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Why are your systems so inexpensive?

We like to answer that with another question. Why are the others so expensive? It’s a throttle body, 4 injectors, a few sensors and an ECU. Not much there when you really break it down. Our OE ties allow us to source components at a great rate and our engineering is spread over many projects so it is not all rolled into the price of one system. We have been designing OE systems privately for 16 years and believe that the only way the EFI will EVER replace a carburetor is if the cost gets more reasonable. We have been working to make that happen and this is the first step. Expect more in the future ! Go EFI!!

4 comments on “Why are your systems so inexpensive?

  1. Hi, planning to buy the EFI soon.
    Will the fuel command center work in a 1979 ford bronco off-roading, minor mountain-dirt roads, potholes, mud etc..?

    Thank You.

    1. When using a Fuel Command Center it needs to be no more than mild off-road condition. In essence the FCC is nothing more than a giant carb float bowl so if you are off axis for a period of time it is possible to drain the tank and stall out.

  2. if running e85,can you go from e85 to gas and back with out any problem

    1. When switching between the two fuels you can either change the CID back from 30% larger on E85 or you can save 2 backup calibrations using READ CAL FROM ECU. Just choose a backup to save each cal too. When you want to switch just use WRITE CAL TO ECU and select that backup to write to the ECU.