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Basic Settings

These values and options allow:

Engine CID = Total Engine cubic inches
Cam Mild-Wild 1-4 = This is the way to select a specific volumetric efficiency table that is specially tailored to the characteristics of typical engine configurations.
Rev Limit RPM = At this RPM, the fuel and spark will be cut off, to limit the engine speed.
Idle Speed Warm = The idle speed of the engine when it’s fully warmed up.
Fault Clear = Set this to 1 to clear the recorded faults out of the system.
Reset All Learn = Set this to 1 to set all fuel learning values to 100, and all idle air learning to a default value, and TPS closed position learning to a default position.
Reset Fuel Learn = Set this to 1 to set all fuel learning values to 100.
Reset IAC Learn = Set this to 1 to set all idle air learning values to a default value (16 steps).
Reset TPS Learn = Set this to 1 to set the TPS learn value to a high default position (the TPS closed position will re-learn any new value that is consistently lower than this).

14 comments on “Basic Settings

  1. How do you reset all settings to factory setting

    1. On the handheld do the following steps.

      1. Key on and connect to ECU
      2. Go to the bottom of the Main Menu
      3. Open WRITE CAL TO ECU
      4. Load the DEFAULT V8 file

  2. I did a reset to factory settings and now I am unable to edit the tach vr setting and also the fan control. What should I do?

  3. I’m going to be using your Go Street 400 on my 351C. I have the pump, necessary hoses and fittings, just waiting on the unit to come. My question is I use a MSD vacuum advance distributor and I will not be using your unit to control timing. For connection of the vacuum advance, should i use ported or manifold vacuum with your system? Many users seem to have initial timing settings much higher than my 14 degree initial setting. Does efi perform better at higher initial static timing?

    Thank you


  4. I just had my 383 refreshed and upgraded the cam. What do I have to do to reset and start like new outta the box?

    1. Change the cam selection in the engine setup to your new cam and it will do the rest.

  5. How small an engine (minimum CID) will the Go Street work with?

    1. The smallest CID you can input into the system is 160 CID.

  6. Hi, Will the 4 injector power adder 600hp unit, “trim” down to run on a 215 CID? Just looking at a unit that will work on other applications as well possibly later on. Or is the only option a 400hp unit given the 215 CID?

    1. It will work on a 215 CID engine just fine.

  7. Hello,

    Ihave two questions.
    1. Does the 400hp version support different cams , can I choose between1-4??
    I know the 600hp version does but iam not sure about the smaller one…
    2.Which diameter does the 4 throttle bodie have?



    1. The software in this regard is exactly the same between all of our kits.

      1. Thanks Bryce.
        Can you say something about the diameter of the Throttle Bodies?

        1. Check out this link for throttle body dimensions.

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