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Frequently Asked Questions – Fuel Command Center

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  1. Are your efi systems e-85 compatible? I have a chevy mega truck with a 454 and I’m thinking of converting to corn fuel.

    1. the systems are E85 compatible. however they loose a total of 30% of their overall horsepower capabilities.

  2. I’m converting my international scout that has a SBC swap to Fitech EFI. I’ve had a custom EFI fuel tank made with a EFI fuel pump in tank that meets your recommend flow and pressure. My question is what size and type of fuel line do you recommend? What style fuel line connectors? Should I put an inline fuel filter between the tank and Fitech unit? What size for fuel hose should i use for my return line?

    Thank you

    1. We recommend the use of 3/8″ fuel lines for both feed and return lines. Our kits use Twist-Lock type fuel fittings. There needs to be a 30 to 10 micron fuel filter between the pump and the throttle body.

  3. On the 30002 (200HP – 600HP) it has a hose from regulator on passenger side of unit to the rear of unit . Does this hose need to be removed for installation ?

    1. NO, it is recommended that you keep that house on there.

      1. In the instructions that came with mine, it says to use the port that this hose is using to connect trans modulator. It confused me too.

        1. This is an update we have applied to all EFI systems. If you need to use the port for a transmission modulator you can use a vacuum Tee to tap into the line.

  4. How far can the Command Center be mounted from the TB?
    I require 10 ft.

    1. Does the command center work good in off road vehicles that run in wet rocky muddy mountain terrain?

      1. The Fuel Command Center has a needle and seat with a float in it. Because of this it is susceptible to running out of fuel at a cambered angle just like a carb.

  5. How much pressure is needed at minimum to opperater the go efi 8 in the fuel system? What is the internal regulater set at?

    1. The Pressure needed is 58 psi, that is what the system regulates too.

  6. Can the FiTech system run E85?

    1. Yes, however, you loose about 30% of your horsepower capabilities. (E.G. 600-30%= 420)

  7. Is the fuel command center e85 compatible?

    1. The Fuel Command Center is E85 compatible but it will lower the horsepower capacity of the unit by 30% or around 580hp.

  8. We recommend the use of 3/8 fuel lines on both feed and return. If you have an existing 5/16 line you can try to use it but please hook up a fuel pressure gauge and make sure your pressure is not higher than 60 psi.

  9. If I run a return line from the mean street 800hp system while using the fuel command system will this work ok without affecting operation. Just want to ensure we are keeping fuel cool.

    1. Why? If the Command Center is mounted properly it will function just fine without a return line. It actually has a return which purges fuel back into itself which helps keep the system full.

  10. How do you get the target A/F ratio for initial tuning/learning of the ecu for boosted applications? And does this system operate like a typical efi system where when cold it is in open loop and at normal operating temp it is in closed loop?

    1. This system does run a open/closed loop. Adjusting the AFR is as simple as going to Go EFI Tuning and the section called AFR TARGETS.

  11. I read that the system needs to be level, because of the float/needle system, will the command center work for off road use? I’m installing it in a custom Jeep CJ-8 with a 401AMC V8. I do a lot of off camber driving.

    1. The same issue a carburetor experiences in off camber conditions the Command Center will as well.

  12. Can I remove the an6 fittings on top of the FCC and replace them with lower profile ninety degree npt to an6 earls vapor guard fittings. And after getting the initial readings, I want to remove the gauges and cap them off. These mods are important as I want to install your EFI and FCC. on a Boss Hoss motorcycle. Need to reduce the height as much as possible. Thank you.

    1. Do I recommend doing this… but you can technically.

      1. Hi Bruce, I’m not sure of your answer. Did you mean that you do not recommend this?
        But, it can be done. Thank you.

        1. I dont recommend it but yes it can be done.

  13. Is the fuel pump in the command center replaceable should it ever go out?

    1. Yes. We have replacement pumps available.

      part number 40102

  14. is my tbi 13 psi fuel pump is to much for the low pressure inlet??

