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What advantages does Ignition Timing Control have?

Ignition timing control allows the timing to be set to what the user desires with RPM and vacuum, without having to change springs, weights, or vacuum advance settings. It allows the timing with boost to be adjusted to be less than non-boost conditions. If a Power Adder system is used with timing control, the spark advance can be retarded when nitrous is used. There is an idle stability function to improve idle speed control by quickly advancing when the RPMs drop, and retarding when it jumps too high at idle. It allows the cranking spark advance to be lower than the idle spark advance, to keep the engine from kicking back on the starter.

8 comments on “What advantages does Ignition Timing Control have?

  1. Does the user have complete ability to modify the timing tables ?

    1. You have complete ability to adjust the timing curve and we do recommend that you take advantage of it if you are running timing control.

  2. How can i get ignition control on a 30008 efi kit

    1. The Mean Street EFI does NOT have this capability.

  3. Does model 30002 goefi4600hp have a switchable timing retard function for a nitrous wet plate

    1. No it does not. You need the 30004 to have that ability. Pt# 30002 is for naturally aspirated engines only.

  4. Is the vacuum advance curve controlled as well?
    What msd distributor do I need for a 302 ford?

    1. Timing control is adjustable via load (vacuum) and RPM.