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Frequently Asked Questions – EFI General

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  1. Is the system compatible with 6-cylinder engines, like the Chevy 250?

    1. The Go Street EFI system is compatible with 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines. We even some on rotary engines!

  2. How do you fix idle to come down when you come to a stop Idle seems to take too long to come down 2 Idol

    1. If the engine is not returning to idle quick enough for your liking or is dropping too quickly and killing the engine then you may need to adjust the rate at which the injection system comes to an idle. To do so you need to go to Go EFI Tuning, then find and select Idle Control. Once in this menu you will see several settings, the only one we are going to work with is Decel open IAC. This number should be at zero as a base setting, by going negative you are reducing the amount of time it takes to return to Idle, and by going positive you are increasing the time it takes. Normal procedure of adjustment is to add or subtract 10 to start with and then adjust it to your liking or what the engine needs. Then once the setting is input save it to the ecu by pushing the joystick IN, the handheld will show Send To ECU Successful. Once this is done make sure to go back to the dashboard and turn the key off until the numbers clear out on the value side. This shows that the system has saved.

  3. What size is the AN fitting on the unit
    -6 or -8

    1. The fittings on all of our EFI systems are AN -6.

      1. Thanks it…just didn’t have it yet and was ordering all the parts needed. Another Question for ya..I have ordered the TPS splice to run the US Shift for the trans..however no info on which wire is the signal..I would like to do the wiring and soldering before turning it on for the first time. Also I assume its a 5volt ref for the TPS.?
        Thanks again
        Kevin B

        1. If you need to tap into the TPS for your trans control you will need to get a TPS Breakout Harness. Check with our preferred dealers for a harness part number #109065. The signal wire is pin 3 or C on the harness.

  4. I’m running an inline 6 (2F) in my FJ40 and upgrading to fuel injection. Has the FiTech unit been designed to protect itself from the heat being mounted directly over an exhaust header? My concern would be that the heat might affect the electronics. Thanks!

    1. We have not had any heat related issues with our ECU’s. Our systems are built to take the heat of an engine compartment.

  5. Do you offer a throttle body with a 4500 dominator base? I have a hood clearance issue and cannot use a 1 inch adapter.

    1. We do not offer a 4500 style throttle body at this time. You can use our system with an adapter plate.

  6. What do i need beyond the go street 4 efi for my 1957 Ford F100. It has the stock 272 y block.

    1. You will also need a fuel system to supply fuel to the throttle body. Check out our Fuel Delivery Kits.

  7. I have a 496″ Chevy street motor at approximately 600-650 HP. I HAVE ORDERED THE COMMAND CENTER BUT Summit now tells me next month. I am now going to have to cancel the command center and purchase the inline external pump to make ” Cruzin The Coast that is a week long street party. . The complete injection is mounted and we only need the fuel pump and return line sizing to meet the time frame. Can you tell me what size entering and returning that is required or this capacity. ( it is the Mean Street package)

    1. The FiTech fuel pump will support engines to around 620 hp. If you are sourcing a fuel pump it needs to flow at least 280 LPH to work for your engine. You can plumb the system using AN-6 lines or 3/8″ ID.

  8. I have a GM performance crate motor, part # 19332532 it has 425 H.P. With a single plane manifold. I am looking at a tank from Ricks hotrod parts that has a internal fuel pump that flows 255 lph, will this be enough fuel?

    1. The 255 LPH fuel pump supplied in your tank will support up to 600 horsepower so it will work great for your application.

      1. Bryce, I’m having a hard time picking a distributor. I am thinking the MSD # 85551 and locking out the advance. And using ther ignition box. Will the FITech control timing with this set up? And do I even need the ignition box ? It says that distributor need an ignition box.

        1. The parts that you listed will work with timing control. I also recommend getting the MSD pt# 84211 rotor for phasing. You can choose whether or not you want to use a CDI box. For wiring configurations look at the instructions on our systems.

  9. I have a stroked 440 to 512 , mild cam 510 lift , It’s taking 6 to 7 trys to start the engine . I turn on the key wait to hear the injectors squirt , then crank . seems not enough fuel at start . I have the 600 hp unit and your frame mount pump . while driving it runs great .

    1. You will need to adjust the throttle. Please follow the steps below.

      Turn the driver’s side throttle adjustment screw IN (clockwise) half a turn to start with, with that done turn the key on and go to dashboard and find TPS and make sure it reads zero. If not, then shut the key off and wait for the numbers to go black then turn the key on again. Once that reads zero start the vehicle and find IAC Steps on dashboard. This number needs to be within 3-10 at warm idle. If the number reads zero then slowly turn the screw OUT (counter clockwise) until the IAC steps reads between 3-10. If the number is above 10 then shut the vehicle

      1. What do you do if the IA steps is way above 10? The instructions say to shut the engine….then what?

        1. Wait for the system to save (30 seconds of key off) then restart the engine.

  10. What is the minimum flow fuel pump needed to keep up with either the 600hp or 800hp version on a 500hp BBC

    1. a general rule of thumb is as follows

      600 hp requires a 255 lph pump
      800 hp requires a 340 lph pump

  11. Hi! I have some questions about fitech 1200hp. I have a 528cui hemi With a root blower and it makes about 900+ hp on E-85 With my carbs. Is there any fitech system that can handle this performance on E-85? For example Can i buy 2 fitech 800hp meanstreet or 2 1200hp and run them dual? Or can 1200 hp dual kit handel so much on e-85?

    1. We offer dedicated dual quad systems and our largest system will support 1200hp (30064) on gasoline. If you are running E85 the horsepower capacity of the system drops about 30%. It is not possible to run 2 EFI systems on one engine.

  12. Why won’t my controjjer talk to the ECU. Does the controller run off car power or the sub plug.

    1. The handheld gets power from the throttle body. It will even get power when the key is off on the vehicle. Now to get the handheld to connect with the ECU you need to have the key on. You can check if the handheld is connected by going into the DASHBOARD. If the value column have values in it (example RPM-0, MAP-98.8, Coolant Temp-75) the system is connected. If you don’t show values with the key on check for power to the white wire as well as check the plugs to the handheld.

  13. Do I have to switch from a 2 bbl to a 4 bbl intake?

    1. We would prefer you switch to a 4 bbl intake as the FiTech system will bolt directly to it.

  14. We have your 1200 HP and it’s running way to lean what should I do

    1. Give us a call and we will go over your setup. Most commonly it is lose of fuel pressure but it can be almost anything. 951-340-2624

  15. What is needed to hook up an aod cable to fitech efi?

    1. All of our throttle bodies have a linkage similar to a Holley carb. AOD brackets for Holley carbs should fit.

  16. Does the ignition setup have a two step option for transbrake control ?? And if not does it work with aftermarket ignition two step without any problem ??

