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Frequently Asked Questions – More Q&A

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  1. I don’t have electric fans, is that a problem?

    1. When not using electric fans you just need to turn the fan settings off. This can be found in “Go EFI Initial Setup” under “Fan Settings”. All you need to do is change “Option Fan Enable” To Disable.

  2. Im running a set of short tube headers that run into a flange and then connect to 2 inch exhaustt pipe. where should i install the O2 sensor. Thanks

    1. You can place the oxygen sensor where you like. The most common is around 4-6 inches after the collector.

  3. I am running a 638 HP big block. Will the 30002 system be too small. I do not plan on any further power upgrades, but I do not want to loose any power by going with a system that is a little too small…???
    thanks Shane.

    1. The 30002 is rated to 600 HP. To be safe we recommend that you step up to the next system. You do not want to be limited on fuel supply.

  4. The FITech Go EFI 4 with built in timing control doesn’t need an external CDI MSD type box. Any benefit to having an external CDI box? If not, which MSD distributer “locked out” should I purchase? I’m running a stout sbc 350 with 400-hp connected to a 700r4. Will I still need to set initial and total timing?

    1. Timing control requires a 2-wire distributor that is locked out and phased. This will give you the ability to build a digital timing curve in the handheld. The EFI will fire a CDI ignition or a coil directly. CDI boxes tend to increase spark energy and give multiple sparks while firing a cylinder. Ultimately refer to your CDI box manufacturer for features and specs.

    2. under my current carb there are 2 one inch spacers, is it ok to leave them in place when installing my new injection unit? next for bracket racing does it still make sense to use
      a weather station that gives you est. of your et using the weather seems like it might get a little hard to have the fi tech adjusting and the weather station telling you what your
      next et would be using changes in b. pressure? thank you bob k.

      1. You can use spacers with the EFI system. Just be sure the EFI has a good ground to it.

        The EFI has a barometer built directly into it so it immediately knows general elevation and weather conditions.

  5. Does the camshaft size have any effect on the system

    1. Joe, I dont fully understand your questions. The answer is yes but I think you might be wanting to ask something else.

      The EFI system relies on a vacuum reading to help tune to an engine. The larger the cam the less vacuum the engine produces and the harder it is for the EFI to learn the engine. We have EFI system on engines with large lift and duration cams that make as little a 4 inches of vacuum. These engines tend to have some additional tuning.

      1. What kind of additional tuning ? My cam is making about 5-7 inches of vacuum and i’m having a hard time getting it started when the engine is cold. it runs good and idles good once i get it started.

        1. Throttle adjustments, accel pump adjustments, AFR adjustments, etc.

  6. If i have a sbc running around 500hp on thr 600hp kit running 93. Will switching to e85 as fuel increase the hp output of the motor being as the kit is not fully max on pump gas.

    1. When switching to E-85 our kits horsepower rating drops by 30%

      system rating E85
      Go Street 400hp 280hp
      Go EFI 4 600hp 420hp
      Mean St 800hp 580hp
      Go EFI 8 1200hp 840hp

  7. I am running an aftermarket transmission control unit (Baumann / US Shift) and need to connect into the TPS wire in order for the TCU to receive proper readings. I don’t see a harness for this, what is the location and color code of the TPS wire? Thanks.

    1. Do not cut into the TPS wiring. This will void the warranty of our systems. Instead purchase a TPS breakout harness like pt# 109065 from Pace Performance.

  8. Do I need to use resistor spark plugs with this system?

    1. To keep electrical noise to a minimum we recommend the use of resistor spark plugs and spiral core wires.

  9. I have a.mild cam and like the sound it makes at idle will you’re system let it idle rough or not

    1. Our fuel injections systems will usually smooth out your idle, but depending on the cam you will still have a choppy idle.

  10. Is a 1/4″ fuel return line bid enough?

    1. We recommend a 3/8″ ID return line.

  11. I have a 383 sbc with a solid roller cam that has 256 intake and 258 exhaust duration on a 106 lobe separation with a 700r4 trans Does Fitech offer a product that is street friendly ,idle and cruising at hi way speeds?

    1. All of our systems are rated at horsepower capacities. If you engine is in the window provided the kit will support it. In your application I am sure the Go EFI 4 is a perfect fit.

  12. I am ready to pull the trigger on a 2×4 1200 power adder system. I have a goodwrench 350 crate motor with a stock broomstick cam and a 6-71 on it. This motor might make 400 hp. I currently have 2 650 demons that are boost referenced.
    My question is, will I have to boost reference the map sensor? If not, how will the computer know that I am in a boost situation? Also, I’m considering a Tanks inc replacement tank with a fuel pump inside, with your blessing of course. What lph should I consider?

    Thank you,
    LR Hull

    1. When running a Power Adder system with a roots style supercharger you will need to redirect the MAP sensor. We provide you with a port plug to go into the throttle body and you will need to run a vacuum line from the throttle body to the intake manifold so the system can see vacuum and boost.

      Tanks Inc. fuel tanks are a great addition to our EFI kits. All of their fuel pumps will work with our kits. Just be sure the pump can support more horsepower than your engine makes.

  13. I am looking at getting the 600 hp power adder unit. I would like to use an inline pump and from everything I have read the 40005 is really noisy. I have a walbro 255lph inline pump already. Could I use this pump or do I need to get the one you offer?

    1. You can use a Walbro 255

  14. I have a very mild 454 with a weiand 177 supercharger on it. I’m currently using a non boost referenced Holley 750 cfm double pumper. Will the part # 30002 600 hp kit work for me? I’m only making about 500hp and making about 5 psi of boost.

    1. When running a boosted application you MUST use a Power Adder EFI system.

  15. Looking to install 400 on 1989 jeep grange wagoneer with amc 360 cui. Will system be compatable?

    1. All FiTech systems have a horsepower range. As long as the system falls in your engines max horsepower range it will work for your engine. There is a table breaking down all systems on the main page of the website.

  16. How does FiTech do in a tow vehicle? Like an older pickup used to pull a single car hauler.

    1. All FiTech systems are a speed density efi system. They read vacuum of the engine as a source of load on the engine. They also read RPM of the engine. With these two parameters the software builds a table and every engine regardless of application will land somewhere in it. Depending on the change it will change how much fuel the engine needs.

      A tow vehicle has more load on the engine which will require more fuel, but because the FiTech system can read that load it will properly fuel for it.

  17. How small of an engine displacment can this system be adjusted down to? I’m looking for an option for a 156 draw through turbo and wanted to see if the 400 hp system was rated for that low of flow. Thank you.

    1. The smallest CID you can select in our systems is 160 ci. With that said you also mentioned the 400hp system which is a naturally aspirated system only. You will have to look at the Go EFI 4 Power Adder (30004.)

  18. How do I tap into the TPS to provide a signal to the TCM on a 4L60E?

    1. You will need to purchase a break out harness for a GM TPS sensor to be able to tap into the harness. Casper Electronics sells a clip in harness pt# 109065 that will work. Cutting into any of the FiTech EFI wiring will VOID the warranty.

