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If I have an HEI, can I use the timing control feature?

No you cannot. You will be running what we call “Fuel only”. You still have an awesome system and we love this setup due to the high reliability of the HEI so don’t be afraid to keep yours if you have one. They are great units!

13 comments on “If I have an HEI, can I use the timing control feature?

  1. regarding the non compatibility with HEI timing control. How does it differ from the aftermarket distributors that are also electronic? I,E. hall sensors, mag pickup, etc.? Is it because of the built in module for dwell control?

    I wanted to use my HEI but with timing mapping and programming. I assume from your answer that that is not possible.

    Thank you.

    1. The EFI systems are looking for a magnetic type pickup to run the timing control. We recommend that you phase the distributor to get the most out of your ignition system. Due to custom modifying required to get an HEI to control timing we don’t recommend them. We prefer 2-wire distributors that come with the ability to be locked out.

    2. You can use hei with timing controll you need painless harness pt#8860-8861 to bypass the mod and go straight to controll box to 6 or 7 series msd box

  2. How do you set up the HEI to work since it uses a vacuum advance, I also love the reliability of an HEI system

    1. When using a HEI distributor with vacuum advance you can direct the vacuum to the back of the throttle body where there is both ported and manifold vacuum ports.

  3. No you can run timing control thru hei. With painless part#8861 connect to part#8862 bypass the module in the distributor. This magnetic pickup cable then runs into your timing control box.your timing box will be wired to 6-7series msd box is wired back to distributor

    1. It is technically possible to get an HEI to work with timing control. However you have to modify the distributor which we do not recommend.

  4. If I have a hei distributor with electronic control that has a magnetic pickup can I use it with the fitech efi 400 if so how do I wire it to use the timing control feature? I love hei and have one laying around

    1. A HEI Distributor will NOT work with timing control and the Go Street EFI does NOT have timing control as a feature. Just use the HEI as it is and hook the tach (blue) wire to the HEI.

      1. If I plug the blue tach wire from the fitech to the hei. Where do I attach my tach wire from my automated guage to.

        1. You hook them both up to the same spot.

  5. I have an HEI distributor, the fitech manual shows only 1 wire connecting to the “tach” post on the distributor for my setup. Do i still need to leave the “batt” wire connected to the distributor?

    1. Yes you still need power to the HEI distributor. The Manual shows what you need to hook up from the EFI system.