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FiTech Fuel Command Center 40003 Blue Collar Camino

Fuel Command Center # 40003 On Mike’s Blue Collar 65 El Camino autocross / road race / machine! Also Part # 30004 GO EFI 4 Power Adder 600HP EFI controlling a 100 shot of nitrous!

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6 comments on “FiTech Fuel Command Center 40003 Blue Collar Camino

  1. I’m looking at the dual quad set up for a ford 385 series big block stroked to a 552. I was curious as to fuel milage in a ball park figure. ill be running a comp cams mother thumper cam. compression will be roughly 9:1 9..5:1 combustion chambers in the ford alum. scj heads at 76cc. my ball park guess with your system is in the teens with normal driving.

    1. It is hard to predict what gains you will get in fuel economy. If I had to guess it would be around 5-7 MPG improvement. Again this is a guess as I have seen people drop mileage and even triple mileage! You have the ability optimize your AFR (air fuel ratio) to best suite your engine.

  2. I’m not getting a big enough shot of fuel at startup
    So I have to cycle my key on & off several times to
    Get enough fuel to start. If I pour a little gas directly
    Into it it’ll start right up. How do I correct that problem? Other than that I’m loving it, but I’ve only
    Had it running a couple days.

    1. The setting is in GO EFI TUNING then CRANK AND WARM UP.

      Prime fuel Multi is the prime shot
      Cranking fuel is fuel injected during cranking.

  3. will a fitech fuel injection system work good with a large duration camshaft? 355 ci intake lift .513 exhaust .498 duration 283 intake 303 exhaust 107 lobe separation.

    1. Our systems will work with as little as 4-5 inches of vacuum. Now with larger cams additional tuning is required and is not 100% self learning. If you engine makes 8 or more inches of vacuum tuning becomes a lot easier.

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