage. Would it be better to use the fuel return line for the vent which would have a lower outlet to the tank than the original vent line. Your advice would be appreciated.
    By the way: Packing and presentation of the EFI Throttle body and FCC is excellent. I am looking forward to having the installation completed.
    David.(Western Australia).

    1. Usually people install the vent to the filler neck of a gas tank. Some fuel will get in the vent but due to head and vapor being generated in the FCC a good amount of vapor is always traveling through the vent which will keep the line clear.

  6. I want to install the FCC on my 69 Cougar XR7. 351W and it has Air Conditioning so there is a lot less space under the hood for other items. Do you have any recommendations for location that might make things fit easier? I was also thinking of removing/relocating the window sprayer bottle. Any insight would be great.

    1. The usual spot for installing the Fuel Command Center is on the radiator core support at the front of the engine.

  7. I am in the initial stages of installing the Fuel Command Center on my 1955 Plymouth powered by a mild 340. My plan is to run my vent line all the back to the fuel filler neck. What are your recommendations on both size and material for the vent line. I have planned on 1/4′ hard lines with appropriate fuel line hose used where needed. Looking forward to your response.

    1. The 1/4″ hard line with rubber fuel line is perfect fine to use.

  8. I am planning to install your system in a 1980 MGB V8 Conversion car, the engine bay is very cramped with the V8 and A/C and the Radiator support isn’t large enough to have it mounted there. Is there any reason the fuel Command Center shouldn’t be mounted outside the Engine Bay say in the Trunk above the fuel tank.

    1. We have had people mount the FCC in the trunk or bed of vehicles before. At some point though it would be easier to use a different fuel system like the inline fuel kit.

  9. Just recived you go street EFI with the command center the high pressure guage has a air bubble in the liquid that is in the guage – is this OK and will the guage work properly ? Thanks for your time !!

    1. A bubble in a liquid filled gauge is normal.

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