  19. I have a 92 Ford Bronco, stock 351 Windsor, it has efi already but does not run right. Would your system operate off of existing fuel pump and lines? Would I still need to swap distributors?

    1. If you convert the engine to where it will run with a carburetor those will be the same components needed to make the efi system run on your engine.

  20. How do you reset Fitech back to factory’s default

    1. On the handheld go to WRITE CAL TO ECU on the main menu. Select and load the DEFAULT V8 file.

  21. Does the idle automatically adjust when I turn on my A/C or do I have to make any adjustments? Thank you!

    1. The system will maintain a RPM regardless of the load applied to the engine when at an idle.

  22. Does the system come with a bracket that will work with a 700R4 throttle Valve (TV) cable?

    1. Our systems do not come with the bracket for a 700r4 but you can get brackets as the EFI has a throttle bracket the same as a holley carb.

      1. The FiTech throttle bracket is close, but not the same as a Holley bracket, and the throttle shaft protrudes past the FiTech throttle bracket. A hole has to be drilled into any Holly 700R4 TV correction bracket to clear that shaft.

  23. I have a 236 IN 242 EX 110 LS cam in my 410 cu in. small bock Ford Windsor engine. Would this be considered, a number 2 or 3 cam. Thank you

    1. try cam 2 or 3. You can make a guess and the system will tune from that point on to what the engine needs.

  24. what diameter is the Fitec fuel injection unit flange for the air filter box ?
    the size is not on the drawing!
    Thank you

    1. The air filter flange is 5.125″

  25. I am converting from a in line 6 to a sbc350. I plan on running the 400hp kit. Is there a specific throttle cable / kick down bracket that will work?

    1. All FiTech throttle bodies have a throttle linkage similar to a holly carb.

  26. I have a sbc 400 with only a mild cam. I am pretty sure the 30002 system will work. My question is in regards to air conditioning. The Power Added systems have an AC on line. But I don’t need or want any of the extra boost functions. Will the standard 30002 system work when I add an AC system? Will the system automatically adjust when the AC kicks on?

    1. FiTech EFI systems will target an idle. Regardless of the load on the engine (example AC on/off) the EFI will maintain the idle. Now the cool thing the AC input does is it turns on an electric fan and/or can target a higher RPM than your normal target.

  27. I have an HEI distributor. The tech manual diagrams indicate that I should connect the TACH output to the built in computer. Can I still connect my dash tach to this wire?

    1. You can share the tach output with both the FiTech EFI and your in car tachometer.

  28. I’m looking to build a 557 cubic inch big block ford, will your 1200 power adder work for my application? Also, can I run this without a cdi box like msd??

    1. The Go EFI 8 1200hp will work on the engine. The throttle body flows 850 cfm and was built with boost in mind. If this throttle body doesn’t flow enough air for you look at our dual quad kits.

  29. The Corvette filter/regulator combo will work with the EFI system. Just be sure that you keep the fuel line going up to the throttle body away from heat such as the exhaust.

  30. I have a 351C in an XY falcon. comp 32-246-4 camnwith 9inches of vacuum. set the cam selection to 3 and off I went. When I accelerate from 2000rpm it hesitates badly till 2700 and then leaps to life and pulls hard. I have tried playing with the accel pumps but seem to be butting my head against wall, just reset it again. Will the system learn to smooth this area out after a while or will I have to keep playing with it. do you have some guides to use, but not your generic one you seem to send to everyone. getting frustrated here

    1. Take a look into Fault Codes on the Main Menu. This might shed light on what is going one. From the sounds of it to me I think you are getting a RPM breakup and the EFI is mis-fueling.

      1. There are no fault codes on the system, but I redid all the earths and added an one from the engine to the body. It smoothed out the tacho signal to my factory unit. Once I get to drive it, I will update on the results

  31. If you run the inline frame mounted fuel pump you sell, with the 600 HP efi system, most likely you will be using the original style fuel tank intended for a carb. Will the lack of baffles in the tank cause any starvation issues in certain driving situations?
    Looking into an efi tank with baffles that comes with an in tank efi 255 LPH fuel pump that says supports up to 600 HP. Will this work with the efi system? I think the pump is a Walboro but not sure. Waiting on confirmation.

    1. You nailed it. Frame mount pumps are only as good as the fuel delivered to them. A none baffled tank will slosh fuel around a corner and if the fuel pickup hits air you will cavitate the pump and the system will lose pressure.

      A baffled tank with an in-tank fuel pump will eliminate potential issues with a frame mounted pump. If you are planning on replacing a fuel tank already this would be an option worth looking into. FiTech is also releasing in-tank modules to retrofit factory tanks so this would be a great option as well.

      1. When are these retrofit in tank fuel pumps going to be available?
        Im assuming the in tank fuel pum from walbro that i mention should work then with the fitech throttle body?

        1. First quarter of 2017

  32. Can a plastic phenolic spacer be used? I have one on my truck now with the 4 separate holes for an edelbrock carb, so my air breather sits up in my cowl hood, so the hood is functional. Can I still use it? 4 hole spacer sitting on a Holley dual plane intake.

    1. FiTech EFI systems ground themselves through the intake so if you use a phenolic spacer also install a ground strap on the passenger front carb stud ear of the throttle body to a chassis ground.

  33. I’m building a 600HP 496 BBC topped with an Edelbrock X-C96 cross ram. I was interested in the dual quad setup, but with this intake the plenums are isolated from each other, but I have installed a balance tube between the two plenums to balance them. Will the dual quad setup work on this intake?

    1. A dual quad FiTech system will work on your application but may not connect together duel to throttle body spacing. Give us a call and we can provide an extension harness.

  34. Is it possible to run two O2 sensors, one in the right header and another in the left header, to get true readings from both banks that the system could use? or should the O2 Sensor be installed in an X-Pipe to get the readings for both banks?

    1. The EFI system injects fuel into a common plenum so the system has no ability to adjust fuel based on bank to bank oxygen sensors.

      1. I understand that the system can’t adjust based upon a common plenum – However, it may be useful to monitor each bank independently to check for misfires or changes in systolic ratio based upon each side of the engine – what I worry about is if you are just monitoring one bank and the other bank is misfiring, or has a dead cylinder, won’t the system base the fuel ratio on just what is happening on one bank?

        1. This is technically correct. Engineering ultimately opted to remove the second sensor, because the additional cost of including one out weighed the benefits of including it.

  35. I asked a question earlier, and I will add it again here because I have another question. I have an autometer cooliant guage where do I connect the wire from the guage to the sender? My 468 pontiac engine fuel pump has a return line. Can I place a tee in that line and runt the vent from my fuel command center to this connection?

    1. Splicing into any wire on a FiTech EFI system will void the warranty so I do not recommend hooking multiple CTS leads to one sensor.

      A return line returns fuel. A vent line vents vapor. No you can NOT tee them together.

  36. I had a company tune my Fitech before they shipped to me, and now i have the FiTech device. is there anything else i need to do after installing it? since this is going on a 1915cc vw motor.

    1. It sounds like you might have purchased a system from Low Bugget. They are great guys and have tailored the FiTech system to work on VW engines. If this is the case you should be able to bolt it on and go.