    1. FiTech EFI systems do not have two step controls. However we are working on a learn shut off when a wire is grounded/powered to allow use of a dual step. This is currently in the Mean Street EFI system (30008) and will be coming to other systems.

  17. I have a mallory unilite distributor with a msd blaster 2 coil and a 0.8 Ohm resistor. will this work with the go efi 4 or will there be problems with the tach signal.

    1. From what I gathered from Mallory’s instructions on this distributor it will not work. They require the use of a ballast resistor which takes down voltage to the coil and tach signal.

  18. Are there any plans to build something with a carb number on it? California is a struggle.

  19. If I use the command center can I use the holley blue fuel pump with it

    1. You can use an electric carb pump to feed the Fuel Command Center.

  20. What kind of warranty does the system have

  21. Hi I’m looking at running one of your 1200hp 8 kits, with the 30% reduction for e85 it will be more like a 840hp kit!

    I have a holden 202 running e85 and blow thru turbo with approx 20psi boost
    Is this system compatible, and will it work well? Or is it too large being 8 injectors and 850cfm??!

    I currently have a blow thru carb and it’s nothing but problems and I’d love to run one of your kits

    Many thanks
    Clint (Australia)

    1. That sounds like a wild engine but it does fall into all criteria of the Go EFI 8. It will be able to fuel correctly on the engine even with 8 injectors.

  22. Can this system run more than 25 pounds of boost ?

    1. Our systems will only work up to 25 pounds of boost.

  23. I have a Pontiac 455 with a Comp 51-224-5 cam. The intake manifold is an Edelbrock spread bore performer. I have a 700R4 transmission. The dyno rated the engine at 440 HP and 502 ft torque. Will the Go EFI 4 work for my setup? I plan to use the Go EFI fuel command center.

    1. The GO EFI 4 can support between 200 and 600 horsepower.

      Yes the system will work on your engine.

  24. Where would you install/place the 02 sensor if you have Electric cutouts at the end of the headers?

    1. The oxygen sensor needs to receive a clean exhaust sample so ideally is would be placed 4-6″ behind the collector. You will also need at least 18″ of exhaust pipe behind the sensor to protect it from reading a false reading.

  25. dual exhaust, dual o2 sensors? do you have or recommend dual o2 sensors?

    1. Dual oxygen sensors are not necessary because the fuel is injected in a plenum of an intake manifold. From there we can not direct the fuel to cylinders that may need more or less fuel. Good news is most manifolds on the market these days have great fuel distribution so the oxygen sensor can be placed on either header without issue.


    1. All FiTech throttle bodies flow 850 CFM.

  27. Will this system work with e85 or is there something I need to change?

    1. All of our EFI systems will run on E85. You will need to increase the CID of the engine by 30% on the handheld tuner for proper fueling. This also decreases horsepower capacity by 30% as there is more fuel needed to support the same horsepower with gasoline.

  28. How much fuel pressure is required to run the system

    1. The FiTech systems run at 58 psi of fuel pressure.

  29. If I run E85 I know that the system that’s rated for 1200 the go EFI 8 will only support 840hp because of the 30 percent compensation . So my question is does that mean the command center is also decreased with the E85 so now it will only be rated for 560hp if I ran e85?

    1. This is correct.

  30. ill like to install one in my 94 lightning , wonder what all it takes? besides a single plane intake .
    and do I need to leave the stock computer there to control de transmission ?

    1. We are in California so modification to a post 1975 vehicle is illegal. The FiTech EFI systems are carburetor replacement EFI system so if you setup your engine to work with a carb but put the FiTech system on instead it should work.

  31. can I use your efi for all out drag racing with a turbo

    1. The Power Adder versions of the FiTech EFI system will handle up to 25 LBS of boost and can be used for any application. Please take caution that leaded gasoline will prematurely kill the oxygen sensor. You also need 18+ inches of exhaust past the oxygen sensor for proper readings.

  32. I need to connect a Throttle Position Sensor to the GO 4 to provide info to trans control is that possible ?

    1. look for the following item. CASPER Electronics PT# 109065

  33. Hello
    I have 454 BBC Bower with Fitech injection power adder. I have entered the correct data in the control unit engine cui etc. is now following. The idle target is 14.50 the Unit .the injection runs at 10.5? and does not regulate?

    1. 1. Check your fuel pressure to the system. It should be 58 psi.
      2. Check for vacuum on the DASHBOARD of the handheld. This will vary but will be close to what it was when the engine had a carb on it.
      3. Check for fault codes on the MAIN MENU of the Handheld under FAULT CODE.

  34. Question; Why Is a fuel return line only required with the frame mount inline pump, and not the Fuel Command Center? According to the instructions both systems are wired the same way. A better explanation on the “why” a return is needed and not needed for each set up would be appreciated. Do you have, or Is there plans for a future return less system with out the need for the Command Center?
    Thanks For the Tech. info.

    1. The Fuel Command Center returns fuel to itself. Think of it as a small auxiliary tank with an EFI fuel pump inside.

  35. Can I use a Summit “Ready to Run” distributor (SUM-850200) with this system or one similar? What is the best distributor to use?

    1. yes

  36. How do I bring down cid number in the setting below 160
    I’m using a fitech power adder on a Nissan four cylinder I was able to program the number of cylinder down to 4 but the cid won’t go below 160

    1. That is the lowest you can program down.

  37. is there a TPS in the go 4 600
    i am using a stand alone transmission control it needs a Throttle Position Sensor signal

    1. Us a TPS breakout harness like one from Casper Electronics pt# 109065

  38. if i install a go street efi on a 360 engine can it relearn on its own if installed on a 440 ?

    1. Changing the EFI system to run with a different engine is as simple as changing the Engine Setup to your new engine and resetting the learn.

  39. Can I use my existing in tank efi fuel pump to supply the go street 400hp efi without the fuel command centre?

    1. As long as that pump supplies 180 lph and can run at 45 psi yes.

      1. Quote – “As long as that pump supplies 180 lph and can run at 45 psi yes.”

        So this fuel system will control voltage to a stock pump to regulate pressure, correct?

        1. There is a regulator in the throttle body that controls pressure. The PWM is a feature to slow the pump down but the EFI has no ability to read pressure so if you drop the value too much you will cause the system to lose pressure.

