Gotune AFR- FiTech Fuel Injection’s SEMA Show Stealing Product

Throw a Holley on it! The solution to every single fuel induction dilemma I’ve ever faced. I’ve put a Holley Carb on several Mopar big Blocks, Chevy Small blocks, Chevy V6’s, even a couple of Mazda Rotary engines. After dealing with any carburetor enough, you learn that tuning them is a process. That’s why we found this Gotune Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) system from the guys at FiTech Fuel injection to be so interesting.

The system basically provides carbureted car users with several computer automated benefits in one small package. It has a Wideband data logger with AFR mapping allowing for intuitive carb tuning. Using the recorded AFR readings, the system’s Jet Smart calculator software then provides easy carburetor jet change suggestions. That means, unlike several other brands of AFR tuners, and dataloggers we have used FiTech takes the guess work out of carb tuning!

Features include oxygen sensor, 2.5BAR map, 2 fan control, 8gb touchscreen controller, and a shift light.

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