PRI 2015: FiTech Makes EFI Conversion Even Easier

If EFI conversions get any more inexpensive and simple to install, there’ll be no more need for jets, metering rods and all the other irritations of the carbureted engine.

“We took out a few features to make a true carb replacement,” says Ken Farrell of the new Go Street EFI and Mean Street EFI systems from FiTech Fuel Injection. “And we’ve also been able to reduce the price.”

Unlike other self-tuning EFI conversions, this system doesn’t tie into the ignition at all. If you’re happy with your HEI or dual-point distributor and coil, then simply take off your current 4-barrel carb and install the Mean Street or Go Street unit, depending on the power potential of your engine.

“The Go Street has four injectors and is good for up to 400 horsepower,” says Farrell. “The Mean Street is good for up to 800 horsepower with its eight injectors.”

Retail price for the Go Street is $795, and the Mean Street costs $1,095.

Installation is simple as hooking up four wires and mounting the O2 sensor and coolant sensors.

“You don’t have to mess with the ignition,” reminds Farrell, adding that either system can be ordered in bright aluminum or matte black finishes.

FiTech can also reduce the hassles of getting fuel to the throttle bodies. The Fuel Command Center is a remote sump tank that receives fuel from the vehicle’s existing low-pressure electric or mechanical fuel pump. Mounted in the engine bay, the Command Center then pumps fuel at the regulated 58 psi to the EFI system. It features in and out ports mounted on top with two monitoring gauges.

“It’s a system where you don’t have to change or modify the gas tank in your car,” says Farrell, “and it makes for a very simple conversion.”

For the more adventurous engine builders who also want to keep the installation simple, check out the Go Port EFI system that can adapted to any conventional intake manifold with injector bosses. Two sizes are available: 550 or 1,050 horsepower. If you don’t want to machine a manifold for the injectors, FiTech offers complete systems for popular Chevy and Ford applications using Edelbrock port-style intakes.

The kits offer a 900 cfm throttle with built-in 2.5 BAR MAP sensor and high-flow fuel rails with either 42- or 70-pound injectors. These systems provide more advanced electronics, so a handheld 2.5-inch touchscreen tuner is provided.

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