  40. Where do I put the temperature sensor on the Chrysler 361 B block?
    When the temperature sensor is located on the water pump.

    1. You can place the coolant temp sensor in the water pump.

  41. Can you upgrade the power level capability of a system? IE 600 Hp – 800Hp.

    1. Sorry there is not updating kits.

  42. Will the mean street efi work fine on lesser engines? It says 200-800hp. Would it be fine on a stock 454.

    1. If your engine makes more than 200hp you can use it!

  43. Will the mean street efi work ok on a stock 454. It says 200-800hp?

    1. yes

  44. I have a 1976 Dodge W100 with a 360, I believe my stock ignition has a ballast resistor. Is this going to be an issue with your system?

    1. Yes there will be an issue with RPM noise. To eliminate this possibility convert to a modern 12 volt ignition.

  45. All of our systems except the dual quads will work with 4 cylinder engines. They will also work with distributorless ignitions as long as you can get a tach signal to the EFI. It will not control timing however.

  46. Will #30001 work with Tanks inc. PA-4. Will this also work with Edelbrock performer RPM manifold. What micron filter should be used and do I need an inline regulator.

    1. The Tanks inc. PA-4 fuel pump is good for 255 LPH and will support 600 HP. This is a great pump to work with the 30001 Go EFI 4. You will need a filter in line that is 10 microns.


  47. Hello
    I am presently trying to start my car with your system on it for the first time. It tries to start but does not. The screen turns white when the key is turned to start. I have the white wire connected to the i terminal on the solenoid (Ford). Is this ok or does it need to go to the key?

    1. Be sure the white wire sees 12 volts at key on as well as during cranking. The white screen is most likely from low cranking voltage which would relate to the red battery wire. This wire needs to go directly to the positive post of the battery.

  48. Hi just fitting my Meanstreet throttle body while waiting for my fuel command centre, I had my Auto sparky around yesterday, he had a query or two, I run a stand alone MSD 8504 Mopar distributor It has a Hei cap and leads which confused us slightly , He reckons the tach blue wire should go to the green tach wire from the dizzy, I think its as per instructions, Also the 02 sensor position placement for drag racing , should it be placed on the headers not after the exhaust flange join, I run dump caps off my exhaust so Im wondering about best 02 sensor position for open and closed headers. Thanx Tony

    1. The best location for the oxygen sensor is in the collector of your header 4 inches behind where your primary tube merge into one. There also needs to be 18 to 24 inches of exhaust behind the sensor to prevent false readings from scavenging. If you are using leaded racing fuel you will kill the oxygen sensor. Non leaded fuels are to be used with this system.

      Your tach input location sounds to be correct.

  49. About how long or how many miles should it take the computer to really dial in the motor?

    1. Once started and up to temp the system will learn what it sees. Your job to dial it in is to just drive it. Remember is only learns how you drive the vehicle so for the most complete learning requires varying your driving habits.

  50. is the 30061 set up the same height as 2 Edelbrock 1406 carbs

    1. All FiTech throttle bodies are 3.25 inches from the base to the air cleaner flange. This is the same as most carbs.

  51. What temp thermostat do you recommend with the Go Street EFI system?

    1. We dont recommend an operating temp for the system. It will start learning when the engine gets to 120 degrees. We do have the system defaulted at 174 for a fan turn on so I would consider that is the “operating temp.”

  52. Will it work on a 4.3L V-6?

    1. Yes!

  53. The front butterflies open slightly ahead of the rear pair on my 30003. Shouldn’t both front and rear open exactly at the same time?

    1. They should be as close as possible without the secondaries being held up. A slight amount of slack is better than being held up.

  54. What is the max. horsepower that can be supported on a boosted system?

    1. The Go EFI 8 Power Adder will support 1200 hp at as much as 25 psi.

  55. Do I need to use the regulator on the throttle body sense you do not use the one on the command center.

    1. There is a regulator on the throttle body so if you are not using the Command Center you plumb both a feed and return line to the throttle body.

  56. When cold, the engine will start, but often sumbles and dies. Is there a setting I can change to cure this?

    1. Follow the cranking fuel adjustments in the link below.

  57. i have fitted your go efi4,however i cannot plug in the oxygen sensor because it will not reach the plug from the throttle body .have you a solution to this problem? the o2 sensor is as close as i can put it after the collector .

    1. If you need a longer sensor lead get an Oxygen Sensor from a 2003 VW Passat 1.8L Turbo motor. It is the upstream sensor.

      1. I just called my parts shop, but the 1.8T is 4 wire, not 6?
        I have the same issue with to short wire on the current configuration.

        1. You want the upstream sensor which is 6 pins.

  58. Will the 1200hp one fit on a dominator 1050 intakes

    1. With an adapter plate the system will bolt up.

  59. On the conversion from carb to the Street EFI, outside of the kit, are there other components on the engine I would need to change? Manifold for example?

    1. As long as your intake is for a 4bbl carb it bolt straight on.

  60. I have a 305 chevy with aftermarket headers and manifold and a 2 wire msd distributor which of your products would best fit for my application.?

    1. The Go Street EFI will work great for your application.

  61. will the efi work with dual plane intake manifolds? or would it be better to use a single ?

    1. Our throttle body EFI systems work great with dual plane intakes! We run them on every type of intake but mostly dual planes.

  62. I have an AMC 401 with 6-71 roots blower running 5 lbs of boost with two 600CFM Edelbrock carbs. My AFR stays between 12 an 14 at all times. What System would be good to use in place of the carbs. I run AN HEI dist. no ignition boxes and the car runs and idles great on 91 gas from the pump. I hope maybe with EFI I could run a little more boost without knock problems.

    1. Go EFI Dual Quad 1200HP

  63. Can I run E85 ?

    1. Yes but the HP capacity of the system goes down by 30%. Example the Go EFI 8 1200 HP will support 840 HP on E85.

  64. on a v 8 application can you run 2 o2 sensors so the system reads the full output of the engine

    1. Our throttle body injection systems inject fuel into a common plenum so there is no need for dual oxygen sensors. The system cant adjust bank to bank fueling so we rely on the intake to distribute the fuel correctly.

  65. I’ve got a 427 in my 69 Camaro, I’ve prob running a guess of 450-500 HP. Im installing a blow through supercharger around 6-8 lbs of boost so I’m guessing I’ll be between 600-700 horsepower for the time being. Am I going to have to run the 1200 HP kit or which one do you suggest. Please let me know and thank you for your time.

    1. You are looking at the correct system for your application. the Go EFI 4 PA is only good to 600hp and you are past that in power.

