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How many HP is the pump good for?

It has a 340 lph pump that is usually rated up to 1200 HP by most companies. Since we know that there is a lot that goes into this calculation, i.e. voltage , boost, pressure, filter, line length… we under rate ours to 800 HP to keep our customers safe. We build in a large safety factor in ALL of our products!

4 comments on “How many HP is the pump good for?

  1. Hi, I’m looking to install a fitech on my 79 camaro with a mild sbc 350. I will be using a tanks Inc tank and a tanks Inc pump. There are so many options when it comes to pumps (variances in psi and lph)I want to make sure I get the correct one.

    Can you recommend a general pump for a application like mine, or point me in the right direction?

    Any help is apreciated!

    1. Pick the one that supports close to the HP of the EFI system. Tanks Inc. gives HP ratings on their pumps.

  2. I have a aeromotive a1000 rated at 1000 forced induction hp to use on my twin turbo 302. It’s also rated at 43psi will this pump work? If not what pump do you recommend. Want to keep it inline

    1. This pump will work but also requires an external regulator and a relay.