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What is the fuel pressure of the pump?

That is more the job of the regulator, on the Command Center the standard pressure is 4 bar or 58 psi. This is the Factory Preset for our Go EFI line of products. We offer 3 bar 43.5 psi replaceable regulators as an additional option for customers who might want to use the Command Center in conjunction with other brand EFI systems that may run a lower pressure. These regulators are easily changeable with 2 mounting screws and are available on our website under the “Accessories” section.

14 comments on “What is the fuel pressure of the pump?

  1. Can I use my stock fuel pump with the fits h?
    I have a 1989 Ford F-250 with 351 Windsor.
    I installed a pressure guage in the supply line side.
    When the engine is running it holds steady at 50 lbs pressure.
    It is surging and falls off when I begin wide open throttle.
    Could it be that the pump is not supplying enough fuel?
    This system has a fuel pump in each tank that delivers fuel to the frame mounted fuel pump and returns to the tank that it is drawing from.

    1. This sounds like the pump can NOT supply enough fuel to maintain pressure to the EFI system.

  2. can i use a 340 lph in-tank no return style pump??

    1. A return in needed when using EFI fuel pumps otherwise you will over pressurize the system.

  3. Is the stock 88 corvette in tank pump acceptable for this fitech?

    1. Our system runs a 58 psi so if your pump can run at that pressure it will work.

  4. I have a fuel cell with internal areomotive steal 340 pump, is this pump good enough to run you efi on my 871 blown small block.

    1. That pump is good for 800 horsepower naturally aspirated.

  5. I have a Holley 150 hp pump would that work with this set up

    1. Contact Holley and see if that pump will run at 58 psi.

  6. Is there a way I can run leaded fuel

    1. Leaded fuels will kill the oxygen sensor therefore we don’t recommend using it.

  7. Can I use it without the O2 sensor

    1. The system will not function properly without an oxygen sensor.