  66. Two questions, Does the go Efi-4 600 system support data logging and is the ECU waterproof or just water resistant. This will be on an off-road vehicle and may get partially submerged.

    1. The Go EFI 4 does have data logging capabilities.

      The ECU is completely sealed in a resin so it is safe against moisture but I would not call is waterproof.

  67. what else do I need when installing in a 1994 GM truck with a 355 V-8 and 4l60e tranny. Can I use the stock distributor? what about the gauges which run off the factory ecu. Tranny control? I know I need the fuel pump to raise the fuel pressure.
    Great system


    1. Our systems will work with any 4 bbl intake and many distributors. The factory GM distributor you are talking about will NOT work and the system does NOT control the trans. Our system is a carb replacement EFI system so it will not interface with OEM fuel injection systems.

  68. what is the pressure range in the return line?

    1. In an ideal situation it would be zero pressure but due to line resistance it ranges from 2-5 psi from what I usually see.

  69. I have a 1956 Chevy BelAir with a mild built 350 cid engine. I currently have a Holley TBI system on it and a gas tank with a pump that can outputs at 225 l/ph. This system requires a laptop to build maps and I have built more than I can count and it still is not right. So I am looking at your FiTech 30003 400 hp system. I want a system that can self tune to my cruiser driving needs that will be reliable and provide good gas milage.

    1. Sounds like you have the right system in mind. It will be an easier install too.

  70. I currently have a 91 mustang 5.0 coupe that is obviously fuel injected now. Will this kit work for me? And what could I or would I remove from my system now to be up and running with the Fitech system?

    1. Our systems are carb replacements. You would need a carb intake and revert any efi components to ones that will work with a carb. In the state of California we are not allowed to touch post 1975 vehicles so sorry for the lack of information.

  71. I have a 1964 chevy 409 single 4 barrel somewhere around 400-450 hp. If I install this kit can I use the C5 Corvette filter/regulator with preset of 58psi and a built in return line instead of running a return line all the way to the unit?

    1. Corvette filter/regulators are okay to use with our systems.

  72. have a 95 suburban with factory low psi throttle body pump. is the 13 psi still to much for the fuel command center. does it need to be regulated down to 8psi.

    1. The Command Center needs 4-6 psi fuel pressure in so yes a regulator would be needed.

  73. when using “shorty” block hugger headers the instructions suggest locating 02 sensor on the header tube of the rear cylinder – will it not work mounted just after the header collector /

    1. Personally I recommend after the headers in the downpipe.

  74. I have a 1995 chevy truck with stock EFI . . . I want to upgrade to your EFI . . . .Can I use stock fuel pump in the tank? However, If yes, I would upgrade the stock pump with a better in-tank pump. What flow rate and psi is recommended? Also, with this configuration of in-tank fuel pump, would I need to use the stock return line back to the tank?

    1. If your pump can run at 58 psi you can use that pump. If you are looking at our 600hp Go EFI 4 a fuel pump that flows 255 lph or more is needed. You will need to use both a feed and return line that is 3/8 ID or larger.

  75. Hello, I have a 305 completely stock but will more than likely add a turbo later. Could I still use the Power Adder 600 for normal driving until then with my engine?

    1. The poweradder kits can be ran naturally aspirated perfectly fine. Once you get the turbo just plumb it up and drive. No additional tuning is required.

  76. I have Go Street EFI 4 and the FCC center. If I try to start my car after the FCC primes once it won’t start, however if I prime it three times it’ll start right up. What do I adjust so it’ll start after priming just once?

    1. Check the white wire for 12 volts during cranking. This is the most common cause of no starts. Also look at the RPM on DASHBOARD of the handheld to see if the systems is reading the tach input.

  77. i have 30002 system when i installed it it did everything FiTech said it would i still have some fine tuning to do but very impressed, my only real issue is the return spring, it gave me a really hard pedal my vehicle Has A T5 in it so when want to apply a little gas it doesn’t always work out and the vehicle can be jerky. so what can be done to lighten up the gas pedal.
    thanks for your time Sam.

    1. Depending on which hole you used on the throttle linkage the stiffness will be more of less. If you are not using the large top hole try moving to that one.

  78. what system will work on a 1988 460 ford chinook concourse 18 plus motor home

    1. If you are not bound by smog regulations like us in California you should be able to with a 4 bbl intake and distributor.

  79. What are the pressure and flow requirements for a Go Street 400?
    I’m looking at a tank with built in pump that does 50-58 psi. flow range of 72.5 – 130.5 gph

    1. This pump will work with the Go Street.

  80. Is there a minimum amount of vacuum the system needs to operate at idle?

    1. The more vacuum an engine produces the easier it is for the system to tune to it. With that said if you make more than 8 inches of vacuum it will be easy. Less than 8 inches of vacuum may require more tuning. We have tuned engines with as little as 4 inches of vacuum.

  81. I am interested in running a twin turbo setup possibly over 25psi. Can I upgrade the MAP sensor and change the sensor range in the ECU programming like on other stand alones?

    1. The MAP sensor is not upgradable sorry.

  82. My 1970 nova has an unvented gas tank with a single 3/8″ line from the sending unit. Can I still use the command center option? Where would the Vent line go?

    1. The most common location for a vent line to be added in a tank is at the filler neck.

  83. Will this work on a 4.3 Chevy v6

    1. As long as you can get a 4bbl intake on the engine our systems will work on 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines.

  84. Do you have systems to fit Ford inline 6’s? Specifically a 240 CI that currently has a 1bbl manifold.

    1. We have people using our systems on inline 6 engines, VW engines, rotary engines, etc.

    2. I have this 240 block built as a 300 (Ford F100) with the offenhauser 4 bbl intake. Installing Go Efi 4 as we speak. With Fitech FCC. Also using 1986 4.9L exhaust manifolds on this old (1972) motor. Acts as headers but super cheap and Ox2 bung already in the manifolds.

      1. Peter,

        Thanks for your answer. Keep on Fordin’

  85. I am installing you dual quad setup on my car. Do I need to run a fuel line and return line on both units. I see you show both lines on the rear unit and no return line on the front one on a Mopar. I am running an in tank fuel pump

    1. If your pump is under 340lph you can use one return otherwise you have to use both. You will need to feed both throttle bodies however.

  86. I’m looking to install a system on a 2011 5.3 ls currently running a Victor, Jr intake with a 750 dp carb and an MSD 6LS controller. It has a Zex nitrous plate system and will be running a150/200 shot. I have a Aeromotive Stealth in tank pump with a regulator that can be configured for low pressure for a carburetor or by changing the spring can supply enough for fuel injection and it has a return system. I’m thinking probably in the 650/700 hp range. Will this system “replace” the MSD controller or will it just tie into it ? This engine in in a mid-engine conversion so I’m also concerned about the length of the wiring leads, especially to the handheld unit.