  37. I will be using your system to only provide accurate fuel…my question is if I’m not using the timing control feature and change my distributor settings to find the optimum curve for my engine, will I need to reset the IAC after changing the ignition timing?

    1. Engine timing will change air requirements to the engine. Depending on your idle timing change you may need to readjust the IAC/throttle adjustment.

  38. I have a battery shut-off switch on my car. Will the system loose its memory settings if the battery is off?

    1. As long as you allow the system to save which takes 30 seconds after key off you can use the shut-off switch.

  39. I have an race engine with only 7 inches of vacuum at idle, I have read on some forums that the systems do not perform well with low vacuum. What would you recommend to be the lowest vacuum to get a good self tune ?

    1. Idle quality goes down as vacuum goes down. Tuning is simple if your engine makes 10 inches or more. It is possible to get an engine to run well with less vacuum there is just some additional tuning to get it to work well. Example changing cranking fuel, target idle AFR, and some accel pump adjustments.

  40. Can I add the “power adder” option to the go EFI 4?

    1. Sorry. You can NOT upgrade a Go EFI 4 to a Power Adder. It lacks physical wiring to make the upgrade work.

  41. Has anyone tryed the tech 4 w boost option on a supercharged 13b wankel/ rorory engine around 400hp? Or which would you recomend?

    1. People have done this and are running them.

  42. I am running a 355 sbc with the 600hp unit, i have the cam setting on 2 and the car is getting a lot of fuel and is blackening the plugs somehow… how should i fix this? ive went through 3 sets of plugs and ive cleaned all three sets twice.

    1. Be sure there is 24″ of exhaust behind the oxygen sensor and that the system is reading vacuum on the handheld. Also check fuel pressure. It should be a 58 PSI.

      As far as tuning goes I recommend that you try to lean the Idle AFR target to around 14.2.

  43. Will your products control a700r4 4l60 4l80?

    1. The GO EFI systems do not control transmissions. Our Ultimate LS EFI systems will control transmissions.

  44. Do you still plan on upgrading to the Bosch 4.9 O2 sensor on the power adder 1200 system and if so when will that be included with the EFI system?

    1. We do not have a date for when we will switch over to 4.9 sensors. There is no difference in the tuning of the system between the 4.2 and the 4.9 sensor. We were more looking into it for cost savings.

  45. on a 1979 corvette swap quadrajet would mileage and hp improve? if so aprox how much?

    1. This is hard to say. It comes down to how well your carb was tuned. The easy part is that you have full adjust-ability of air/fuel ratios so you can lean out the engine to maximize fuel economy.

  46. I have a 1978 rebuilt stock 302 motor with an edelbrock dual plane intake in my 1948 ford f1, but wanted to install a cam to wake it up and also install trick flow 61cc heads.
    Will the 150-400 efi work with that set up?
    Want this to be a daily driver.

    1. I would not expect your engine to go over 400hp so the Go Street EFI would work just fine.

  47. Can you install a remote start system with the 3002 EFI?

    1. Yes, I have had customers install remote start with the FiTech EFI before.

  48. I am making around 500hp, and I am trying to decide between the Mean Street EFI and the Go EFI 4. Is there any benefit to running 8-63lb injectors over 4-80lb ones? Any difference in idle, streetability, or fuel economy?

    1. There is no noticeable difference between the performance or drive-ability of these systems.

  49. I’m using a progressive controller with nitrous will this be ok with the power adder system.

    1. The nitrous control on the EFI is designed to turn on a single stage with grounding a relay. Im not sure how the progressive system gets triggered but if it can be done with a low load ground it should be possible.

  50. Can I run a relay? will the unit still retain its memory? Do I run a vacuum line to Command center, as tag on unit says, or no, as instructions say ?

    1. The EFI needs 12 volts constant to the red wire. No relay should be put in line with this wire.

      A vacuum line needs to be hooked up on the Fuel Command Center.

  51. I have fitech 30064, i am not running nitrous , blower or turbo. I need a wire diagram for hooking up Air conditioning for this system. Does Fitech control engine rpm increase when a/c is activated or do I need an external throttle kicker for this?

    1. Our fuel injection system targets and actively maintains an idle speed regardless of the load being put on the engine. The major thing the a/c input does is it will turn on 1 of the electric fan outputs when the a/c turns on.

  52. with the EFI 4 is that up to 600 HP but can have 400-600 HP?

    1. Look at the front page for HP breakdowns on our kits. The Go EFI 4 is good from 200-600 HP.

  53. I have a Go EFI 4. on a 396 BBC (which the handheld computer always changes to 395 for some reason). The instructions that came with my unit show a place in the front of the throttle body for ported vacuum, however on my unit there is no such nipple. This is the place where my old QJet ran from Distributor for Vacuum Advance. I’m wondering which port to run the line to on the back of my unit or if it even matters.

    Also, I thought I did a good job cleaning out the old fuel lines and tank when I got the car running after sitting for awhile, but I didn’t. I have since replaced the old lines and tank, and bought a new Fitech inline filter. My concern is the Fuel Command Center, is there a way to clean it out if need be? Can I run seafoam through it? It is still operational, but it doesn’t stick at 58psi like when I first installed it. It fluctuates between 55-62. Is this something to be concerned with or will it clear itself up with run time?

  54. I already have a thermostatic switch for electric fan and A/C request connected to it, can I just ignore the fan control? And will the idle still remain steady when A/C system activate? Thanks

    1. Yes you can turn off the fan control in the EFI and not use it.

  55. How can I share the water sender with Fitech and my Dakota gauges.

    1. In order for the system to operate correctly we cannot share a link with the Coolant temp sender. So you will need to use both sensors in some fashion, most either use a thermostat housing with a port for a second sensor or drill and tap a hole in your manifold’s water jacket to install the sensor.

  56. Is a tachometer required to install and run the EFI?

    1. The tach input is how the system knows the speed of the engine. This connection is mandatory for it to run an engine.

  57. Sir will a cam with a lsa of 110 work with your 600hp efi system?

    1. A cam with a LSA of 110 is usually good but lift duration is important at the same time. If your cam will support vacuum operated brakes the setup will be a breeze.

  58. I have a 600HP Power Adder unit on a 406ci sbc with a 76mm turbo. If I choose to change to E85 later on, can I simply increase injector size to increase fuel delivery and maintain the 600HP rating?

    1. You would have to find larger injectors that fit which will be hard considering that they are already 80lb hr. Also you would have to install the PC software to be able to change the injector size in the calibration.

  59. Does your EFI system have to have a return fuel line to the gas tank?

    1. YES!!! Without a return would cause the fuel pump to over pressurize to around 100 psi. This could cause leaks and will cause the pump to fail.

  60. How does the fitech efi react in below 32 degrees

    1. We have customers using these kits in Alaska on daily driven vehicles. I even heard from one today saying he is starting his truck at -20F which is insane!

  61. Does this system work with large cam low vacuum engines mine is 454bbc 7″ at idle

    1. These systems work well with low vacuum engines. However the lower the vacuum the more tuning there could be such as altering cranking fuel and target AFRs.

