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Do I need a special intake manifold to use your EFI system?

No, you can use your existing 4 barrel intake manifold. The GO EFI is drilled to accept almost any bolt pattern.

14 comments on “Do I need a special intake manifold to use your EFI system?

  1. I have spread bore intakes {quadrajet style] will it bolt up or do I need an adapter

    1. The FiTech throttle bodies will bolt to a spread bore intake. They might not seal properly so you may still need an adapter.

  2. I have a spread bore Quadrajet style manifold if an adapter is need do you have a recommendation on type and maybe a brand????

    1. The FiTech throttle body will bolt directly to your intake but may not seal. Any spread bore to 4150 adapter will work to resolve possible vacuum leaks.

  3. do I still need adapter for a square bore manifold?

    1. The system will bolt direct to most intakes manifolds and will bolt directly to a 4150 square bore intake.

  4. Dual plane or single plane intake….RPM Air Gap or Vic Jr.?

    1. Our EFI was designed to work with ANY 4bbl intake and will work on either manifold you suggested. Select your intake based on your engine build (cam, heads, etc.) not the EFI.

  5. I have a 1978 351w, I’m looking at buying edelbrock performer manifold with egr. I need to run an egr where I live due to regulations. Egr adapter plates look like they cut down to 2 barrel , will this work with your system?

    1. Be sure that your state allows for modifying the fuel system (EFI) on a smog regulated vehicle. As crazy as it sounds in California (where we are) we have to keep the vehicle 100% stock regardless if we can cut down on the emissions. To answer your question with the EGR the EFI will work along with it from what you have described.

  6. Will the Go EFI 400hp system work on a stock AMC 258 intake ( currently has a 2 barrel Carter BBD) if you use something like a Mr Gasket 1933 2-Barrel to 4-Barrel Carburetor Adapter Kit?

    1. The system will work with the adapter but it would work better with a 4 barrel intake.

  7. I have a ’72 mustang with a ’71 boss351 in it.
    I would like to keep the stock alum intake it is a
    Factory type spread bore the primary side is like a
    Standard Holley lay out.

    1. The EFI throttle body will bolt directly to you intake. If it doesn’t seal you will need an adapter plate such as an Edelbrock pt#2732.