    1. The Power adder systems will work with and without a CDI box to control timing or not. You have every option open basically. The handheld does not need to be a permanent installation and all the user harness wires can be lengthened if needed. The Handheld cable is 6 ft long BTW.

  87. Any suggestions for breaking in a rebuilt engine? I have the engine on a run stand and need to run 20 mins or so at 2000 rpm.

    1. The break in will be the same. If you are at all worried about breaking in the engine with EFI i recommend that you do the break in with a carb. This is a crucial process so being comfortable with your setup is key. If you do break in the engine with the EFI be sure there is more than 18 inches of exhaust past the oxygen sensor to ensure it reads correctly.

    2. I ran mine at 2000rpm for 20 min for break in period and it must have been lean because it got the headers red hot and dulled out the header coating. Never had that happen with a carb.

      1. A common issue with break in is lack of exhaust. An oxygen sensor needs at least 18 inches of exhaust behind it or you risk a false lean reading that makes the engine run excessively rich.

        Also not enough timing will cause the same issue but that is no different of a situation than with a carb.

  88. I invited have the Means Street 800 when I try to start it just turns over but won’t fire. It’s reading rpm and it’s receiving 10 volts. Is that enough? Also if the fuel pump doesn’t have enough psi would it fire at all?

    1. If you dont have enough fuel pressure it may or may not start. You will need to make a throttle adjustment which is most likely your issue. Basically the engine is not getting enough air to start. Follow the IAC steps adjustments in the link below. Also be sure you are receiving voltage during cranking to the white wire.

  89. I have a 68 camaro so h a 327 & shortly headers with exhaust cut outs,where would u recommend installing the co2 sensor?

    1. There needs to be at least 18 inches of clean exhaust behind the oxygen sensor. Be sure your cut outs are further back to ensure that the oxygen sensor does not get fault readings from them.

  90. Does Distributor need to be locked down for timing to work correctly?

    1. If you are going to use the Timing Control feature in the EFI kit you will need a 2-wire magnetic pickup distributor that is locked out and phased.

  91. The air cleaner off my Holley 750 hits the Fitech on the passenger side. Do you reccomend any particular unit? Or do you know of a spacer that would raise the air cleaner enough to clear?

    1. There are a ton of drop bases out there so its hard to say which ones work. Check your speed shop or online retailer for them. We tend to use a hammer and clearance them ourselves here.

  92. My gas tank sender has a 1/4 in return line Would this size be too small

    1. We recommend a 3/8″ return so this will be a little small.

  93. how would i wire the EFI if i am running distributor less ignition on a LS engine?

    1. They will work with LS engines as long as they receive a RPM signal. However you will not be able to control timing.

  94. I have a Toyota FJ40 with a stock 2F. I’m considering your setup for my truck. Which system would you recommend for my engine. It’s a 4.2Liter.

    Can I use my stock electronic ignition? It’s from a 1986 land cruiser. Fully electronic.

    1. If the stock ignition is a 12 volt system it should work. If the stock ignition has a ballast resistor it will NOT work.

  95. Hi there, will my stock distributor and coil work with your 30002 kit? the truck is an 89 chevy with stock TBI setup. thanks

    1. The factory GM timing control distributor will not work with the system. If it is a large cap HEI it will work great.

  96. Just got everything together and running, idles smooth around 800 rpm. Going thru the readings on the handheld dashboard and see the vac readings are in the negatives. What are they supposed to read?

    1. This is a normal reading for vacuum. On some of our systems this vacuum section will also read boost psi which will then read positive numbers.

  97. , How accurate does the CID input need to be? I’m not certain if the motor I have has been bored and/or if it has a stroker(doubtful) but none the less, it appears to be built as a sleeper. Can I start at 351 and increase until the unit starts wigging out?

    1. You just need to be in the ballpark. The system has a lot of correctional ability so if you are off 30 CID I dont see an issue.

  98. What are the minimum sizes for both Sending Unit Pickup and Return line receptacles for the 30003? I am putting this on a 1974 Blazer with a 4 receptacle sending unit. Pickup is 3/8s (which your directions says is ok…however, I don’t recommend clamping the .08 hose to this…needs reducer) and I have two options for the return. The Center tube seems to be 5/16ths but looks to be a vapor return with a plastic filter thing (this is what your directions state is needed). The other option is what seems to be a 1/4 inch tube which is just open.

    1. The feed needs to be 3/8″ or larger and the return should be the same but may work with 5/16″

  99. have the 600HP system,starts and idles good and smooth,after a short run it will idle rough and start bogging on acceleration,I have followed all the steps,checked timing,checked fuel PSI, went through the set up sheet at least 5 times, the system is on a 350 chev. in a 1932 PU with posi and I cannot spin the wheels from a dead stop, but the carburetor allowed me to spin the wheels I know this system should work but I cannot seem to get to go, please help me get this going., thanks Bill

    1. Check for fault codes on the main menu under FAULT CODE. This may show if there is an issue with anything on the system

  100. I currently use a battery cut-off switch for my trunk mounted battery.
    I read in the instructions for my 2X4 1200 that the ECU needs 12V all the time or
    The learned maps will be lost. I assume this means I need to keep my battery cut “in”
    At all times or the system will need to re-learn every time I start the car?


    1. This information is NOT correct. You can use a battery cut off BUT you need to allow the system to save first which is about 30 second after key off. As long as you wait this 30 seconds you can cut power to the EFI and nothing will be lost.

  101. I own a Fitech 30012 1200 Poweadder, and I am using it for Blow through Procharger on a 383 SBC,(haven’t driven it much at all yet.) When I bought it in 2015, the fuel regulator was just vented to atmosphere (no vacuum hose), so I called and talked with y’all , and at the time, I was told to boost reference the regulator off the Bonnet/Hat. Now I see there has apparently been an update, and they now come with a vacuum line ran from the regulator to a full manifold vacuum port on the throttle body. I have people telling me I need to move it too full mainfold vacuum for it to work properly. Should I change mine to where it references from a full manifold vacuum source? Thanks!

    1. We have made the change to hook all regulators to manifold vacuum. I would recommend that you update to this but by no means will your system not work properly the other way. We just found that pulling fuel pressure down in a low load situation helps the learning feature in the EFI.