    1. Inlet pressure on the Fuel Command Center needs to be below 8 psi.

  15. With my FCC the instructions read I do not have to run hose off Fuel Regulator port. I just contacted a guy that bought a new FCC and he said there is a tag on his new FCC that says to run hose form FCC to TB Port. Am I correct with my FCC bought last year to keep this port open or should I hook it up to one of my TB’s. I have the duel TB setup on a mopar crossram manifold.
    Thank You Happy New Year

    1. This is an update we are now running.

      1. Do I need to put a hose from my one year old command center to TB or does this older style not need a hose hooked up from fuel regulator port on FCC.
        Look up question from Tony Kraemer 12/31
        Thank You

        1. This update you are talking about can also be done with your system.

  16. What part # is the Fuel Pressure Regulator? My FPR drops to 40 psi occasionally and I think it is affecting my ability to tune my EFI 4 and bogging issues intermittently.. If my diagnosis is incorrect, I could use some advice on what else it could be.

    1. The part number is Bosch pt# 0280160575SJ

      Fuel pressure regulators dont fail in the manner you are describing they will fail wide open or completely closed. The more likely cause is pump cavitation where the fuel pump sucks air and it drops your fuel line pressure.

      1. How do I stop cavitation?

        1. Be sure to mount the pump as close to and as low to the bottom level of the gas tank as possible. EFI pumps are designed to push not pull fuel.

          1. Bryce,

            Thanks for all the work you do on these forums. Most of the time I’ve been able to find the answers to questions.

            I’m confused a little on your latest reply. I thought the best place to put the fuel command center was by the radiator core support?

          2. If you are using a Fuel Command Center you are correct. I was referring to a frame mount pump in that instance.

          3. I put a fuel pressure regulator before the fuel command center and the low pressure side is constant at 6 psi, but I’m still having issues with the high pressure side, it still fluctuates anywhere between 20 and 62psi and idles around 40 psi.

            Earlier you had mentioned cavitation, is it possible to have cavitation in the command center? If so, how do I fix it?

          4. Where is the FCC located? Keeping it away from as much heat as possible will help. We like to locate the FCC on the radiator core support.

          5. It is attached next to/on the the radiator core support.

  17. Can you use the efi fuel command center to feed an Ls engine.

    1. The Fuel Command Center will work with the Ultimate LS kit.

  18. I have a leak around the Command Center float adjustment nuts. How do I solve this? I tried just tightening the slotted nut on top, but I don’t think it is completely solved. May I have screwed up the float adjustment by doing this? Is there a published float adjustment procedure?

    1. The float, needle, and seat are the same as a holley carbs. We did this so you can easily get replacement parts like seals.

  19. I have a Holley sniper efi setup and wanted to use the command center. I need a port for my return line. In a tech drawing it shows a return port but in all the other pictures it does not have one. I need to know if it has one or not. If it doesn’t and I have to run a return line back to the tank it won’t save me from running the extra line which is the reason I am interested in the command center. Please let me know.

    1. The Fuel Command Center self regulates to 58psi. There is no need for a return line when using this system.

  20. Is the fuel command center available in black color?

    1. The Fuel Command Center is only available in the Titanium Gray finish.

  21. Is there a safety switch that controls the fuel pump inside the command center in case of an accident when the engine quits running and a rupture in fuel line to prevent the quart of gasoline in command center to pump out? Also, does the command center have a built in relay for power? Thank you

    1. The EFI runs the fuel pump based on a RPM signal. If RPM is lost the EFI will shut off the fuel pump.

  22. The FCC i have mounted in my chevelle ss is spoeling to kuch fuel out of the vent, what van i do/

    1. Pull the needle and seat out of the FCC and clean it out. It sounds like you have debris in it causing the needle to jam open and overfilling the FCC.

  23. The FCC has a vent opening that goes back to the fuel tank. What size of hose is this. And will any rubber fuel line work? Also the fittings come with Jose clamps? Hose clamps are ok in this set up?

    1. The barb on the FCC is 5/16″ and you can use a 5/16 fuel line to hook it up to the tank.

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