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FiTech Throttle Body Dimensions

These are the dimensions of the FiTech throttle body. View and save in PDF version below

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  1. Can you use a drop base air cleaner with your throttle body? I have a customer with 1970 corvette that has a edelbrock 600 cfm electric choke carb on it now, and he wants to try fuel injection! It all fits under the hood barely now with about 1/2″ clearance!

    Thanks in advance

    1. Drop base air cleaners do fit the FiTech throttle bodies. We can not guarantee that it will work without modifications though.

      1. I have a Quadrajet on an Eidelbrock Performer manifold with a 7/8″ drop base filter and not much room to spare under the bonnet. What sort of modifications might be involved to fit the 30004 power adder with a drop base ?

        1. The highest point on the throttle body is the return port so some massaging of the air cleaner base may be needed. The throttle body itself is 3.25 inches tall.

    2. I have a K&N drop base that wouldn’t fit….. I ended up taking a torch and heating up the base plate in one spot then beating a golf ball size dibbit in it. Fits and works great now!

  2. how tall is the fitech throttle body

    1. 3.25″ tall. This is the same as most 4 bbl carbs.

  3. Do I need a return spring or are the return springs on the 30003 enough ?

    1. This is a personal preference. I personally dont use one.

  4. What are the thread sizes for the fuel inlet fittings on the throttle body? I need to run dual -6an lines to my unit so i need to buy another inlet fitting.

    1. The inlet threads are 9/16-24.

  5. can the in and out fuel be moved to the front on throttle body

    1. The inlet fitting can be moved to either front plug but the return has to be the passenger rear.

  6. Will the go EFI (400hp) unit fit on a 1965 GTO stock 4brl manifold? It has 4 separate smaller holes typical of the old Carter carbs

    1. We have had success with Carter 4bbl intakes. The system will bolt directly to this intake and should have full motion of the throttle.

  7. Will the unit cause any shaker hood clearance issues on a Pontiac Trans Am?

    1. The throttle body is the same height as a carb and should fit without issue.

  8. What is the thread size for the return line?

    1. The return fitting is 10mm X 1.25mm straight threads.

  9. Will this be a direct replacement on top an intake which has a Carter WCFB carb or will an adapter be needed?

    1. The EFI throttle body will bolt directly to a Carter flange intake.

  10. I am having clearance issues with the intake fuel port on the mean street EFI body and a 1969 Mustang Cobrajet shaker air cleaner base. I would prefer not to alter the air cleaner base. It fits fine without the fuel line attached; however, both a 45 degree and 90 degree 6-an fitting hit the edge of the drop base. It looks like a banjo carb fitting will clear the base. Will the system work with a 6-an to 9/16-24 carb banjo inlet fitting? I am unsure whether the sharp 90 degree angle of this fitting will restrict fuel flow and cause problems. Thanks so much. -Brad

    1. Yes you can use a banjo bolt and your are correct that the inlet thread is 9/16-24.

  11. What size is the ports in the 1200hp power adder, and what is the cfm?

    1. The system flows 850 CFM. This kit really works well with boosted applications.

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