HOT ROD Picks the Most Interesting Products of 2016

We searched every row of the SEMA show this past November for the latest and greatest products from companies that serve the aftermarket community. Then we searched outside of the SEMA show and found a few parts that may have otherwise slipped our attention. As with any list that includes parts aimed at more than one segment of the industry (including domestic performance, import, car care, and truck stuff), be prepared to see a few products that may be off your radar, but rest assured others in our audience will be interested to see them—we cater to a varied bunch. We’ve linked the product spots to the manufacturers’ websites, so if you see something you like, click and find out more about it.

Fitech EFI is proud to announce its Street lineup of Self Tuning EFI systems. The lineup brings the new MeanStreet 800HP 8 injector kit to the forefront for just $1095, and the new base model GoStreet 400 in at just $795! Never has so much power been placed in one compact package. Both offer an onboard ECU and fuel pressure regulator to bring the user simple, clean wiring. The FiTech wide band O2 and Annular Swirl wet flow technology get the most complete atomization available, bringing you more power than ever. Using FiTech’s proprietary selftuning technology, you can get your car on the road or track faster than ever, using only your gas pedal and included handheld controller to make it all happen. MeanStreet and GoStreet EFI fit any 4-bbl style intake manifold, and are the most self-contained, economical units on the market. Mean Street costs just $1095, and GoStreet is just $795. For more information about either unit, call FiTech directly at 951-340-2624 or email

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