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FiTech EFI Fuel Injection System Overview

FiTech EFI has a great line of bolt on throttle body EFI systems for your classic vehicle. Ken walks you through what makes the FiTech system unique and how his kits are designed to deliver the most bang for the buck. So if you have a moderate horsepower cruiser or a supercharged monster, FiTech EFI has the right throttle body EFI unit for you and your build.

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35 comments on “FiTech EFI Fuel Injection System Overview

  1. Sir.I have a 1988 351w efi truck engine with a speed density computer that will not let me upgrade my engine for more hp.and. and torque. I would like to use fi tech kit 300002 .will this kit work with my 351w computer controlled cam until I am able to put in a different cam which is also a computer controlled cam thank you sir for any help.

    1. Steven,

      Depending on your states smog regulations you may not be able to convert to a FiTech EFI system. If it is legal in your state to modify your engine to include the FiTech EFI all you need is an intake manifold and a conventional 12v ignition system.

  2. I want to install your unit on a 1966 corvette full power roadster. Will I have room for the fuel pressure canister? This is my main concern. The power steering, brakes and air conditioner leaves little room.

    1. We have dimensions on this website. I cant say yes or no but you do have the option of our frame mount fuel pump kit as well.

  3. Can and this system be used without an O2 sensor after initial dial-in

    1. I do not recommend using this system without the oxygen sensor.

  4. What distributor should I use with bb chevy with a 6-71 blower and I want to use two throttle bodies?

    1. We use distributors from Top Street Performance on our test engines here.

  5. I am concidering running an EFI system on one of my cars.
    What I would like to know is what the difference would be between the 400 and the 600 HP system on a 250-300 HP 351 Cleveland engine. apart from the timing control option on the bigger unit.
    I would really like the possibility of having timing control, but will there be any downside to 600 unit on lower powerlevels?
    Does low end response and torque stay the same with the 600HP unit, or would it loose low end torque and response similar to what a big carb does compared to a smaller one?

    1. There are no downsides to using larger HP capacity systems as EFI manages the amount of fuel the engine needs. You could technically use the Go EFI 8 Poweradder with your engine as it is still within its HP limits.

      Check out our breakdown on the main page.

  6. The throttle needs to run 1:1 because the EFI system injects fuel into all 4 venturies of the throttlebody.

  7. I have the 600hp power add on a 6.0 about how many miles does it take the system to get a good tune. It lags a little bit on the take off if I really step on it. I was just wondering if that was from it still learning because I haven’t put many miles on it.

    1. The system always learns and only learns how you drive. If you never go WOT the system will never learn it. The EFI learns the situation it is in extremely fast so if you want to make the system learn everything fast just drive the vehicle in all conditions of throttle input. Example, neighborhood driving , light cruise, city street, highway, heavy throttle, etc.

      To work on your stumble on accel the adjustment is in GO EFI TUNING > ACCEL PUMP > FAST ACCEL 170 > increase this value by 10.

  8. I want to install the 600 up system on a 383 SB in a 66 Chevelle. Can I use the stock fuel tank and run your external fuel pump? Also running MRS 6al box and distributor.

    1. A stock fuel tank can be modified to run a return line. Look at our 40005 frame mount fuel delivery kit to utilize the stock tank.

  9. Are there actually injectors that can be replaced if they fail or do you have to replace the entire throttle body if an injector fails.

    1. There are injectors in the throttle bodies and they can be replaced if needed.

  10. Three questions Concerning set-up requirements of the new 30003 kit:
    (1) I assume the external fuel delivery hose (feed line pressures) HAS to be at EFI level of >58 psi.
    (i.e. I understand the pressure regulator is included inside the TB, but no tiny EFI pump included inside right???

    (2) Does the unit HAVE to be installed & run in the typical horizontal orientation with respect to gravity??
    Or can it be installed, for example, as if a side-draft carb??

    (3) Are all 4 throttle blades CFM Air matched i.e. (& tightly mechanically synchronized) especially at lower throttle settings
    ( e.g idle & just off idle). . . . . I
    I’m ‘concerned because my project, H4 (“Boxer”) style engine & manifold, is planned on having 4 individual cylinder runners
    up to the base of each of the 4 bores of the 30003 TB unit. PS: I can change my manifold plans if HONEST ANSWER is “no” to air matching.
    Still interested in buying either way! ! ! !

    1. 1. A separate EFI fuel system (40003 or 40005) needs to be purchased along with the EFI kit to operate at the correct fuel pressure.

      2. The system can technically be ran upside down as long as fuel pressure is supplied to it. We have NO testing on this. Side-draft is more feasible than up-draft as we are injecting fuel before the butterflies in the throttle body. There needs to be air velocity to pull the fuel into the engine.

      3. We do not check for flow match but the machining of the butterflies is extremely precise. I find it hard to imagine that they differ from veturi to venturi very much.

  11. IS there any type of “Transmission Control” on the GO EFI systems?


    1. There is no transmission controls on any Go EFI system.

  12. Will this support 1000 HP on e85?

    1. The Go EFI 8 1200 kit which is out larges horsepower capacity system will support 840HP on E85.

  13. Sir, I am interested in more info on the G-surge tank fuel control canister systemr but only see it on a tech shoe trailer.
    Can you help me with more info as, I’d like to run it.

    1. We are going to have more information shortly on these.

  14. I’m updating an gm TBI pickup, as for my fuel set up, can I run an aeromotive 340 intank pump and have it run the system properly? I’m running a 383 ported vortex heads comp roller cam, right at 450 HP nothing to hot, I am using a bypass regulator and a Holly carb right now, as my TBI won’t run the engine worth a damn. I want to go back to EFI and simplify and keep an in tank pump if possible.

    1. A 340 lph in tank pump will work just fine with the EFI system.

  15. My controller has a fault code of p0000 what does this mean? The engine starts, runs and dies.

    1. This code doesn’t really mean much. If it pops up more than once it could be linked to poor grounding however.

  16. I I see fault 1 showing number 36 sometimes it’s 0 like the rest. Any ideas

    1. Faults in the DASHBOARD are momentary. For actual faults go to the MAIN MENU and see option 7 or 8. It is called FAULT CODE and will show you actual faults with descriptions on the fault.

  17. I have a 30002 system on my pickup with a la 360 and live in a cold climate, I’m having some issues with cold starts from 30f and below, is there an adjustment I can make to help with this?

    1. To adjust cold cranking you will need to go to GO EFI TUNING and into the section called CRANK AND WARM UP. This is where you can adjust the amount of fuel the engine gets during cranking at different temperatures.

  18. I will be adding a kit to my 71 El Camino with 454. I need the dims of the o2 sensors so I can place them in my exhaust.
    Do you have the make and model of the sensors.

    1. The sensor is a bosch 17014, the thread size is 18mm x 1.25 its about 2 1/2 inches long before the cable.

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