  102. Truck starts and runs for 5 seconds then dies. Will not start back for quite awhile. Where do I go from here?

    1. The number one answer for this is loss of power to the white wire during cranking. Other possibilities are no RPM reading in, low cranking voltage, or throttle closed too much.

  103. Putting this on a 351w turbo with 9lbs of boost, msd distributor, will this replace the factory ignition system? Or just the carb fuel system?

    1. We don’t provide the ignition system but if you get a 2-wire magnetic pickup distributor you can utilize the timing control feature in the EFI system. This will allow you to pull timing out when you are boosting the engine.

  104. I’m planning to buy the dual 1200hp 671 blower fitech system. Im going to run a a1000 fuel pump from aeromotive. Do I connect this fuel pump to the efi system and let it control it or run a fuel pump relay for it.

    1. You will need a relay. The FiTech ECU can only support pumps that draw 15 amps max.

  105. If I upgrade my factory electric in tank fuel pump. Do I connect it to the efi system

    1. Yes you can hook directly to the in tank pump as long as it draws less than 15 amps.

  106. What size is the inlet and outlet on the 1200 power adder? And is it a thread fitting or a push on and clamp?

    1. They are AN -6 inlets and return. If you are using a pump that flows more than 340 LPH you will need to run an external fuel pressure regulator and block the return on the throttle body.

      1. So if I ran an Aeromotive A1000 pump and a high pressure returnable regulator I can feed the throttle body with 58-60psi, and block off the return from the throttle body?

        1. That is correct.

  107. Hello Bryce, Help needed please. I’m having a severe problem with off idle stumble or hesitation and a severe hesitation after returning from deceleration. First let me give you a run down on my vehicle specifics. The kit is 30002 and is installed in a truck with a bone stock 1999 L31 5.7L vortec engine. It has a aftermarket intake and long tube headers and full dual exhaust. Factory advertised HP is 250. Running a MSD 8361 2 wire dizzy with blaster 2 coil. Kit is controlling timing. Aeromotive in tank pump #11569. Fuel pressure is right at 50PSI with vacuum on the regulator, and with no vacuum psi is dead on 58 at idle . Transmission is 700r4 and rear axle ratio is 4:10. I’ve tried changing settings in accel pump and dfco return as explained in basic setup instructions but nothing is helping with my problems. The settings for the above are accel pump and fast accel are at 25.0 at all temps as I seem to be having this issue at all temps. DFCO RETURN at 90. Base timing is set at 10 degrees BTDC with handheld showing spark advance at idle is 18.9 with 19″ of vacuum. Should these settings need to be changed that much from the stock calibration? I’m very disappointed so far and starting to wonder if there is a problem with this unit as it always makes a very loud whistle not hissing sound under heavy acceleration, and no there are no vacuum leaks unless they are coming in under acceleration. I need help with this as I don’t feel that my vehicle is no more reliable now than when I had carb installed.

    1. Please verify your ignition timing! Timing control is not self tuning and needs to be curved via the handheld to suet your engine. There is a sync procedure in the instructions this needs to be done as well. Bring the engine to 2k rpm, refer to the Dashboard for Spark Advance. Whatever Spark Advance says at 2k rpm make the engine do the same by using a timing light and turning the distributor manually.

  108. Just installed fi tech on stock 283 1957 chevy. Car does good at speed, but idles up and down, and running real rich. What can I do?

    1. If you have a sugeing idle, and it is rich you first need to disconnect all vacuum sources and make sure there are no vacuum leaks, then follow the attached guide for setting your IAC steps, once that is done please let us know if the issue persists and we will go further.

  109. Will the 600hp units work with a holley hp150 fuel pump what is the minimum fuel pressure needed before you need the command center

    1. Can this pump output 58PSI at 255 LPH of flow? if it cannot then no it will not be able to supply the EFI syste directly, and would need to be regulated to 7PSI to feed the command center, or be replaced with a larger pump and high pressure EFI rated fuel lines such as from our 40005 inline fuel pump kit.

  110. Hello ,what is the gauge of the large orange wire that goes to the fuel pump? how long is the wire ?

    1. It is a 12 gauge wire and is about 7 feet long from the factory harness.

    2. Hello, I have a Mallory Comp 9000 UniLite Breakerless Ignition P/N 9148201distributor with the Mallory coil. Is this an considered an HEI or a Ready to Run Distributor? Which wiring diagram should I use?

      1. This is not an HEI ignition. It would be considered a ready to run setup. I think this ignition uses a ballast resistor. If so it will NOT work with the EFI. The system needs a 12 volt operation ignition system.

  111. Hello , I run stock exhaust manifolds and I’m wondering how far back the o2 sensor should be ? I’ve got a 90 degree bend off the manifold would I be able to mount the o2 sensor approx 3 inches back from the 90 degree bend ?

    thanks !

    1. That location is fine for mounting the O2 sensor.

  112. Where can I find some instructions on connecting/wiring for a vehicle that has an AC system? I know that there is a wire for it (black wire) and that it should go to ground when the AC is on, but are there any suggestions how to wire this up?

    1. Connect it inline with the A/C clutch activation wire, when the A/C clutch comes on it will activate the A/C kick up.

  113. I have a 1964 Chev El Camino, 230 inline 6 cyl, will your product work with a offenhauser 5416 4 barrel intake,

    1. Yes the 30003 should work perfectly with this engine as it is below 400HP, so long as that intake is a standard square bore size.

      1. I am trying to get your Go Street 400hp 30003 working on my 66 chevy 250 inline 6. I can’t set the cylinder count to anything except 8 cylinder. this is causing the rpm to read lower than it is. The other issue is on startup, the rpm runs away (3000+ rpm) and the IAC steps stay at 200+ regardless of throttle position.

        1. Go to WRITE CAL TO ECU and load the DEFAULT V6 calibration. This will get you the correct tach reading.

  114. I’m running a 383 with 12.5 compresion what type or fuel is recommended, i was running an alcohol carb

    1. The systems can run unleaded gasoline and E85

  115. The 02 sensor is supplied with clamps and a gasket can I weld in the 02 sensor on a 15+ deg angle and not bother with the gasket and hose clamps.

    1. Yes you can weld the O2 bung to the exhaust.

  116. Hi there,
    I have a 1987 Grand Wagoneer, bone stock AMC 360, with the Motorcraft 2150 two barrel carb. I am ready to put my money down for the $795 system and the command center. Would I have to replace my intake manifold? Also, I’m points style ignition, would I have to upgrade to HEI setup?

    1. Preferably you would upgrade to a 4 bbl intake though there are 2 to 4 bbl adapters on the market. Also you do need to update your ignition and the HEI is a great option.

