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How do I set up the system for BOOST?

It’s already set to go when you buy the Power Adder or Go EFI 8!

10 comments on “How do I set up the system for BOOST?

  1. Will the system tune it self for boosted applications?

    1. Power adder systems (30004, 30012, 30064) can be ran with as much as 25 lbs of boost.

  2. How much boost can a FItech system handle?

    1. The system will handle 25 pounds of boost.

  3. Im running 1200 hp kit. My motor it makes 850 hp and im running a 400 lph in tank pump. Im looking to put a procharger on at around 8 lbs boost to bring it up to 1150 1200 hp is this gonna be a simple hook up or is it more involved. I know it will handle 25 lbs of boost. What also would be involved to run E85 on fi system if it can be done. Thanks. Anthony Pavia.

    1. This fuel pump wont support your max horsepower with the procharger. Also a side note. E85 lowers the HP of the system by 30% because of the added fuel needed to support the power.

  4. I have a 5.3 with a s475 turbo a holley sniper intake a 102mm throttle body and 61lb injectors could I buy the kit with out those items thanks

    1. I am not sure which kit you are talking about. If it is the Ultimate LS you are looking at we do have stand alone systems that come with the ECU and harness only. (70050,70051)

  5. what are your recommendations for where to run a hose from the fuel pressure regulator when running draw/pull a through turbo. i have seen on other threads where you have said to run a line from the fuel pressure regulator to the rear 1/8th” man vac port. my concern is that since the turbo is drawing from the bottom this could lead to a situation where draw from the turbo could be seen by the regulator as vacuum and fuel pressure would be lowered when the engine needs fuel the most.

    1. You would want to redirect the regulator to after the turbo.