  62. I recently received my Go Street 400 system to be used on my 1972 Ford Mustang…my concern is this…if i use a relay to the fuel pump won’t this have maximum voltage to the pump at all times and doesn’t that conflict with the variation of voltage that the internally mounted in the ECU? And if I don’t want to use a relay for the pump….can I improved voltage transition to the pump by shortening the orange trigger wire in the harness and adding …lets say a 12 gauge wire to the pump instead? Somehow I feel as though I may not be making sense here but please give me your feedback…..I want to be sure that everything is setup absolutely correctly to ensure long range system operation.

    1. You can run the pump wire directly to the pump. If you need more wire use the same gauge or larger wire to extend the lead. PWM is not turned on from factory so it would be up to you to adjust it to your setup if you want to use it. Traditionally inline pumps are just run on constant full voltage.

  63. Will a 90’s gm distributor work with the timing control? If so could you give me a wiring diagram?


    1. These distributors will NOT work.

  64. How much cfm does the go efi 600hp #30002 unit flow?

    1. All of our throttle bodies flow 850 CFM.

  65. Are there any CFM listings anywhere for any of the systems? I can’t tell if the “only” difference is the number and size of injectors, or if there are throttle blade size differences, venturi diameters or annular discharge hole size differences, or not. Thanks.

    1. All of your throttle bodies flow 850 CFM. 4 injector units have the same annular ring with 15 orifices while the 8 injector units have 20.

  66. Which intake is recommended for Go EFi 4 (600hp), a dual plane or single ?

    1. Both!!! We have great success with both!

  67. What bracket do you recommend for throttle cable and 700R4 tv cable?

    1. The linkage is the same as a holley carb. We use adapters from Bowler Transmissions and Bow Tie Overdrives here.

    2. TCI sell a perfect kit for this application… It has all the bracket needs, the corrector and the tv cable… Part # 370816…

  68. Gas pedal is very hard to press down what shall I do got 400 hp fitech do I need to move the throttle cable with a kit u have or what do I do

    1. Hook up the throttle cable as high as possible on the linkage. Try the big hole on top with a throttle bushing.

      1. Bryce I asked about gas pedal hard to press in december u said hook up high on linkage but is hooked up high on linkage but not in big hole on top do u sell the throttle bushing for big hole on top or what kind do I use

        1. I found if I un-wound the coil spring one revolution the stiff throttle feel AND the butterflies not opening all the way went away completely. Try it! A needle nose pliers and 30 seconds and that problem is GONE!

  69. I purchased the 600 HP system and it has a vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator to a port on the back side of the throttle body. The unit came this way. I looked at photos of other installations and there is nothing hooked to the fuel pressure regulator. is this vacuum line needed ?

    1. This is an update and is how we ship out systems now. Please leave this as it is.

  70. how can i control the ide speed when the A/C turn on or off and will the Go EFI 4 compensate for the A/C cycling

    1. You enter a WARM IDLE SPEED in when you go through the Engine Setup. This RPM is actively targeted by the EFI regardless of the load being applied to it like an A/C compressor.

  71. If I was going to put the 30061 setup on a boat, would I have to run dry headers? I suppose this wouldn’t work with wet headers?? Thanks Paul

    1. The oxygen sensor needs to stay dry in the exhaust.

  72. Will any of these products fit a 3.8L v6? its for my 84 cutlass supreme

    1. They will bolt on any 4 bbl intake manifold.

  73. The fitect 1200. How much HP will it support with boost? Looking to make 1000hp crank Hp on 15 to 18 psi … Will I support that and a little? Also I have a a1000 pump do i run a external fuel regulator

    1. The Go EFI 8 will support your engine. You will however need to run an external regulator with that fuel pump.

  74. I am running a 700R4 transmission. With a carb I have to use a tv cable corrector bracket. Do I need to use this on the FiTech? If so how do I mount this on the throttle linkage? There is a stud sticking out of the linkage and the bracket will not bolt onto it.

    1. A corrector bracket is still required but if you have a holley carb right now it will bolt to the FiTech throttle body as well. Sometimes some modifications are needed as the linkage is not 100% identical.

  75. Does the FCC eliminate the need for a return fuel line?

    1. It does eliminate the return fuel line from a conventional return style fuel system. You will still have to run a vent to the tank.

  76. I just ordered a Go Street 400HP kit…. I already have a Delphi FE0486 in tank fuel pump…. can I use this pump for my FITech install, or do I need a different fuel pump?

    1. From the looks of it you can use that pump. Be sure to run a return line and the system will maintain the proper fuel pressure.

  77. How do i get the idle to raise when I turn the Vintage A/C on?

    1. All of our systems actively target an idle speed so no kick up is needed. If you have have an A/C input available on some of our systems you can have it turn on an electric fan or increase the target idle x amount of RPM over the target idle speed.

  78. I have a 1990 Chevy C1500 454SS. Will the stock in tank fuel pump supply enough fuel pressure?

    1. Our systems run at 58 psi so if that pump can support that pressure I don’t see why not.

  79. I’ve called a tech yesterday for a trouble about fuel starvation…. The FCC is cold.. Temperature here is around 15-20F… I’ve disconnect the vent line to the tank to see if clogged…. Same problem….Tank is more than half…. Low pressure gauge reads 8, high pressure reads close to 60 but…..I’ve checked the voltage at the FCC…Battery full, 12.48 on start-up and after 2 or 5 seconds the voltage drops to 8 volts, the high pressure drops and the engine dies…. Where do I have to look for? Is the ecu malfunctioning? Can I do something with the handheld ? Thanks…. Did 3 hours roadtest last week and everything was perfect….

    1. Check the fault codes on the handheld. Option 7 or 8 on the MAIN MENU. This could be something such as RPM noise.

  80. Is it ok to put a vacuum tee on the fuel pressure regulator to hook up my air conditioning vacuum feed?

    1. Yes it is okay to Tee into the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose.

  81. Can I use your system with a stock tank and in tank fuel pump from a 1994 Ford F-150

    1. Our systems run at 58 psi so if your pump can support this pressure then you can.

  82. The FiTech system has it’s own temp sending unit and is wired into the unit.. Where do I hook the wire that goes to the temperature gage in the gage cluster?

    1. The 2 sensors are independent of each other so you would have to install both sensors.

  83. 70 Chevelle with new OPGI gas tank 3 vents. Present venting is from original charcoal filter. I Intend to vent command center with this line to the tank. I use a Locking Non-vented gas cap.
    .I’m not finding a vented locking cap except for export Jeep. I do find non locking vented caps. How critical is the vented gas cap ? Thanks.

    1. Keep one of the vents on top of the tank for your atmospheric vent. With that you can use your existing gas cap. Have the Fuel Command Center vent go directly to the tank and bypass the charcoal canister.

  84. I’m installing a Fitech Go EFI on a small block chevy. I’m also using a remote starter solenoid and several relays on fans, fuel pump, etc. Do I need to install suppression diodes on the two starter solenoids and the relays to protect from flyback? I haven’t seen this addressed, so I thought maybe Fitech has some built in protection. Thanks…….

    1. You should not need any diodes but I have seen them needed on fans and alternators to prevent back feeding a/c voltage.