  117. I have a 1200hp system. I can set my afr target to as rich as 10.5:1 and the system will only hit 11.8 to 12.0. When data logging the target afr says 11.9? I lIke to run my car fairly rich. What do I need to do to get the afr I want? Also how do I get into the fuel tables so I can turn the loop off and make my own tune?

    1. You can do additional tuning if you install the provided software that is on the handheld. If you could please send up the datalog so we can give you better information on why your target AFR is not being matched. My email is

  118. I have a 78 f250 with dual tanks I have your 400 hp system and a 340lph fuel pump. The pump is mounted on the frame before me fuel tank selector. My problem is how do I run a return line to both tanks. I’d rather not spend more money on the sump kit you offer already have too much invested now

    1. You would need to get a second selector switch for the return side of the fuel system.

  119. I have a 215 buick v8 with a 142 suppercharge an msd cdi will this work on something this small. 4 speed stick, just mostly in town driving thanks Rod

    1. Yes it will. We have customers running this kit on 4 cylinder engines and rotaries.

  120. I’m considering getting the mean street 800 system, can I run this system with a holley blue fuel pump, 110gph, and regulator without using the fuel command center? Also can I run leaded race fuel with this system? Thanks

    1. The Mean Street EFI system needs to run at 58 psi and leaded fuel will kill the oxygen sensor.

  121. Yes is Fitech Fuel system Coast guard Approved for use in Marine applications

    1. It is NOT Coast Guard approved.

  122. What if I add A/C to a none power adder system like a # 30002

    1. The A/C in is for turning on an electric fan when the A/C is turned on. It has nothing to do with idle kickup. If you want to turn on a fan with A/C on you can used a relay to trigger a the fans.

  123. Do you have a marine application?

    1. Sorry. Our products are not marine certified.

  124. Hello I would like to know what you guys recommended about egr block off would this system run weird or even notice

    1. If emissions is not a factor for your vehicle I would recommend removing it.

  125. Does any of your throttle body systems have provisions for knock sensors?

    1. No it does not. Knock sensors are not a universal sensor so there is no real reason to include it.

  126. I have a 84 monte carlo ss with a stock 305. I plan on running your 400hp fitech on it cause the carb is no longer working. My original plan was to do a ls swap in the near future but money is the problem. If i place the fitech on the 305 for now can i later put it on my ls 5.3? Will it self tune again? And another thing is if i decide to run a tirbo on my ls can i change the injectors from the 400hp fitech to the 600hp injectors with out buying a whole new fitech system?

    1. All of our systems can be re-setup to work with different motors but they can not be upgraded. If you are interested in boosting an engine in the future it would be smart to purchase a power adder system which will support boost. The Go Street 400hp will NOT allow for boost.

  127. If i am running a ls 5.3 carb setup with your fitech 400hp do i need to get a msd 6014 also to run with it?

    1. You will need a coil pack driver to run your ignition. The EFI just needs a RPM signal from it.

  128. Is it ok to T off the tach signal form my MSD 6A to run to the Fitech and my tachometer?

    1. Yes you can T the two together to have them both get a tach signal.

  129. I would like to use the 30003 system on my flathead Merc. That’s probably putting out 150hp or so. You’ve responded to others that it can be used on low hp applications. Please confirm that this would be a reasonable application. Isn’t com flow a factor to be concerned with. I’m looking for improved drive ability over my 390cfm Holley carb. Thanks!!

    1. The Go Street EFI will work on your engine. Air flow is not the big factor with EFI as we dont rely on air velocity to pull fuel into an engine. EFI injects fuel with pressure.

  130. Can your system be used in marine applications? I would like to change out the 4bbl carb on my 1981 Searay with 5.7L mercruiser.

    1. Our systems are not Coast Guard approved for marine use.

    2. I want to run E85 thru the 1200hp 2×4 system on 350 chevy and weiand 6-71. This setup should make 600Hp. If taking away 30% for E85 from the fuel command center, it should not be sufficient. what fuel pump would FITECH reccomend?

      1. You will need a fuel pump that flows around 400 LPH to support 600 HP on E85.

  131. Hello,
    Is going to be an issue if I conect the white wire to the wire that source BAT terminar on the HEI?

    1. Hooking the FiTech’s white wire to the BAT terminal on a HEI may not work. Voltage during cranking needs to be checked in this location before using it. If the HEI gets at least 10 volts during cranking to the BAT terminal it will be okay to use.

  132. Is there any way to run more than 25psi on the Go EFI 4 600HP Power Adder?

    1. Unfortunately, the MAP sensor is built into the ECU and is not interchangeable.

      1. What will happen if i continue to run 30psi of boost on it?

        1. If you are running 30lbs of boost on one or our throttle bodies the system cant see anything past 25lbs. Therefore you will be miss fueling the engine.

  133. I’m using the Fitech 1200 power adder and was wondering how many cfms does it flow

    1. All of our throttle bodies flow 850 CFM.

  134. Can Go EFI 4 600 HP run on a 6 cylinder engine? Like V6 Alfa Romeo engine?

    1. Im not familiar with an Alfa Romero engine but the system will run on 6 cylinder engines as long as it can get a tach signal.

  135. I’m wanting to install your kit with the fuel pump system but my 1969 c10 has the tank relocated to the rear of the frame and it hangs down pretty low so I would not be able to mount the fuel pump as low as the tank what kind of problems will that cause thanks

    1. EFI fuel pumps push fuel but dont like to pull fuel. Because of this you need to place the fuel pump as close to the tank as possible and at or below the bottom level of the tank.

  136. I had a serious exhaust leak on the oxygen sensor side between the header and head. It was over a week before I was able to fix. Would it be best to reset and start the learn process over?

    1. The system will relearn eventually but resetting is a good idea. To reset the learn you need to go to GO EFI INITIAL SETUP. It is in Reset Learn.

  137. I do not have an electronic fan. Will the go efi still work?

    1. The system will work with or without being hooked up to electric fans.

  138. what is rpm noise

    1. RPM Noise is a code thrown by the EFI system when it doesn’t get a clean RPM input. The cause of this varies a lot but usually comes directly from the ignition system. Here are some common causes.

