Frequently Asked Questions – Fuel Command Center

FiTech EFI Frequently Asked Questions – Fuel Command Center

No problem, keep it safe and within the same areas you would mount and vent any aftermarket fuel tank or supply system like a fuel cell.
Yes, just make sure it is low pressure or regulate it down to 8 lbs or below.
Yes! There is enough storage in the tank to make a 700 HP 1/4 mile pass without any pump filling the tank! So it doesn’t take much to maintain the proper level.
No return line is necessary BUT you can use one if you desire. There are options for plumbing the system both ways.
No! this is not an in-tank unit! It is used to eliminate the need for complicated fuel system plumbing and tank modification. It mounts in your engine compartment and is fed low pressure fuel from your original carburetor pump. It then stores and boosts the pressure to EFI ready fuel pressure! Super simple and easy to do.
Please read the instructions for the best options for venting your Command Center. This is a very important step so do not skimp out. A hose to the ground is not a vent!
It has a 340 lph pump that is usually rated up to 1200 HP by most companies. Since we know that there is a lot that goes into this calculation, i.e. voltage , boost, pressure, filter, line length… we under rate ours to 800 HP to keep our customers safe. We build in a large safety factor in ALL of our products!
It’s basically like a carb float bowl. You want to keep it as cool as possible. But it won’t vapor lock. The cooler the better, cool fuel is preferred but under hood temps won’t damage the system. Keep it as far away from the headers as possible!
You will never uncover the fuel pickup and you don’t need to run a return line. You can run down to the last drop of fuel without a single hiccup! This is the easiest fuel system you will ever use. Ask around about the inline pump issues and you will learn why we made these units.
You can find the dimensions below. There is a chart towards the bottom of this page.
You can use an electric low pressure inline pump 3-8 lbs to fill the tank.
That is more the job of the regulator, on the Command Center the standard pressure is 4 bar or 58 psi. This is the Factory Preset for our Go EFI line of products. We offer 3 bar 43.5 psi replaceable regulators as an additional option for customers who might want to use the Command Center in conjunction with other brand EFI systems that may run a lower pressure. These regulators are easily changeable with 2 mounting screws and are available on our website under the ” Accessories” section.
We supply EFI rated push lock hoes and black push lock -6 fittings. Also, nickel plated adapter fittings for many fuel pumps to convert to -6. Sorry, some pumps will require you to buy your own fittings, we can’t supply them all!
It’s a washable 30 micron high pressure EFI filter. Please follow the arrow for direction when mounting.
We like the inside of the radiator core support or the inner fender well. Something strong and flat. You can shim the brackets to make it level. You are a gearhead! You will find a good place!
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