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Do I need a laptop to tune the Go EFI fuel injection?

No, you do not. Everything you need can be done through the Handheld Controller. Laptop software is available for Professional Tuners if desire, but it is NOT necessary!

16 comments on “Do I need a laptop to tune the Go EFI fuel injection?

  1. where can i get tuning software for a power adder 600hp?

    1. The laptop software is on the handheld. Take the handheld to a computer and plug it in using the supplied USB cord. Once connected select Open USB Mass Storage on the handheld and the computer will connect. The window that pops up on your computer will have a folder called FiTech PC Software. This is the software.

    2. what is the basic way to get idle right for 383 sbc stroker {6in rods) with a 106* cam that has about 5 -6lbs of vacume at 1100 idle and 16* initial timing/ 34* total? I have g ot it to run pretty good but still won’t come back down to idle fast {at all} wants to hang for several seconds. I have things set like this: 1100 rpm warm cam, Idle AFR – 14.9-1, IAC 3-20 ish still a little unsteady. the only change I have made is to add “10” to the’ loop down’ from the idle screed. two questions:
      1. how long does a parameter change take to show up one way or the other?
      2. Based on my notes above , do you have any suggestions or ideas of a couple things I could try to get my idle to come down faster?

      thanks a bunch for any help!

      1. Tim,

        Your engine is not an EFI friendly setup. The cam profile with the 106 LSA is the real killer here. This hurts engine vacuum which the EFI system associates as load. Your AFR is in a decent spot for a cam like yours. The IAC steps will be unsteady, again it’s the cam. Changing the loop down rate can cause a surging issue so be careful with that setting. Parameters take action immediately following you hitting the send to ECU button. You should also lower your DECEL OPEN IAC adjustment to about -20 to help with the rpm return. You do want the EFI to catch the IDLE RPM about 300 RPM above the WARM IDLE TARGET RPM.

  2. I have followed the data logging directions, saved the data. turned the motor off and waited for the values to turn black. I connected my handheld to my laptop and opened the Mass Storage. It shows: Cal_files, cal_info, Hex_file, map_file, monitor_file, sys_bin, trouble_code_map and fitech user manual.docx

    Where are my log_files ??? and more importunately where is the FiTech PC Software folder or files?

    1. Which system do you have?

      1. Windows 7, street EFi400

        1. The Go Street EFI does not record datalogs.

  3. i cant find them on the mean street 800 ether, or the Pro Cal software. where can they be found?

    1. THe Mean street does not have the pro cal software. Call our tech line and they can possibly get it for you.

  4. I have the 600hp efi power adder is there any bigger screen I can get? I have a tablet and a lap top can I mount one of those in my truck and use that for a larger screen? If so how would it hook up? Thanks

    1. The handheld tuner is the only thing that will interface with the EFI system other than a laptop with the Power adder systems.

  5. I have a 468 and I bought a 600 power adder I took it to the track and ran the same times when I was running a carburetor. What do I need to do or what adjustment so do I need to make

    1. It sounds like your carb was tuned pretty well. When drag racing you are focusing on one thing in the EFI and that WIDE OPEN THROTTLE. If your carb was tuned to the same WOT air/fuel ratio as the EFI is (12.5:1) then you should have the same exact times at the track. Now you can play with the WOT AFR to try at pick up a little time but leaning out WOT can result in engine damage.

  6. I had to cut the =+ and – wires to my LCD and wire to a powered switch on my dash to get the thing to stay on is this normal? I used a 2 amp fuse is this to much or should 2 amps be safe?
    I am having idle issues big time. My IAC steps are a steady 225 and I have checked for vacume leaks and messed with the idle screws every wich way. PLEASe Help Thanks Joe

    1. You need to adjust your throttle more open. Like 2 full turns in clockwise.

      Cutting the wiring voids the warranty of the system. If you cut the handheld harness that is easily replaceable.