      CDI boxes and wiring causing RF noise
      Spark plug wires arcing
      module doing bad
      coil going bad
      loose wiring
      Alternator wire RF noise

  139. I’ve researched your systems on other check c10s and many have successful installs and id like to install one on a 84 c10 with dual tanks and a 408cid hyd roller around 475 hp with A/C – Id like to install 87 TBI baffled tanks with and aftermarket in tank pumps (one in each tank) (rated to fit your application) the one thing i cant seem to find is how to return the fuel to the dual tank setup as the TBI selector valve is rated for 65psi max. Can you help design a fuel system for me for this application that could utilize the dual tank setup without the fuel command center or a frame mounted pump and allowing the return fuel to get back to the selected tank ?

    1. There is no pressure in a return line. You can use the selector switch without any issues.

  140. What is the part number for the fuel injectors on the go EFI 4 600 hp system and where can I buy them?

    1. The injectors are only available from us. Please call us and we will get you more information. 951-340-2624

  141. I am not to sure if my IAC is right it keeps bounceing from 0 to 1, 0 to 2 , 0 to4 back to 0 to 2 then back to 0 to 4 then back to 0 to 1 then 0 to 3 and so on. Also idle revs up and then slows down to almost stall and keeps repeating.

    1. It sounds like you have a vacuum leak and the system is trying to compensate. Another possibility is RPM noise which can be checked in FAULT CODES in the Main Menu.

  142. Hi. I have the basic system on order. I have a 350 in my 1974 Corvette with an Edelbrock carb and a Bowtie Overdrive 200 4R Trans. and the Bowtie TV kit. Will the linkage be a problem?

    1. Yes, Our linkage is modeled after a holley carbs linkage. Contact Bowtie and they will get you into the correct kick down bracket.

  143. I have a 1987 chevy pickup that has the factory fuel injection. Im in the process of doing a engine swap and would like to know if the 340 L/PH In-Tank Fuel Pump -Part No: #40102 would be a direct replacement for the in tank fuel pump that it currently has or if i would need the fuel command center?

    1. With little to no modification the 40102 will fit.

  144. would I need two fuel command centers when using the 1200hp dual quad system on a small block chevy running a 6-71 supercharger?

    1. If your engine is making less than 750 HP you can use a single FCC. If your engine makes more hp, I would recommend looking at a different option such as a high flow in-tank pump.

  145. I am adjusting the IAC and the primary screw is all the way in and I am at IAC steps = 15. I cannot get it any lower. If I back it out they climb normally. It idles okay but IAC steps are too high according the to set-up. Is there a way to resolve this? Can I make a slight adjustment on the secondary side? Idle is a bit rich. AFR is set at 14.0

    1. Is this a large CID motor?

      1. Yes, it is 521 CID Ford crate motor

        1. If you have a big cam and little vacuum turning the throttle adjustment in a lot makes sense. If you have under 8 inches of vacuum at idle target an Idle AFR of 15.

          1. Thanks Bryce. Idle vacuum is about 12 inches, Cam is #3. I was thinking AFR around 14.5 +/- but would like your input. Will the leaner AFR effect OAC steps also? Also, will leaner idle AFR effect other performance settings?

          2. A leaner AFR at idle will alter the amount of air the engine needs which changes IAC steps. You can basically play with AFR at idle and see what then engine likes.

  146. I happened to pop off the vacumm cap off the back driver side large vacumm port, which I beleive is for a power brake booster if you use it. When it popped off there was some gas in the cap. I cleaned it off dry and put it back on. Started it up again and took off after and some more small gas. Is this normal? There is no leaking when running

    1. Fuel is being injected up higher in the throttle body so some fuel will find its way there.

  147. I have the power adder 600 hp on a 463 bbc. I have a problem with the 3/8 vacuum port on the drvers side. It wont operate my power breaks. Can i just use the intake vacume.

    1. The vacuum port is just a normal vacuum port so it should not be any different than if you get vacuum from the manifold. Check engine vacuum on the handheld. Maybe your engine combo is not good for a lot of vacuum.

  148. Hi there, I just purchased the 1200hp power adder unit and am going to be running a turbo. My downpipe comes out the front fender and is only about 24 inches long. Do you have any tips on how to mount the O2 sensor so it doesn’t get burned up being too close to the turbo outlet or get a bad reading from fresh air at the end of the pipe?

    1. The oxygen sensor should be located in the down pipe with at least 18″ of exhaust pipe behind it.

  149. I have the basic 600hp kit. Can it be wired in with my AC to turn up the idle when when the AC turns on or will it automatically keep the idle where it’s set at?

    1. EFI actively targets an idle speed. If your AC turns on the EFI will compensate automatically to it and idle at the same speed as if it was off.

  150. yes I was having a noise code so I replaced all my ignition even change my distributor I got all new now and it’s still want to load up and now I am getting noise code plus 0000 do you have any advice for me thank you

    1. Ignition noise can also come from poor engine grounding or from a AC voltage items such as back feeding from an alternator or electric fans.

  151. Good day. I plan on putting your system on a couple of SBF 302 engines. One has the factory 85 EGR dual plane manifold, and the other has an aftermarket single plane manifold. Both engines are under 400hp and street driven. My questions are … What intake does your system like better, single or dual plane? When using an in tank pump, what LPH does your system need? Thanks.

    1. FiTech EFI systems do NOT care what intake they are on. They will work on both single and dual plane intakes.

      If you are trying to run a 400 HP engine you will need a 180LPH or higher flowing fuel pump.

  152. I currently have a holly 770 on gmpp zz383 with 700r4 trans. I have the correct holly bracket to correct geometry for tv cable. Will that same bracket work on fitech to correct geometry for tv cable? I also have the holly mounting bracket to hold throttle cable and tv cable. It uses the hold down bolt for carb to intake. Will that also work?

    1. All of your brackets will change over to the FiTech throttle body.

  153. My mechanic lost the return port plug. Wondering where I can order one and what is needed. Thanks!

    1. Please email and we can help you with that.

  154. my controller when hooked up to the module is saying insert T F card any help on this

    1. Make sure that the memory card has not fallen out of the bottom of the handheld. If it is in there try taking it out and putting it back in. You need to press in on the card for it to click out.

  155. Hello I have a 1991 mustang and I’m getting ready to buy a system, but I didn’t find any information about the TPS sensor. I converted my car over to a 4R70w later model transmission and it requires the use of a TPS sensor which is mounted on the side of a Holley 4 barrel. Does the system incorporate a sensor?

    1. We have an on board TPS sensor, you need Casper electronics #108103 harness break out extension in order to use our TPS for reference.

  156. Do you need to have a return line back to the gas tank.

    1. Yes you need a return line unless your using command center then you will need a vent line to the tank

  157. The mean street and Go street systems must run on 43psi. this is what they are calibrated for. it will not damage them to be a higher pressure but they will slightly over fuel if they are.

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