SEMA: FiTech Expands To Include Port Injection With Edelbrock

If you ask the owner of FiTech Fuel Injection, Ken Farrell, about his new fuel injection conversion kits, he’s going to tell you that he wants to compete with the carburetor market. FiTech’s economically priced EFI conversion kits start at a base price that will compete with many high performance carburetors, starting at just under $1,000.

Farrell says that his secret is that they do all the work in-house, and all development is done by FiTech employees. In its first year at SEMA, however, the FiTech booth was almost overflowing with new and existing products, and it was standing room only — even for the employees manning the booth.

One of the more interesting new products Farrell brought with him was a port injection EFI conversion utilizing an Edelbrock intake and fuel rails. This unit takes the fuel injectors out of the throttle body and puts them directly into the intake runners via Edelbrock fuel rails.

While most advanced EFI conversions of this type require much more technology and a specific firing order of all eight injectors, FiTech’s conversion simply uses the coil input and alternates power to the eight fuel injectors to provide a truly affordable port EFI system.

The system is available in 550 and 1,050 horsepower configurations, and includes the fuel injectors, throttle body, Edelbrock intake and fuel rails, and everything necessary to complete a port injection set-up. For those who want to use their existing intake and fuel rails, a standalone kit is available as well.

One of the best parts of the FiTech EFI conversion is that the system does not require a return fuel line to the fuel tank, or a bulky computer and harness to be run to the interior of the car. The EFI computer is mounted directly to the throttle body, and a handheld controller allows you to set the system up with simple questions about your engine and setup.

For those with a carburetor not ready to make the leap to EFI, the new Go Tune AFR system allows you to connect a wideband O2 sensor to your exhaust, and a full-color touch screen and data logger allows fine tuning of your carburetor with the readings from the Go Tune AFR.

You can check both of these new products out at the FiTech Fuel Injection website, or get in touch with them to see what they have for your car and how to add some modern technology to your fuel system.

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