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How much INLET ‘low’ pressure should I have?

3-8 lbs is perfect.

4 comments on “How much INLET ‘low’ pressure should I have?

  1. What will happen if mechanical fuel pressure to the command center exceeds 8 psi

    1. Fuel will blow past the needle and seat causing the Fuel Command Center to over fill. The end result is fuel coming out of the vent line.

  2. Can a factory 1990 mustang in tank efi fuel pump work with a 600hp unit?

    1. The factory pump will work with the Go EFI 4 but will be limited as the pump was designed to work with the factory motor. If your engine makes more than factory the pump may not be able to flow enough fuel to support your engine. You need a pump that can flow 255 LPH to make 600 HP.