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Can I adjust the fuel pressure on the Go EFI system?

No you cannot, the regulator is non-adjustable.

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  1. Does these systems. Work with methanol

    1. We dont recommend using Methanol.

      1. you say you don’t recommend methanol, But can we use methanol on this system

        1. Yes but is lowers the horsepower capacity of the system by 50%. Basically the max horsepower is 600 hp on the Go EFI 8.

          1. Thank you for your quick reply. I have the Go EFI 4 600 HP Power adder on an Aussie Holden 4 cyl the is 126CI and 220Hp at the wheels will I also have to do a engine CI adjustment to compensate for the Methanol too? and what would you recommend? 50%?

          2. We do not have testing with Methanol so we couldnt tell you exactly but my guess is 50% as well. This will lower the horsepower capacity of the system by 50% as well so 300 flywheel horsepower.

  2. I have a aeromotive a1000 rated at 43psi. Ypur system requores 53psi. Aeromotive has a bypass regulator that is adjustable between 43 and 75psi i believe. Will i need to get aeromotives regulator and set ot to 53psi in order for that pump to work with the power adder 1200? I called aeromotive and a tech said that psi output isnt tje proper way of determining the pumps capacity, and that its volume and horsepower rating is what needs to be adresses. I really am in a bind.

    1. To put is short the Tech at Aeromotive is correct. Flow (volume) is the important number but this fuel pump will operate at 58psi. Depending on the horsepower your engine will be making be sure that the pump can flow enough for it. You do need to run an external bypass regulator like you said as well.