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EFI Fuel Pump Technology 101: Selecting The Right FiTech Fuel Pump

When you are building your car from scratch or converting your car from a carbureted setup to an electronic fuel injection setup, plumbing your fuel system can be one of the most intimidating parts of the journey. There are a lot of aspects of fuel delivery that need to be considered, all of which will affect which path you choose.

Fortunately, the folks at FiTech have a number of options from basic to completely trick, to keep your injectors supplied with enough fuel to support almost any of your horsepower endeavors. Designed and developed using OEM-level engineering and components, FiTech aims to produce the most affordable electronic fuel injection systems on the market.

As such, they have not only developed the hardware and software for EFI systems to support up to 1200-horsepower, but also the supporting components – like fuel pumps. We’re going to walk you through FiTech’s line of fuel pump products to help you decide which might be right for you and your particular muscle car application.

The first kit we’re going to talk about from FiTech is probably the simplest and most traditional fuel pump kit they offer, the Inline Frame Mount kit. “The inline kit is one of the most versatile we offer,” says FiTech’s Ken Farrell. “It comes with all the parts you need to put it in, and is what we call a standalone kit, as it will work with a FiTech EFI system, or any EFI system.”

The frame-mount inline pump kit comes with the fuel pump, billet pre- and post-filters, push-lock fittings, and both -6 feed and -8 return fuel line.

As the name implies, this kit contains an externally-mounted 255 liter-per-hour pump, which will support up to 600 naturally-aspirated horsepower. While probably one of the simpler kits to mount, plumb, and wire, you will need to plumb a fuel return line when using the inline frame mount kit. However, that shouldn’t prove difficult, as FiTech includes 20 feet of -6 fuel hose and 5 feet of -8 fuel hose in the kit. It even comes with push-lock style hose ends, and mounting brackets.

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