  85. I’m running this unit on a jeep 4.0 6 cylinder . What do I need to do to change cylinder value input , it says 8 in a minimum value . System just runs rich now oxygen sensor reads 14.7 all the time , new install Christmas present need help please.

    1. Go to write cal to ECU and select the Default V6 and load this file.

  86. Hey Guys I was wondering what fault code P0000 is and what may be causing it. Thanks for your help.

    1. There is no real code for this. If it pops up multiple times it can be related to poor grounding.

  87. Actually all you need to do is change the CID of the engine. Increase it by 30% and this will give the additional fuel. The AFR reading will be the same as on gasoline. This is because the system reads Lambda and then converts it to AFR in relation to gasoline.

  88. do i have to run a computer and wiring with fitech?

    1. All of FiTech’s EFI systems will come with an ECU. Our throttle body EFI systems have the ECU built directly into it which reduces wiring by a large amount.

  89. I was wondering if customers that purchased the goEFI 4 non power adder system can obtain a copy of the tuning software for laptop that will read the data log files. I would rather use the software myself instead of trying to explain things to tech support.

    1. the pro software is on the handheld of all power adder units, simply plug the handheld into the PC and install the software.

      1. My question was can a customer obtain a copy of the tuning software for use with NON POWER ADDER systems even if it a seperate purchase. My system is #30002, but I want the ability to be able to look at my own data log files.

        1. We dont offer the software for sale but you can still create datalogs and view them using windows excel.

  90. I have a 1994 K1500 Chevy. How would I control the 4L60E if I used just the basic kit from you guys?

    1. DOes the vehicle have an LS? if not than you would need to use an external trans control and Casper electronics TPS break out part# 108103 to control the trans properly.

  91. My stock return line is 1/4. Big enough?

    1. No it is not big enough for a inline fuel pump return line, it must be 3/8.

  92. I installed your 600 kit on my 70 chevelle 454 motor the car runs great. I also have a Dakota digital vhx dash with tach display,. my question is how do I hook up my tach on the Dakota dash. I was told to use a msd tach adaptor but I don’t see how I can hook it up while using my msd 6al ignition system as your unit uses the tach output from the msd box. HELP

    1. Splice your dash tach into the tach out put wire along with our EFI system. you should have no issue using this method.

  93. I have a1990 454ss with a v1 vortech supercharger and an auxiliary fuel system , which one of you’re units would best fit my system

    1. All of our power adder systems can work with this engine depending on your horse power. Please reference our product comparison guide for more info on those power adder systems.

  94. Im Have a Go EFi 600 hp with a ford 4R70 trans. with US Shift quick 4 controller. do I need a tps senser if so what do you recommend?

    1. Use a break out cable from CASPER Electronics part number 108103 GM round TPS Break out harness, this will allow use of our TPS signal without voiding your warranty.

  95. Ok the Problem i was having with my fi tech is when i would turn the key on the pump would come on and the injectors would keep firing until it flooded the engine. this happened 2 times and had to pull the plugs and spin the engine thru to get all the fuel out. Your response was to check for tach rpm noise. when the pump was turned on the rpm on the fi tech display would bounce all over the place until the pump would turn off when pressure was set then rpm would be zero. i read up on tach noise and made a filter using a 10k ohm resister and a .1mico farad cap. this fixed the problem. i have turned the key on and off 10 times and no injector problem system primes like its suppose too and rpm shows zero. I have set the iac and cold/warm crank set up and it starts right up hot or cold.. i have been driving the jeep for a week now it has a chevy 355 428hp 480ft lbs of torque . The jeep has never had this kind of response before what a nice system. Thank you for your support and you might want to incorporate a rpm filter on the tach line for your system so people like me dont have these type of problems. im running a jacobs offroad ignition system with a milage master coil. This is a nice system and i dont know if the tach noise was coming from this or the pump. Thanks again for all the help. let me know if you want to see the set up i can send you a video.

  96. Hey , i have a mean street 600hp on a mild 351c , it runs perfect cruising and light throttle/low revs however und full throttle and full load it goes rich at about 4000rpm , well into the 10to1 somtimes it will rev through it other times it will stumble , running ice ignition separate to the fitech, any ideas would be helpfull

    1. Possible RPM noise so check the fault codes on the main menu. If its not that then decrease your Fast Accel in Go EFI Tuning. Try -10 or -20.

    This website is advertising the anticipated in-tank G sump fuel module! Is this a legit Fitech product? I don’t see any new items on your product line.. Thanks, Mo

    1. The G-Sump will be coming out shortly!

  98. I am looking at the street 4 set up, can i up grade the injectors to the 80lb/hr ones from the efi 4 if I build my engine to a higher hp in the future.

    1. Injectors are not up-gradable. It would be wise to buy the larger kit first as it will run just as well with your smaller combo as the Go Street system.

  99. Converting a carb engine to EFI – most stock and street oriented aftermarket manifolds have a heat riser passage to help with warm up. Hot rodders often block this passage hoping to gain intake charge density. What is your recommendation on this – block it, leave it open, or does it really matter?

    1. We have no preference in this. It is an emissions devise and an engine will operate with or without it.

  100. Will your EFI BOLT on a Holley 4500 intake with out an adapter?

    1. I might but it wont seal.

  101. Will the EFI 400 HP fuel injection carburetor fit a 93 chevy 454 7.4L engine?

    1. If you convert the engine back to carb components (intake, distributor, etc) you can use the Go Street EFI.

  102. If i am making 520 fwhp and want to boost it one day, do i have to get the one rated for 1200 hp or will the 600 hp do the trick. Is the 600 hp rating including boost or is that before boost? Probably a stupid question. Im fairly new to this. I atleast want to pick up 125 hp from a turbo to make it worth it.

    1. You will need the larger kit because our ratings are at the flywheel and total HP on boost is what you go off of.

  103. Hi guys. Questions.

    Can the Go street efi (400hp) kit work on a low HP application? Application being a 85 4.2l amc motor. (150 hp??) It currently uses a 390 cfm holley 4bbl. I would start using the kit on this motor then would be swaping in a SBC in a couple years.

    Thanks guys!!!!!

    1. E85 will lower the HP capacity of the system by 30% but with that said you are still okay.

      1. Maybe I posted question in wrong section? Maybe you read the wrong one and answered mine? I didnt mention E85 for anything.

        I was wondering, if the 400hp base system, would work on a AMC/Jeep 4.2L inline six? Whats the Minimum HP for the 400HP rated kit?

        Thanks for the time 🙂


        1. It will work for you engine. the low end is 100hp but I have people with 2.0L 4 cylinders using this kit.

  104. What is the best way to plumb an external fuel regulator? My fuel pump is 400lph and it is my understanding that the internal regulator is rated to 340lph. Is it best to run fuel to the throttle body and then to the regulator?

    1. We recommend running to the regulator first then to the throttle body.

  105. Do any of your fitech systems have a control set up for a computer controlled transmission?

    1. The Ultimate LS coming out soon will support trans control.

  106. Hi

    I’d like to save the data my FiTech system has learned so I can disconnect the battery to do maintenance, etc. I then want to reload the data so that the system will NOT need to relearn from scratch. Can you send me detailed instructions to download the data and later reload it to my FiTech system?
    FYI, I really love your system, it has delivered on all the claims you make.

