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FiTech Fuel Pump Dimensions

These are the dimensions of the FiTech Inline Frame Mount Fuel Pump Kit. View and save in PDF version below.

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  1. Can I run a -6 fuel line with an intank pump. Walbro 340lph and a -6 return

    1. Yes you can.

    2. I have an1988 corvette and looking at the 400 hp model. Is the stock fuel pump sufficient to operate this unit? It now has a 355 rebuilt motor with a 600CFM Holley carb and a manual fuel pressure control. As far as I can determine , the stock pump was about 39 psi with return line and vent line. The engine is rated at 400HP and 402 LBS of torque

      1. You will need a higher flowing fuel pump than the stock one. The stock pump was designed to support a 245hp engine.

  2. Hi, i just bought the fitech 600hp, now i want to use a 340 LPH IN-TANK pump with a RETURN LINE… i plan to buy my pump on EBAY but the seller told me that this pump is a NOT RETURN STYLE PUMP!!….. my question is : Do you know if i will able to reach 58 pound of pressure with that pump and a return line installed??? i’m scared that the release valve on the pump open before 58 psi !!!
    What do you think??? thank you very much!!

    ps. excuse my english i’m a quebec frenchman 🙂

    1. I would have to know what pump it is to give a definite answer but if the pump has a max pressure higher than 58 psi (most efi pumps have max pressures of 90-120 psi) the system will maintain the correct pressure with using a return line.

  3. Is there a minimum or maximum micron filter requirement?Or which works the best?

    1. Leading into the fuel injection system we recommend 30 or lower micron filters. The smaller the micron the finer the filter.

  4. Using the in line pump on a stock tank in a 60 impala.. Can I use a moroso 65385 for a r4turn and will a vented gas cap be sufficient?
    327 mild cam maybe 400 hp

    1. This will work other than you will need an additional vent. A vented cap is not sufficient as it only vents one way.

  5. I read that you can use a stock tank, I have a new tank that will have a welded sump for the return line. My question is I want to use your inline pump, im useing the middle line on the sending unit to vent will I need an existing vent?

    1. You will need 3 ports on the tank. Fuel Feed, Fuel Return, and a Vent.

  6. Does the Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump kit for Fitech, meet all the requirements for filters and pumps for the Go Street EFI 400 HP?

    1. Yes that fuel pump kit is perfect for that model EFI system.

  7. Im using a Walbro in pump with the fitech 600hp unit. What micron filter is suitable for set up?

    1. A 10 micron post EFI filter is what is recommended.

  8. Using the Fitech stand alone fuel pump with return, what pwm parameters should be set and at what values?

    1. The system is preset for your application.

      1. The system would not run at preset. It would surge and die after about 30 seconds. On the initial set up screen there is an option of “if FCC 40” that was set to 0 not in the set-up directions received in the box or the handheld controller feature definitions. I had originally ignored this setting since I was not running the fuel command center (FCC). Only after watching the dashboard fuel pump value drop to 0 after the 30 secs did I go back and as a troubleshoot, set this value to 40. Now it starts and runs great with awesome throttle response. However, ultimately, is this the correct setting for running the frame mount fuel pump vs the fuel command center? I had seen one other post that says it should have been set to 74.9 pwm. Seems like a large gap and I want to make sure I’m getting the most out of the investment and even more importantly not causing damage by not asking.

        1. The default setting should be at 74.9 but lowering it is fine with with the FiTech frame mount pump kit. You can lower the number as low as possiblw while still maintaining full fuel pressure. This is used to slow down the fuel pump in low load situations therefore keeping the pump cooler. If you are using another manufacturers fuel pump you need to contact them and ask if the pump can be pulse width modulated.

  9. Hi i have #30002
    For fuel system i have Aeromotive stealth 340 pumo in tank
    With an8 feed and an6 for return
    Do i need an extra pressure regulator for this setup?

    1. The regulator in the throttle body will handle this fuel system. Just hook both feed and return directly to the throttle body.

  10. Hello, I drive a 400 cui sbm with a novi 2200. The engine make 900 hp on dyno. I run a aeromotive a1000 fuel pump. Can I use this pump with your fi tec 12oo System.
    Kind regards Marcus

    1. You can use an Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump with a FiTech Kit. You will however need a relay and bypass regulator to run that pump. Also the EFI is for use with unleaded fuel only.

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