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The ECU has several functions that “Learn” what the required settings are based on sensor signals. The fuel learns how much correction is needed to achieve the target AFR, at steady state.

Cal No-Save 196 = Sometimes, the changes made to the calibration DON’T want to be saved – to prevent saving at Key Off, set this value to 196.

TPS Zero Count = This is FYI only – it’s not ‘adjustable’ in the calibration. It shows the learned value of the TPS when it’s fully closed.

Fault Clear 1 = Set this to 1 in order to clear any recorded faults. This can be used if a repair has been made, or perhaps if a false fault has been detected, or fault diagnostics are being done to solve a problem.

Reset All Learn = Set this to 1 to return all learned values to the default values. This clears the fuel learning, idle air learning, and closed throttle position learned value.

Reset Fuel Learn = Set this to 1 to clear the fuel learning.

Reset IAC Learn = Set this to 1 to clear the IAC learning.

Reset TPS Learn = Set this to 1 to clear the TPS closed position learning.

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  1. Are all “learned” settings stored if all battery power is lost? For example when replacing a battery.

    1. Memory will be stored in the ECU if you key off on the system and wait 30 seconds before removing the battery positive lead.

  2. If you are running boost is the self learning still functionable?, in other words I’m installing a ls 6.0 with turbo, will it self learn with this setup?, thanks for any help

    1. Yes, self learning works in boost. Have you seen our new Ultimate LS?

  3. How Can i reset all learnings and start over again ?

    1. Follow these steps.

      On Main Menu go to Write Cal To ECU
      Select Default V8 T195O
      Load File
      Once complete redo Initial Setup.

  4. I have a mean street 800 installed & I can’t get the unit to idle at the set hot rpm in gear. What can I do to change the idle ( currently to low)

    1. Follow the IAC setup in the Basic Setup section. Link is below.

  5. is there a limit to the adaptation? ie +/- 25%
    if yes, can i set the current adaptation to the base maps and have the full range for learning again?

    1. The systems correctional factor is +/- 50% which is so large that you do not need to to re-scale the VE tables.

  6. I have the street efi version. how should i correct the idle hang if I don’t have access to the IAC loop rate feature?
    I’m asking this here because I’m sure others are having this issue

    1. Turn on pro tuning in Display Setup. In there you can change the Decel Open IAC. Drop the value to around -20 to start.

  7. Is there a system that will work with a 4.3 vortec?

    1. All of our kits have 6 cylinder calibrations that will work on that engine.

  8. At what temp does the self learning start? I’m running a turbo 6.2 LS with a carb intake and the 1200PA TB and would like to keep running temps fairly low, but I want to have plenty of learn time as I drive also. I posted this question a couple days ago in the closed loop section, but it vanished. I think this is very important info for anyone interested in or might already own one of your EFI systems. Is the “learn ON” temp adjustable on the PA TBs , by chance too ?

    1. Closed loop temp on is adjustable but it is set very low. It is at 120 degrees i believe.