    Rod Murphy

    1. Rod,

      The EFI saves every time at key off. You can disconnect the battery and not loose any learned data after 20 seconds of key off.

  107. I have the GO EFI 4 #30002. Is it possible to convert it to a Power Adder #30004? OR do you offer an exchange program for the unit? I am considering putting a Supercharger on now.

    1. The kits are NOT upgradeable and we don’t have a buy back program. Your best option is to sell your kit and purchase the power adder kit.

  108. Hello, I have the 600hp system which I installed almost 2 years ago. Do I need any updates? Also, I’m having issues with the RPM not dropping when using the clutch or coming to a stop. I have to blip the throttle for it to drop. I’ve messed with the DFCO but not helping. Am I messing with the wrong setting? IAC is good. Thanks. Great system!!

    1. We will email you the latest update. Glad to hear you are enjoying the system!

      1. Thank you. Got the email.
        I will install the update and start over. Hopefully this will resolve the idle issue,
        Thanks again.

        1. I don’t know what was in the update, but it sure worked! Much crisper throttle response after some tuning of the efi. Have not been able to drive it yet but I’m thinking the idle issue will be resolved.
          Thanks again for an awesome product and customer service!!

  109. I have a Holly blue set up on my 1980 corvette with the oil pressure shut off. Will I be able to still use this system with the 30004? If so how do you integrate it together?

    1. Our EFI systems operate at 58 psi. Your fuel pump is not capable of that pressure. You ne to get our inline fuel kit 40005 you can replace the pump, lines, and fittings that can support the higher pressure. The safety shutoff is also not needed anymore as the EFI uses RPM input to designate if the engine is running. If the engine dies (0 rpm and 0 oil pressure) the EFI will shut the pump off.

  110. I’ve been trying to get my system up and running and have an rpm noise code. I have a Mallory distributor and a Jacobs cdi box and coil set up on the car. I’ve moved wires around and cannot get rid of this code! Car runs like crap and starting to frustrate me. Is this current ignition set not compatible with your fuel system? I have removed the ballast per Mallory tech advice and still. No cure.what do you suggest I do because I’m about to pull the system off and return it.

    1. Email pictures of your installation. If we see any points where EMI from wires crossing could be an issue we will point it out to you. Send it to my email.

  111. on cold startup my efi is dumping gas into the unit ,my computer says the fuel pressure is 85 pounds could this be the problem of hard starting when cold? thanx

    1. First off the EFI does not read fuel pressure. You may be reading fuel flow or duty cycle. If it is dumping fuel at key on check RPM on dashboard. If you show a RPM without cranking it is ignition noise. It could be from your distributor or CDI box. New ones on the market have Rev limit read outs as key on which needs to be disabled when used with fuel injection.

  112. I have a 30002 system on a sbc 355 dart pro 1 heads. . Starts and runs good but when the idle slows down it seems to be running rich. The o2 sensor is black. I do not have any fault codes. My big concern is that while in the trunk looking through the dashboard on the handheld control1er I got out to make an adjustment and noticed that a couple of the headers tubes where cheery red. If the O2 sensor was bad or out of calibration wouldn’t it throw a code or would this be more of a timing and AFR problem. Could it be to rich at idle ? Also this is a new engine on a restoration project. I’m running open headers because we haven’t made the exhaust system for it yet. Not sure if that would cause issues or not. Thanks

    1. You cannot run open headers because the O2 sensor will read the open air as a lean condition and will over fuel. Please install an exhaust before running the engine further as you will foul out the O2 sensor and it may need replacement because of that. Once you have an exhaust on with the system then you will need to reset the learn function of the system. Please follow the guide below for how to do that.

      Reset Learn:

      All Fitech EFI systems have learning procedures that the system uses to adjust the active fuel tables it is using for operation. Sometimes if there are outside problems such as bad misfires, exhaust leaks, or any other situation that could cause poor readings on the O2 sensor, the system will try to compensate in order to keep the car running. If this happens it alters the fuel map in ways that may not be optimal for proper running the engine normally.

      To reset the learn is a very easy procedure. Go into the Go EFI Initial setup then find Reset Learn. Once in that menu find Reset All Learn, highlight this and push right on the joy stick to go to #1, then save that to the ECU by pressing IN on the joystick. Once that is saved go back to the main menu, and then up to Dashboard and select it. Once on dashboard turn the key off and wait for the numbers in the value side to go black. This mean the system has saved. You have now reset the learn function.

  113. I just finished the installation of my 30001 system. Everything was set up with a new MSD CDI, coil and distributor that was locked out and wired for timing control. My first issue is that when I went thru the programming the first time, the controller would not let me change from the TACH ignition control to the 2wire. When I did get the system to reset and allow me to choose the proper ignition source, it would not run, as the system did not sent any spark/pu signal to the CDI. The CDI was tested and is good. At this point I gave up and pulled the distributor back out, reinstalled the vacuum and mechanical advances and rewired the system for CDI ignition without timing control. Now I cannot change back to the tach control for timing. The engine has ignition spark and the engine fires and tries to run but does not get any fuel other than the initial amount from key on. The system will also not maintain its memory. I have gone thru the intial setup EXACTLY as the instructions describe and turned the key off for 30 seconds only to turn it back on and find that the parameters have not been saved, and yes I send them to the ecu each time I changed them. I have done this countless times. This system is installed on a brand new ground up 1950 mercury build with a RF wiring harness and everything was working when this engine was running a carb. Unfortunately, so far my experience with this FItech system has been very disappointing. This extra time trying to get this sytem to work is jeopardizing the cars scheduled attendance at several spring car shows. Your timely reply to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The solution to your problem is very simple. The button to the right of the handhelds screen is a joystick meaning that you can select un, down, left, right, and in on it to change settings. Just highlight your tach selection and click left or right on the joystick and the selection will change. Be sure to hit send to ECU after the change to assure that the ECU receives the information.

      Be sure the RED wire goes DIRECTLY to the battery positive post. Be sure the white wire has zero volts at key off and 12 volts in both run and cranking.
      1. Turn on ECU by keying on.
      2. Change option to new desired value.
      3. Hit send to ECU or in on joystick.
      4. Confirm that handheld responds with “Send Succeed”
      5. Go back to the Main Menu and go into Dashboard
      6. Observe that there are values in the value column
      7. Key off on vehicle and wait till the value column goes blank.
      8. Value is now saved
      3. Confirm

  114. With the fi tech power adder I will be running nitrous, would it be better to run a dual plane intake or a single plane intake with the fi tech with nitrous ?

    1. The EFI system doesn’t care what intake it is on. You need to select the intake based on your engine build and at what RPM you want to make a majority of your horsepower.

      FiTech EFI works great with both dual plane and single plane intakes.

  115. What after market air filter kit will fit the 30003 system. I am using your system on a Ford 390 engine.

    1. The EFI throttle bodies we sale are carb replacements which means that you should be able to use your existing air filter.

