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Are these systems E85 compatible?

Yes, but please reduce the output claims of the system by 25-30%.

System Rating E85
Go Street 400hp – 280hp
Go EFI 4 600hp – 420hp
Mean St 800hp – 580hp
Go EFI 8 1200hp – 840hp

8 comments on “Are these systems E85 compatible?

  1. The engine is a BBF 545ci making between 700 – 750HP I see that your command module runs a 340 EFI pump that will support 800-825 HP but I will be looking at running E85 in the future and I had concerns if the 340 EFI pump is going to be sufficient with E85 at this HP level

    I have read that the Aeromotive EFI fuel pump 450lph will support 750HP EFI using E85 but am unsure if the Go EFI 1200HP #30012 is ok to run with a pump of this size since I don’t want to damage the unit/regulator

    1. When using E85 your HP capacity of the fuel system and EFI will both drop by 30%. The GO EFI 8 will support 840 hp and the FCC wil support 580 hp.

  2. Concerning e85, why is there not a tune built in for this? Tech support says use gas scale settings and add displacement to engine cid but it does not seem to work properly. Could you publish ideal settings for e85 and also under boost? Also will there be better documentation or support for this in the software updates?

    1. We are working on an engine with E85 right now and understand the fueling changes are more extensive than just a CID change. Variations is E85 quality will dampen our ability to provide a perfect tune but we are striving to come up with a good base file. Thanks for your input.

  3. Can a flex fuel sensor be added to run e85 or regular fuel at will? I want to run both.

    1. Sorry but there are no revisions to add it in.

  4. running a 383 stroker 14:1 guessing 500 hp range.currently running dual predator carbs on e85. will your 30062 handle this setup, and will your 40003 command center handle the fueling needs. also have you come out with and e85 tuning for this setup yet?

    1. Our systems will work with E85 but the horsepower rating drops by 30%. The 30062 will only support about 430hp on E85 and the 40003 will only support 580hp.