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How do I vent the Command Center?

Please read the instructions for the best options for venting your Command Center. This is a very important step so do not skimp out. A hose to the ground is not a vent!

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  1. I am running a 350 with the 400 series and fuel command center. It has been up and running for a month. Today I tried adjusting a couple of the AFR’s and had the idle set to 700 and afr of 14.6. it seemed to be ok for a test drive. after sitting for an hour in the cool weather it would not idle, it only runs for about 5 seconds then the power to the fuel center turns off. Engine dies, starts ok, repeats fuel center power loss. Any ideas?

    1. Check the vent line for any restrictions. Also be sure the set Pump PWM to 40 under ENGINE SETUP.

  2. Why would fuel be coming out of the command center vent?

    1. If you run too high of pressure into the Command Center you can blow past the needle and seat hence overfilling it. This can also happen if the needle is stuck open for some reason like debris.

  3. I noticed the pressure going in to the FCC was between 8 and 9 psi more towards 9, is that going to be a problem?

    1. Yes this can be a problem. Running too much fuel pressure into the FCC can cause fuel to blow past the needle and seat. I recommend using a low pressure regulator to dial your pressure to 6-7 psi.

  4. Thanks, other wise running great, very happy.

  5. Why would the vent line have fuel dumping out under hard acceleration

    1. This can happen from tank slosh in the Command Center. If the vent is in the rear position on the vehicle this would explain it.

  6. Running 3lbs to the fuel command center but fuel is pouring out of the vent

    1. If their is a constant stream of fuel coming out of the vent the needle and seat are not shutting the fuel flow off. This happens when debris gets stuck in it. You need to pull out and clean the needle and seat. It is the same as a holley needle and seat.

  7. should the fuel command center vent be vented to to the fuel vapor canister or directly back to the fuel tank

    1. The Command Center vent needs to go directly to the tank. Not to a vapor canister.

  8. Simple question……what size is the command center vent back to gas tank……putting new tank , filler tube , and sending unit , also new S.S. lines,also a 7lb pressure on fuel pump, now need to know what size tube to put in filler neck for the vent…56 BelAir …..Thx…

    1. the vent line is 5/16″.

  9. I have a constant flow of fuel coming from my command center vent. I have taken apart the unit and checked the float twice and confirmed unit is mounted level. I’m feeding the FCC with a stock mechanical Pontiac fuel pump. Pressure fluctuates between 2-5 at idle and levels out to 3 at higher RPM’s

    1. If the Float is set properly try cleaning the needle and seat of any debris.