  116. Do you offer a fuel pump that I can use in my fuel tank? Trying to stay away from the frame mounted pump and the command center. I have a 1970 Chevelle.

    1. Soon we will be releasing the G-Sump system. Check out this video.

  117. What plug and gap do you recommend for a Ford 302 mild build?

    I have a hesitation when reving the engine idle to wot. Iac steps are 7-8 .. I tried to adjust accel pump but didn’t seem to help. Do I need to shut off between adjustments?

    How do I adjust fuel on hot starts. Seems to crank longer.

    1. You need to adjust the FAST ACCEL for throttle changes. If you maxed this value out you need to start looking at fuel pressure when you hit the throttle.

      Hot starts can be adjusted in the CRANK AND WARM UP section of GO EFI Tuning.

  118. What is the replacement part number for the Bosch wide band o2 sensor? Looks like a 17014??

    1. The Bosch part number is 17014 and a vehicle application is a 2003 VW Beetle 1.8T upstream Oxygen Sensor.

  119. I’m looking to put one of your systems on to a relatively low displacement Buick 215 / Rover 3.5 Litre V8 engine that currently produces about 180 BHP. From the specs, I guess the Go Street EFI is the optimal system, but the finish options are not as appealing. Would a Go EFI 4 stretch down to this CID / BHP rating, or would this just be asking for problems?! Many thanks.

    1. Either kit will work with this engine. Your engine is close enough to the lower HP range of the Go EFI 4.

  120. i have a sbc mild cam aluminum heads edelbrock eps intake 30002 efi 40003 command center my idle will go from 600 rpm up 1200 1300 rpm within a few seconds so i can’t set my iac when it idles down iac is around 10 then jumps to 60 70 sometimes more help please

    1. Check the fault code section in the main menu. If you have RPM noise address your ignition noise. If their is no code check for vacuum leaks.

  121. I just installed the go street efi on my 1972 Ford F250 4X4 with a 390 engine.When I do the initial setup it does not ask me what type of ignition I have. Should It? When we set the TPS to zero the IAS step is 49, when we get the IAS step to 1-3 the TPS is 0.5. When we accelerate the engine stumbles and coughs. We have set the AFR at idle to 12.40 and this helped the idle. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. My brother and I were very impressed with your product. Thank you.

    1. First off you want to idle the engine as lean as possible. 12.4 is excessively rich and will compound your issue. Set your target AFR at idle to 14.2 because this is the average that works best in most applications. Next your TPS resets to Zero every time you key off and let the system save. Get your IAC steps back to around 1-3 and just key off afterwards for 30 seconds. This would be a correct throttle adjustment.

      If you are having acceleration issues check the following
      1. Fast Accel adjustment (try increasing 10)
      2. Fuel Pressure at throttle
      3. Igntion Timing

  122. I have a 350 olds with vintage air conditioning , and no electric fan. Is there a relay that I would need for an install ? thank you

    1. You dont have to use electric fans with the EFI kit. It is just an option because we require a coolant temp sensor.

  123. I am planning on running the Silversport A41 transmission, which is basically a modified 4L60E. The TCI trans controller requires a TPS signal for operation. Is there a connection for this?

    1. There is a TPS on the system but you need to get a Casper Electronics PT# 108103 tps breakout harness. Cutting on the harness of the EFI will void the warranty.

  124. What air intake system do you recommend for the 30003 on a chev 350?

    1. Use your existing air cleaner. We made the air cleaner flange on the top of the throttle body the same as a carb.

  125. Is there an adapter extension for 02 sensor 1′ longer?

    1. There is no such thing as an Oxygen Sensor Extension because the wire lengths are calibrated for every sensor. You will need to purchase a new oxygen sensor with a longer lead already on it. Get one from the vehicle listed below.

      2003 VW Passat 1.8T engine

  126. The initial start up is great. After that it cranks for a while before it starts. Smells rich. Also, when the throttle is a idle and applied there is no response, appears to be a lack of fuel.

    1. It sounds like you need to adjust the throttle. Here is how you do that

      IAC Steps:

      Turn the driver’s side throttle adjustment screw IN (clockwise) half a turn to start with, with that done turn the key on and go to dashboard and find TPS and make sure it reads zero. If not, then shut the key off and wait for the numbers to go black then turn the key on again. Once that reads zero start the vehicle and find IAC Steps on dashboard. This number needs to be within 3-10 at warm idle. If the number reads zero then slowly turn the screw OUT (counter clockwise) until the IAC steps reads between 3-10. If the number is above 10 then shut the vehicle off and turn the screw IN as stated above and repeat the process until the IAC steps are between 3-10.

  127. I have an LS motor that is carbureted now and has a 150 shot of nitrous. How do you plumb the fuel lines with the nitrous. Does it “T”?

    I have an MSD 6LS box to control timing and to retard the timing when using the nitrous. How does the 30008 know to adjust fuel when at WOT and shooting nitrous?

    1. The Mean Street has a wire that when grounded will adjust the AFR target to your desired nitrous AFR. You will need to either jet your nitrous for the higher fuel pressure or you need to pump a low and a high pressure fuel system.

      1. How is that wire grounded?

        1. If you are using a WOT switch on the ground side of the relay trigger. you can use the EFI trigger wire there as well.

  128. In wiring diagram has the heavier red wire supplying power from the battery, while the thinner white wire takes its signal from the ignition switch. My question is: Will the unit be damaged if +12V is applied to the ignition, while the power wire is allowed to “float”. The reason I ask is that I am planning on supplying battery power to the unit thru a relay, which on occasion may be open (The relay currently powers the fuel pump – which is not always energized)

    1. For the system to work properly the red wire needs a constant 12 volts even during cranking. The white wire needs 12 volts at key on and crank. Ultimately the red wire provides the power for the system and the white wire is just the on/off switch.

  129. Ordered new crate motor with FiTech 30008. Will Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tank work? Do I need fuel line + return line setup or just fuel line? Any gauges? Filters? Thanks

    1. With an intank pump you will need a feed line with a 10 micron filter and return line.

  130. how do i get rid of rpm noise new spark plug wires hei distributor and a hesitation off the line sbc aluminum heads fairly hot cam don’t remember the cam specs been too long and pops through throttle body at lower rpm’s above 4000 rpm runs good thanks for the help

    1. Check your idle advance for. Your timing can be causing the popping in the intake.

      RPM noise usually comes from the ignition system. It can be anything in it! coil, module, wires, plugs, loose connections, too small of power wire to HEI. It can also come from AC voltage back feeding from alternators and electric fans.

  131. for Dual exhaust systems do you run 2 oxygen sensors or stick 1 sensor for 1 bank only and hope for the best?

    1. This EFI system injects fuel in the manifold and has no ability to direct fuel to a specific cylinder because of an open plenum. Because the system has no control of this you wont gain anything with 2 oxygen sensors.

  132. I have a 1983 revcon motor home with a 454 engine and quadrajet. Transmission is a th400, vehicle weight is about 15k lbs loaded. Will your unit work for me?

    1. Fuel injection does not care about the load being applied to the engine. It just adds fuel to maintain the proper fueling depending on the load being applied to the engine.

