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FiTech EFI Nitrous Instructions

These are the instructions for Nitrous applications. View and save in PDF version below.

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8 comments on “FiTech EFI Nitrous Instructions

  1. Want to use a 30004 on a 225 slant six with turbo and direct port meth injection
    Want to know if we can use the nitrous controls on the fi tech to operate the meth

    1. We have not tried it here but people have done it. I have never received information back so if you give it a try let us know!

  2. do you have to use the power adder fi tech for nitrous or can you keep it as a stand alone system?

    1. You need a Power Adder kit for use with nitrous.

  3. I’m an using the 30004. The brown nitrous wire never provides a path to ground. Nitrous control is enabled, solenoid driver is enabled. Min tps is set to 90. Min rpm is set to 2500.

    If I ground that terminal of my relay manually the nitrous works perfect.

    1. The engine needs to be running to check this but be sure the 12 volt nitrous input wire is getting power and for testing purposes set the TPS setting lower for now. Be aware their are a lot of window settings and you need to refer to the dashboard to verify that the system matches all of them for it to work.

  4. What nitrous kit would you use on a Fitech EFI system Carb plate or EFI fogger kit

    1. Traditionally we would use a wet carb plate nitrous system.

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