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Is there an advantage to putting the O2 sensor behind the X pipe to get a blended reading of both headers?

That’s a trade-off! While you would get a blended reading , the X pipe is far back in the system and would not react quickly. We find that one collector works fine and gives instant readings and fast response to the ECU. My vote is for the single collector!

14 comments on “Is there an advantage to putting the O2 sensor behind the X pipe to get a blended reading of both headers?

  1. Can I put the 02 sensor right after the collector?
    I have ceramic headers and don’t want to drill and weld on the headers..

    1. Yes, You can locate the oxygen sensor just after the header collector.

  2. I have an exhaust system but would like to occasionally run open headers for racing. Where is the best place to locate the o2 sensor?

    1. The oxygen sensor needs to be placed in the header collector or just after. It also needs 18″+ exhaust behind it to ensure a proper reading.

  3. what size fitting do I need to get for the oxygen sensor

    1. We provide a clamp on oxygen sensor bung that you can also weld on if wanted.

  4. Angle of oxygen sensor. I had bungs put in the headers before reading your directions. The bungs look to be horizontal or slightly pointing downward 2 to 5º . Can I use one of these to start
    and tune EFI until I can get the angle changed changed ? Go Street with command Center.
    Thank You

    1. You can use these but understand that this angle will make moister collect in the sensor which will shorten its life. How short? Its a gamble but would still work fine up until it give out.

  5. I have a SB Chevy. My compression at around 12 5. 1 My car runs off C-12 race gas. Will I still be able to use one of your system or do you have to have a special O2 sensor.

    1. Leaded race fuels are not safe for the oxygen sensor.

  6. I have a basically stock 340 that I am running in a 55 Plymouth. My installation is nearing completion. I find that the best place (most accessible) will place the O2 sensor about 12″ beyond the exhaust manifold flange and also in a near vertical position. Will this be a good Mounting point?

    1. The oxygen sensor will work in this location.

  7. On LS engines there are two O2 sensors one for each side, why is that you only provide one O2 sensor and does it make a difference which side it goes on to, I have a 67 327/300 with one side that has a heat riser valve that is closed when cold and the other side has none, please provide guidance

    1. The throttle body injects fuel into an intake plenum. There is no way for the EFI to control where the fuel goes so it comes down to the intake manifold design to distribute fuel and air to the cylinder. Even if there was 2 sensors the system could not add fuel to one bank of the engine which renders the additional sensor useless.