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How much fuel pressure does the FiTech EFI run?

Our internal regulator is preset at 58 psi and is non-adjustable. It is built into the throttle body and is non-adjustable to keep pressures consistent.

11 comments on “How much fuel pressure does the FiTech EFI run?

  1. I have a 89 Camaro RS with a TBI will I need to change my fuel pump?

    1. TBI fuel pumps will NOT produce enough fuel pressure to work with our systems which operate at 58 psi.

  2. I’m putting a 350 ci in my 89 Camaro RS non fuel injection a older block. What system do you recommend?

    1. All of our systems are broken down by horsepower ranges. As long as your engine fits in that range you can use that system. See our home page for a chart of our systems.

  3. If running a turbo set up and using a boost referenced fuel pressure regulator, does it overide the preset built in regulator? Or do u have to modifu

    1. If you are using your own regulator you will block the return of the FiTech regulator rendering it nonoperational.

      1. Thanx bryce confirmed what i was assuming appreciate it!

  4. 30 psi pressure on my gauge and when im driving im getting pinging when i put the boot into it. is it a lack of fuel pressure or a timing issue.

    1. your pressure is low and your timing can also be off. I would look into you pressure first though.

  5. Will my in tank Chevrolet TPI pump provide adequate pressure and flow?

    1. Without knowing anything about your engine I would have to say if you are making more than 400hp or are using anything other than the Go Street the factory pump will NOT work.