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What kind of distributor do I need to control ignition timing?

You need a 2 wire distributor ‘locked out’ ( this is easily done on MSD or equal distributors) like Summit or Jegs brands.

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  1. I purchased a Go EFI 4 -600 can I use a MSD 85551 distributor or what do you suggest? I have a chevy 350.

  2. i have a go efi power adder 4 and im wanting to hook it up to my tb42 nissan safari. now there is very little in the way of after market dizzys but i do have a Pertronix Electronic Ignition 2 kit fitted now what i was needing to know is this able to work with the power adder? the Pertronix Electronic Ignition II connects to the coil positive (to power the module) and coil negitive (to control the spark) im needing to know what colour wire to hook up on the 2 wire pigtail for the magnetic dizzy control?

    1. To utilize timing control you need a 2-wire magnetic pickup distributor. One with nothing but a pickup inside that can be locked out and phased. A Pertronix ignition is a complete ignition with module built in so it will NOT work with timing control. These distributors can still be used but in a conventional tach input setup.

  3. I have just received a crane 3 wire optical pick up distributor, is it possible to use it? The 3 wires are obviously power, earth and signal.

    1. This distributor will NOT work with timing control. You need a magnetic pickup type distributor.

  4. can a mopar lean burn 2 wire dizzy be used with the efi running it directly doing away with rest of mopar box and ballest resister?

    1. It will not work with the EFI system. You need run a 12 volt digital ignition.

  5. Can an MSD Pro-Billet Ready-To-Run EFI Distributors 8456 be used with the 600hp unit?

    1. This distributor will not work with timing control but will work in the conventional tach in with the EFI.

  6. Is it possible for you to list a few distributors that would work for a SBC? Thanks!

    1. Any distributor that have the 2-wire plug on it will work. We are after the magnetic pickup only.

  7. Checking to see if my distributor will support timing control. The wires labeled TACH, BAT, B+, GRD and C-. Thanks.

    1. The wiring you have described is a ready to run distributor so you can not do timing control follow figure 9 in the instructions