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Can I use a laptop if I want to do additional tuning?

Yes! BUT we recommend this for PROFESSIONAL TUNERS. FiTech is not a tuning school and we are not here to teach you how to operate laptop software. If you are a proficient tuner, you can do ANYTHING you desire with the laptop software including messing up your engine! If you are an amateur or even a well-rounded tuner you will have more than enough available at your fingertips, please stick to the Hand Held Controller. It is MORE than enough for 99.999% of users.

6 comments on “Can I use a laptop if I want to do additional tuning?

  1. Hi where can I download software for laptop

    1. Laptop tuning software is only available with Power Adder systems. The software resides in the handheld. Just plug your handheld into a computer with the supplied micro usb to usb cord.

  2. Is it possible to show the display of the dashboard on a tablet? Hand held is a little small

    1. Sorry this is not possible.

  3. When you use the power adder will the software allow timing to be pulled per pound of boost?

    1. You have full control of timing so you could make it pull however much timing you want.