  133. just purchased 400HP system.
    I says to connect the vacuum modulator from trans to 3/16 nipple, but the fuel pressure reg vacuum is connected to it.
    Do I ‘T’ into the same line?
    If not where do I connect trans modulator to?

    Thank you.

    1. You can tee into the line existing for the trans modulator.

  134. I’m getting ready to buy your kit 30064 dual quad 1200 HP kit. My question is will there be anything else I need to purchase . I’m installing on a 8:71 blower on a 496 BBC. Will my Holley black fuel pump work with your system . Thanks

    1. All of our EFI systems need EFI fuel pressure to operate correctly. The 30064 runs at 58 PSI. You need a fuel system to support this pressure.

  135. I am putting your EFI system on my 1969 Cadillac Deville, 472. I can’t get it to sit flush on the intake because the throttle bracket on the driver’s side hits the intake manifold. Is there something I’m missing or do I need a spacer to make this work?

    1. You can use a spacer to raise up the throttle body or you can cut the bottom off the linkage.

  136. I have a Mopar 340 that I’m converting to the 600HP system. Currently I have an Edlebrock carb. What adapter is needed to retain my stock transmission kick-down linkage?

    1. The linkage is the same as a holley carb so a carb adapter bracket will work.

  137. I have hesitation wot take off up to about 3500 rpm’s then runs great pulls hard it’s just from idle to 3500 runs like crap i have adjusted accel pump can i adjust in 5.0 increments or does it have to 10.0 increments or could i do like 20.0 increments thanks in advance

    1. You should be adjusting FAST ACCEL as this relates to throttle change. Increments of 10 will show you some sort of change and the adjustment range is from -98 to +98.

  138. Coolant temp reads 165-167 F with a 180 F thermostat. Is this normal or do I have a faulty sender? Should the temp be at or above 170 F for the unit to be in the warm run mode? Thanks

    1. Be sure that the coolant temp sensor has coolant flowing past it. In the head or in the intake by the thermostat are the best locations for this sensor. If it is in the back of the intake this would explain the temp difference.

  139. Will the 30002 work on a car setup for ac and eletric fan setup

    1. Yes the 30002 will work on vehicles with AC and electric fans.

  140. Is there a certain cam profile that this system works best with? Or doesn’t work well with?

    1. The best cam for EFI is the one that produces the most vacuum. The EFI uses vacuum as a meter of load on the engine. If you have a large sample size (0-18 inHg) the system can better determine load. We do have success with large cams but the less vacuum the engine makes the more tweaking on the tune you will have to do. We have engines running with our system with as little as 5 inches of vacuum.

  141. Is the Meanstreet compatible with a racepak dash or any other digital dash?

    1. There is no output for gauges outside of the handheld with these systems.

  142. I’m going to have to use a inch and a half spacer under my air cleaner to clear the fuel lines. Is this normal? Also was disappointed that the 30008 won’t control ignition timing. I guess I thought all of the go-efi systems controlled timing

    1. All Go EFI systems do have ignition control where as the Street Series does NOT. For you information the timing control portion is not self learning and does require the user to build and ignition curve.

  143. Can you turn auto tune off once you have established a tune and run in open loop?

    1. It is possible to turn on and off closed loop but I don’t recommend this as the system can not adjust fueling as it is intend to.

  144. Do to additional fuel flow for alcohol or methanol the horsepower capacity of our systems drop by 50%. With that said even our GO EFI 8 will only support 600 HP on alcohol.

  145. I installed a new two wire dist so I could use the timing control on the FiTech. The problem I am having is kickback when I try to start the engine. When I starts it runs great. I have adjusted the dist per Fi Tech instructions several times but have not solved the problem. Help

    1. If you are having kickback during cranking try lowering your distributor base timing a couple degrees.

  146. I am looking at converting from a carb to efi. One of my reasons for doing this is that I would like to have two separate tunes for my car; performance and eco. Is this able to be done with this system? If so, is it able to be done at the push of a button or would I have to turn off the car and then back on after flipping a switch?

    1. FiTech fuel injections works much like a carb when it comes to fuel economy. Your fuel economy is directly related to how much throttle you put into it. If you are easy on the gas pedal you will have good fuel economy where as if you punch the gas the system sees this and increases fuel output.

      There are multiple calibration files you can save to if you want to play around with it but you really don’t need an eco and performance calibration. It would make more sense to use different calibrations for like E85 gasoline tune and a gasoline tune. This is because E85 requires 30% more fuel to run which is very different from gasoline.

  147. I just installed the 400 HP version on a stock L31 engine on my run stand, The system starts and runs fine for a few seconds then the hand held dash goes blank and the engine dies. I have to unplug the handheld, plug it back in and the same thing repeats. Where do I look to solve this issue. The wiring is all correct as to the diagram.

    1. You have a loose connection somewhere. The system is shutting off doe to poor power.

  148. What style electrical connectors are used on the harnesses on the 1200HP Power Adder system? I ask because I see that they have provisions for brackets to hold the connectors which would make for a perfect install on my intake manifold and keep the connectors from laying directly on the engine.

    1. The connectors are Metri-pak connectors.

  149. I just installed the go street on a 383 small block in a 82 k10 and it wants to run on when shut off. How can this be when the injectors are shut off when the key is turned off?

    1. If you turn the key off do you see the numbers clear out on the dashboard menu on the handheld?

  150. Are the injectors OEM type and are they interchangeable with Ls3 type injectors.
    I have an issue with one injector on a Go Street 400 unit. I am located in Australia so It would be easier for me to find a local equivalent if I can.
    They look like the injectors out of a Holden GM 6L Ls V8 but would like to be sure.

    1. We use our own type of injector. There are no common replacements out there in the OE market. Call us and we will figure out a solution for getting it to you.

  151. When im not using my car does the system need constant battery power to remember settings/self learnd data?

    1. Once you key off on the vehicle the EFI goes into a save mode for about 30 seconds. Once the system has saved it will shut itself off and wont draw any power. If you need or want to disconnect the battery you can do so at this time. No memory will be lost.

  152. I just installed the Go Street EFI on a 1952 Buick Straight 8. When the motor starts, it’s reving up to 2000 rpm and won’t go any lower. The idle-speed is set to 400 rpm. What settings should I use?

    1. You will need to adjust the throttle for your engine. This screw is on the front of the throttle body on the driver side. You adjust this in reference to IAC steps. In your case you may have some vacuum leaks so check for them if you end up backing off the adjustment screw all the way out.

      IAC Steps:

      Turn the driver’s side throttle adjustment screw IN (clockwise) half a turn to start with, with that done turn the key on and go to dashboard and find TPS and make sure it reads zero. If not, then shut the key off and wait for the numbers to go black then turn the key on again. Once that reads zero start the vehicle and find IAC Steps on dashboard. This number needs to be within 3-10 at warm idle. If the number reads zero then slowly turn the screw OUT (counter clockwise) until the IAC steps reads between 3-10. If the number is above 10 then shut the vehicle off and turn the screw IN as stated above and repeat the process until the IAC steps are between 3-10.

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